Vaccination – Cover up and re-emergence of whooping cough

Marilyn Vine believes that people are starting to question the authorities on vaccination and that they are doing more research before they are subjecting themselves, and their families, to being vaccinated.   I also believe that more and more people are speaking out and providing good information.  

I urge you to register with your health authorities if by chance you, or your family, have been vaccinated and an adverse reaction occurs.   I hope that this will not be the case, but if it is, then the more registrations of reactions that are made – then the truth will finally prevail.   It is so important that this information reach the public arena and is not just buried in some bureaucrat’s file! 


I am sorry for the families that may be in a situation that they need to register with the health authorities, but I do implore them to make this effort as the more registrations that are made, and more importantly made public, then perhaps the authorities will start and reconsider what they are doing in terms of vaccination.  Not only that but the more people become aware that there are in fact issues with the vaccines being found not to work, particularly with the flu vaccines then the public that people will take the time to research and more informed decisions will be made.





ER Nurse speaks out on flu shot

Health - ER Nurse Exposes FLU SHOTS at CDC Advisory Committee
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Old information but still valid today including a book published in 1889!

Robin Goffe on FaceBook 20 May 2017 I am just going to put my sweet little find here for you: It is a book written in 1889 called "45 years of Registration Statistics, Proving Vaccination to be both useless and dangerous".

It covers 45 years (so starting in the year 1844) the statistics of vaccine FAILURES including an INCREASE in death from other diseases once the blood has been poisoned by vaccination. They cover the health of the vaccinated VERSES the UNvaccinated.....bad news for the vaccinated...they were dying more from other diseases such as measles, mumps, smallpox and diphtheria because of a weakened countenance from vaccines.

This was covered 128 years ago. Oh and all you "The science is settled on Vaccines" People... Nope. It never has been settled. They knew it was hurting mankind.  

Click here to read the book published in 1889.   This book clearly demonstrates to me that nothing has changed since this time and that only harm comes from the practices that are forced on us today.

Activist Posted dated 14 April 2016 published this articleAll vaccine research eventually leads to Bill Gates and Nazi eugenics… vaccines used as vector for depopulation experiments.   This is just a small excerpt from this document.   On this website is the YouTube where Bill stated 10 or 15% reduction.


“In other words, both the Gates Foundation and the Sloan Foundation are investing and promoting vaccines in an effort to reduce the world population. In fact, according to Bill Gates, “if we do a really great job on new vaccines… we could lower [world population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

The Gates Foundation’s interest in reducing the world population isn’t limited to vaccines either. The organization has a history of funding depopulation efforts, including research into deliberately destroying sperm with ultrasound technology.

The lesson to be learned? Once the surface is scratched and the layers are peeled, all vaccine research ends up being a Bill Gates way drug.”

Retroviruses and Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

Click this link to read what happened to Judy.

Congratulations to this well informed Mom

When my 3 children were little and someone in the street contracted chicken pox or the like we actually mingled with them because if my children became infected then it was mild and I was giving my children a natural immunity just like this Mom says.

Chinese vaccines poisoned half a million children

News Target dated 21 August 2018 published this article “Chinese government arrests wealthy “vaccine queen” who poisoned half a million children with faulty vaccines … Why aren’t we arresting vaccine poisoners in America?


Gao Junfang, known as China’s “Vaccine Queen,” once one of that country’s wealthiest citizens, was recently arrested along with 17 other high-level officials of the vaccine manufacturing company Changsheng Biotechnology. The company produced not one, but two batches of substandard vaccines and then circulated them to close to half a million Chinese children. According to the South China Morning Post, hundreds of thousands of Changsheng’s combination diphtheria, polio and typhoid (DPT) vaccines were found to be ineffective, while the test records for its rabies vaccine were confirmed to have been fabricated. The once booming company is now facing financial ruin.

Chinese vaccines found to be defective

Activitst Post dated 17 August 2018 published this most disturbing article “China’s vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming Chinese children… total cover-up by the media”.  The article goes on to say:


The Chinese government has admitted that hundreds of thousands more doses of children’s vaccines are faulty, bringing the total number of vaccines known to be defective there to nearly one million.


The State Council of China announced that another batch of vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) that were produced by the firm Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, were considered “substandard.” Most of the doses were sold to authorities in the Shandong province in northeastern China, and some have already been given to children.


The latest batch of 247,200 vaccines joins the 253,338 defective DPT vaccines from the same company that were discovered last November, along with more than 400,000 produced by a different company.”








Natural Immune Response

Dr Mercola on 19 August 2018 issued this article “Dr. Cowan on Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”.   His story at a glance is here but then listen to the YouTube below


  • “As a general rule, the progression of sickness starts with the development of fever, followed by the production of snot or mucus, followed by recovery. This sequence is all part of your cell-mediated immune response
  • The gel-like water in your cells plays a crucial role in this process. Heat (fever) unfolds proteins in the cell, allowing them to interact with the water, so that when the water cools, it forms a gel that allows the cell to function properly
  • Sun exposure, grounding, infrared radiation, avoiding electromagnetic fields, eating healthy foods and other healthy lifestyle strategies also facilitate the creation of this intercellular gel, thereby promoting health
  • When toxins are introduced into your body, they interfere with the process of creating structured water (its gel form) in the cell. This triggers the disease process (fever, snot, followed by recovery) with the intention of re-establishing healthy gel
  • Vaccines distort your cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity responses (which can radically increase your risk of cancer), by preventing the activation of your cell-mediated immune response”.

Mandatory vaccination
Italy has come to its senses

The Italian Senate has reversed the mandatory vaccination schedule for children to enable unvaccinated children to attend school.   The law will come into force in the future but in the meantime it has been suspended.   Here is the link with the full story,




Del Bigtree on child sacrifice

Take a few minutes to listen to what he has to say and learn about the true statistics of immunization.


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Kenyan Bishop implicates Bill Gates in sterilization program

Vaccines - Kenyan Bishops Discover Mass Sterilization in Bill Gates Vaccines.   I believe it could have been Ghana back in the late 1990’s that this type of action was also found.    Women able to get pregnant and then miscarrying!

Judy Mikovits - Whistleblower

NewsTarget published Mike Adam’s article dated 8 June 2018 “The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD”.   Here is an excerpt from the article and it is suggested that you read the full article and watch the YouTube.


In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this year, molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines.


With a well established history of working for the National Cancer Institute as a cancer research, Dr. Mikovits worked with human retroviruses like HIV. Her work focused on immunotherapy research and involved HIV.


Click this link to hear Judy speak about what happened


Medical Malpractice and Court finds parent’s guilty! 



Health Impact News dated 18 May 2018 issued this article “Canada Supreme Court Orders New Trial for Non-vaccinating Parents Accused of Son's Death - New Evidence Points to Cover-up of Medical Malpractice”.     Please read this article and learn the dreadful ordeal this little boy suffered at the hands of the medical profession.


2017 Flu Vaccine


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development: The Case for a Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • 1983 Children 10 vaccines- Autism Rate: 1 in 10,000
  • 2008 Children 36 vaccines- Autism Rate: 1 in 150
  • 2013 Children 46 vaccines- Autism Rate: 1 in 88

Re-emergence of Whooping Cough

Dr Mercola released this article dated 10 October 2017 “Whooping Cough Reemergence Traced Back to Vaccine Failure and Flawed Assumptions”.  His story at a glance:


  • More than 94 percent of kindergarten children have had four to five pertussis-containing vaccines, yet despite clear herd immunity and high vaccine coverage, statistics show whooping cough is rapidly reemerging
  • In 2014, there were more than 32,000 reported cases of whooping cough in the U.S., most of which occurred in vaccinated populations
  • A scientific review has concluded the acellular whooping cough vaccine does not work as expected, and that the spread of the disease can be traced back to the vaccine itself
  • Contrary to assumptions, acellular pertussis vaccines, introduced in the U.S. in 1996, do not work the way older whole cell pertussis vaccines did. While both inhibit symptomatic disease, whole cell vaccines also inhibited transmission while acellular vaccines do not
  • “Cocooning,” where Tdap is given to household contacts of a newborn to prevent whooping cough in the infant has been proven grossly ineffective, and this further supports the finding that acellular pertussis vaccines cannot block transmission of disease

Linked to learning disabilities in children

Natural News on 7 September 2017 published this article “Vaccination now scientifically linked to learning disabilities in children; vaccinated children show 520% increased risk compared to non-vaccinated”.  The article goes on to say:


“Recent research led by the well-known epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Mawson, has led to many shocking revelations about the risks associated with vaccination. One of the most concerning findings of this study, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes, is that vaccinated children are substantially more likely to develop a learning disability.


In their study of 666 children, the team found that those who had been vaccinated were a staggering 520 percent more likely to develop a learning disability than unvaccinated children. The researchers also found that vaccinated children were 420 percent more likely to develop autism or ADHD.”


I (Marilyn Vine) find these statistics are horrifying.


Suppression of scientific data by FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media

NaturalNews on 5 March 2017 has produced an article entitled “Autism, mercury, thimerosal and vaccines: Natural News releases large collection of scientific knowledge that’s been suppressed by the FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media”   The article goes on to say:


Scientific studies

A comparative evaluation of the effects of MMR immunization and mercury doses from thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines on the population prevalence of autism.


Click this link to access the NaturalNews article and see all the studies for yourself.  Don’t forget to read about the thimoseral/mercury challenge below.

Aluminum in vaccines

Activist Post dated 27 January 2017 published an article entitledNewly Published Retrospective Study NAILS Aluminum In Vaccines As UNSAFE”.  This article goes on to say:


“Neil points out in the retrospective study paper (p. 115),


“In the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, published in the Federal Register, aluminum toxicity levels are revealed:


WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic….  Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive [injections] of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 mcg per kilogram of body weight per day, accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity.  Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates. 66


This means that for a 6-pound baby with impaired kidney function, 11-14 mcg of injected aluminum would be toxic.  The hepatitis B vaccine given at birth contains 250 mcg of aluminum—20 times higher than safety levels indicated for premies.  Babies weigh around 12 pounds at two months of age when they are injected with 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their CDC-recommended vaccines—50 times higher than safety levels for premies.”


Please click this link to read this article and make sure you check out the information under the Challenge to Journalists.

Challenge to Journalists


On 15 February 2017 Robert F Kennedy Jr announced a challenge to journalists


Independent vaccine safety advocate, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Esq., offered a $100,000 reward to any journalist who “can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women.”


Kennedy explained that the WMP will pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women. Kennedy believes that even “a meager effort at homework” will expose that contention as unsupported by science. Reference Source  

Robert Kennedy offers:

“On one hand, the government is telling pregnant women which mercury-laced fish to avoid so that they don’t harm their fetuses, and on the other, the CDC supports injecting mercury-containing vaccines into pregnant women, infants and children.” “This defies all logic and common sense.”   Reference Source

Click this link to read the full article from Activist Post dated 15 February 2017

VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe




Robert De Niro and VAXXED Documentary  
Let’s find out the truth

NaturalNews dated 14 April 2016 provides an insight into what has happened to the VAXXED Documentary and the pressure that has been exerted on Robert De Niro to suppress the viewing of this film.


Below is an interview with Robert De Niro.   Once you have listened to the YouTubes then click this link to read the NaturalNews article.

Robert encourages us to watch another film called Trace Amounts which documents the toxic effects of mercury on children.

Children having seizures within a day of being vaccinated

This information learned from Google News on 21 January 2011:


"The [FDA] said recommendations for using the vaccine have not changed, nor has there been any change in flu vaccine guidance ... FDA officials said they've been paying special attention to seizure reports because of an unexplained higher rate of fevers and seizures in young children in Australia and New Zealand who got a specific flu vaccine earlier this year."  


Read the article

Can they be Trusted?

NaturalNews on 28 January 2011 provides information about the testing of vaccines and the ploys used by the vaccine manufacturers.  A couple of excerpts from this report:


 “In some instances, study results may be preordained. For example, when the vaccine-autism link became a public concern, vaccine proponents hastened to produce authentic-appearing studies that contradicted genuine data.”

“At the infamous Simpsonwood conference held in Norcross, Georgia [June 2000], CDC and FDA authorities knew that mercury in vaccines was damaging children. They had irrefutable proof: a comprehensive study conducted by the CDC itself.”


”A secret FDA study [VRBPAC Meeting: May 18, 2006] had already found that the HPV vaccine may "enhance cervical disease" in girls who are sexually active prior to vaccination. In other words, the vaccine seems to work best in virgins and may actually increase a young woman's chance of developing cervical cancer if she was previously exposed through sexual intercourse to HPV strains included in the vaccine.”


Read the full article here.

Compensation payout for damages to a son after MMR Vaccine

Words cannot express how I feel for this mother for the anguish that she has had to suffer as a consequence of having her son vaccinated at the age of 13 months.   No cash payout amount would ever compensate for this but at least it may be able to make their lives a little less difficult.     

Read the story.  

Vaccines and allergy shots causing allergies to aluminum

News from researchers dated 11 January 2011 that the number of vaccines people are being given has increased and so has the incidence of the formerly almost non-existent aluminum allergy

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people getting measles from vaccinated people!

The following document is not a current document, but I felt its content should be included in the information page as age it does not alter the fact of the CDC report from MMWR Weekly newsletter.   The facts remain the same!   Read these excerpts then the document:


The affected high school had 276 students and was in the same building as a junior high school with 135 students. A review of health records in the high school showed that all 411 students had documentation of measles vaccination on or after the first birthday, in accordance with Illinois law.”




Editorial Note: This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%. This level was validated during the outbreak investigation. Previous investigations of measles outbreaks among highly immunized populations have revealed risk factors such as improper storage or handling of vaccine, vaccine administered to children under 1 year of age, use of globulin with vaccine, and use of killed virus vaccine (1-5). However, these risk factors did not adequately explain the occurrence of this outbreak.”


Read the report.

Atypical disease – what is this?  
Scientists describe it as a disease caused by vaccine!

An article covering measles vaccine.   I found this comment rather an interesting one.


I have been reading for some time that giving children the whooping cough vaccine has caused whooping cough to actually become a new mutated whooping cough disease.   My understanding is, and remember that I am not a medical or health related person, just a person who does a lot of reading with regard to this and other issues, that the whooping cough vaccine does not in fact protect children from getting this new mutated form!      So what is the point of vaccinating children for whooping cough knowing that it is not effective and knowing that there could be side effects experienced by these children!


One of the points I found very interesting from this report:


Now here’s the part that glib journalists with their AA degrees always leave out. Before 1978, measles was a minor, self-limiting, immune-building disease of childhood. You wanted your child to get it because they would have lifetime immunity. Then in 1978, the MMR shot suddenly became part of the vaccine package for all kids.3 doses.  Even though the incidence was down by 90% by then.”


So if this was the case




Has the great money grab by pharmaceutical companies over-ridden our concern for the safety of our children given all the speculation that this particular vaccine is at the base of the number of children suffering some form of autism spectrum including behavioural problems?


We are told by our health officials that vaccines are designed to over-ride our natural immune system response.


Why would anyone compromise their own or their children’s immune systems?


This is nature’s ways of protecting us!    If we are eating nutritionally based foods and not junk foods, limiting our sugar intake and dairy intake, taking supplementation to ensure that we receive our correct vitamin and mineral daily requirements, drink good quality water without all the additives like chlorine and fluoride – then our immune systems will function and even if we get infected with some virus or other – our infection rate should be minimal and may not even occur at all.


Do your own research on Vitamin D3 and see how this can protect you from a great many diseases and then ask WHY ISN’T YOUR GOVERNMENT OR HEALTH DEPARTMENT PUSHING THIS INFORMATION OUT TO THE COMMUNITIES?    Once again – do you think money could be involved?    I am sorry if I sound a bit cynical but my belief is that the more vaccination information I can get to people and the more they do their own independent research (not using their government generated information) then the more people who will know that a gigantic fraud is being perpetrated by a few people.    Most doctors do not do their own independent research and they can be as “duped” as the public!

The truth at last       
Dr Andrew Wakefield

I am absolutely thrilled to bring you the following two links!


Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of NaturalNews, on 26 January 2011 released an article advising that documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent!    What fantastic news for Dr Andrew Wakefield and I am not sure that “comfort” would be the correct word to use for all those parents who suspected but could not confirm that the information they had been given on the MMR vaccine that their children received caused their autism and behavioural problems.


Will the British Government censure and reprimand and bring into line the British Medical Journal and their reporter Brian Deer for all the harm that they have caused to countless children who continued to have the MMR vaccine?


When I read this article on 26 January 2011 I said to my husband and of course we will hear all about this on our news tomorrow!    Well it is now the morning of 29 January and not a whisper!


Dr Andrew Wakefield demands a retraction from the British Medical Journal.


This link is with regard to the accuracy of research and the validity behind what we are being told and this just reinforces the comments that I have made above in keeping these “medical bodies” honest.

Bill Gates Again!!!!

He wants every child born in the planet to be placed into a vaccination register!


Vaccination page brings you Bill Gates latest proposal where he is promoting a plan to use wireless technology to register every newborn on the planet in a vaccine database.  When you read the article once again Nigeria and India are the two countries mentioned.  


Throughout this website on the various vaccination pages contained herein Nigeria is mentioned again and again.   At one stage the Nigerian government was suing for the harm caused to its children!


In all honesty I just felt sick to the stomach when I read this article.   I know how I feel about vaccination for myself and for my children and I wonder what I would do under these circumstances.    I can see many women deciding to go “underground” with their pregnancies and this could mean them not seeking medical advice, having hospital births or even using governmental midwives.   It could even mean that they would risk prosecution if they did not register the birth of their babies!


If this plan comes to fruition then once a woman comes into any of the government systems mentioned above then she will be tracked and her baby’s birth recorded.  Bill Gates is saying that this system could be used to locate those parents who avoid having their children vaccinated!


Would please pass this Vaccination Information to your young friends who may be considering starting a family so that they are aware that his sort of pressure may be exerted on them.

Whooping Cough Epidemic

Vaccination page asks why are we experiencing a whooping cough epidemic?  Perhaps the document provided by Dr Mercola will explain that to you.  

According to 10News:

"... [S]cientists ... discovered the pertussis bacteria had mutated almost two decades ago ... [T]he new generation of vaccines, which came out around the same time, was not tested on the mutation ... [T]he new strain can overpower the vaccine."

For an eye-opening look at the current situation, watch the KPBS videos linked below, especially the one from December 16. You will learn just how often the vaccine fails and start to understand how immunized people are actually spreading the disease. They also examine why most people have never heard of these facts -- because the experts who influence vaccine policy have strong ties to vaccine companies.”

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation

0n 28 May 2010 Mike Adams from NaturalNews brings more information on The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Bill Gates has gained a reputation for funding technologies designed for mass sterilization.   One of these methods is using sharp blasts of ultrasound directed at a man’s crutch which renders him infertile for the next six months.   Is this why the Americans have installed their x-raying at their airports to help render the American male infertile?


I believe this next technology “sweat triggered vaccine delivery” to be even more frightening.   Manufacturers could now include vaccines into their personal care products and when you sweat bingo you are vaccinated!!!! 


Read the article to see some of the methods that could be used to vaccinate you without you knowing! 

Here is another article where Bill Gates addressed the Long Beach, California, TED2010 Conference in a speech called “Innovating to Zero”.   He covers vaccination, genetically modified foods (GM), eugenics, CO2 emissions and a good way to reduce these emissions is controlling the population level.


Don’t get me wrong!   Bill Gates is not the only one involved in the above.   A great deal of it comes from Agenda 21 and New World Order (NWO) which is slowly being implemented around the world.  Others who are also implicated are the World Health Organisation (WHO), Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, and Syngenta and there are probably others that I am not aware of.


Read the article for more information


If you go to this link and scroll down the page a little you will find a YouTube of Bill Gates blithely telling the world that vaccines will reduce the world population by 10-15 percent! 

The Children and Counting One’s Blessings

Barbara Loe Fisher in her December 2010 Newsletter gives thanks for the people who have blessed her life and she remembers the mothers and fathers of severely vaccine injured children.


One Year Olds in the United Kingdom the Target 

Vaccination information page is appalled to bring you the following story and I have heartfelt concerns for the young babes concerned and the dreadful effect it will have on their young lives and the lives of their families.


Below is an excerpt of the article:


The government is trying to convince parents to go along with its recommendations by suggesting that the one-day vaccine schedule helps to "simplify" the number of doctor visits by reducing it to just one rather than six. And their official statement alleges that "independent scientific research has shown that [getting all the shots at once] is completely safe and effective," even though no specifics were provided to back such claims.

Various other studies, however, have shown that not only are vaccines unsafe, especially when given all at once, but they are also largely ineffective. According to a 1987 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 99 percent of victims in a 1986 outbreak of measles had been vaccinated, indicating that the vaccines were useless.   And again in the recent mumps outbreak in New York, nearly everyone who was affected with the illness had been vaccinated as well


Read the link for the rest of the story 

Senior Citizens Being Targeted

Vaccination Information page brings you details of the new quadruple flu vaccine for seniors.   What is going to happen to senior citizens when they get vaccinated?   

Combining the measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox vaccines are increasing the risk of fevers causing convulsions

On 24 July 2010 Dr Mercola published an article advising of the risks of combining the above immunizations


The article goes on to say that adverse reactions can occur up to a week to ten days after being immunized.   The situation can be quite frightening but are generally not fatal.


The New York Times tell us:


"[Researchers] compared seizure and fever reactions among 83,107 1-year-olds who had combined MMR and chickenpox vaccinations with reactions of 376,354 toddlers who received separate vaccines."

Resurgence of whooping cough is due to the vaccine causing an increased and more virulent toxin!

Vaccination Information asks “Can you believe this headline!”


This means that all the government agencies that are right behind vaccination have it wrong!


So Center for Disease Control (CDC) is now saying that the pathogens of the whooping cough have now evolved into a much more virulent strain!


Now we have five infants dead in California and California declaring a whooping cough epidemic!


Read the article written by Barbara Loe Fisher published in a Dr Mercola newsletter dated 15 July 2010. 

Bad news for Americans on the Vaccine Front

Vaccination Information page brings you an article from NaturalNews dated 26 June 2010 which starts off:


An advisory panel to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that every person be vaccinated for the seasonal flu yearly, except in a few cases where the vaccine is known to be unsafe.

"Now no one should say 'Should I or shouldn't I?'" said CDC flu specialist Anthony Fiore


Please read the article and may I suggest that as many people as possible write to their local representative objecting to this. 


People’s Democratic Rights are being Totally Over-Ridden!


I am very sorry for the American people if this “forced vaccination” occurs but I am also very concerned with what will happen in Australia!    Unfortunately, Australia follows America on so many fronts and I feel that this will be just another of those times.  

How Vaccines are used to cause Cancer

Does this sound far-fetched to you?  One of the stories that he is talking about with Tetanus and sterilization – is already contained in this website.   If you go to free ebook and download ”Health Warnings – Part Two – Section 5” and read the article The vaccine against pregnancy.   This article was published in a book by Phillip Day of Credence Publications called Health Wars back in 2001!  Phillip has a great deal of vaccination information in his book.  Click on this link

130 Countries

I knew of this particular incidence but did not realize that the World Health Organization had done this in 130 countries!


Here we are 8 years down the track and I believe that at long last vaccination information truth is beginning to filter out to the world.  Many people are running websites similar to Vaccination and helping to spread this information as it comes to hand.


More disturbing vaccination information!  The risk of autism in boys is tripled by them receiving the Hepatitis B vaccination.


A US study advises:


Findings suggest that US male neonates vaccinated with Hepatitis B had a 3-fold risk of ASD.”


I believe the number of autism cases in the US per year has risen from 1 in 150 to 1 in 63 and this is not the current figure!    I wonder what this figure will reach when the effects of targeting pregnant women and young children with the Swine Flu Vaccine is realized.

A vaccine has caused an outbreak of the very disease it is meant to be controlling



Now we have Nigeria with outbreaks of Polio.   Read what Dr Mercola has to say about this!

I have a very close friend whose daughter was doing a degree in a form of medicine.  This person was six months from completing many years of study.   She was told by authorities that unless she consented to being vaccinated that she would not be allowed to complete her degree!   As a result 8 vaccines were administered one after the other.   The end result she spent the next 24 hours vomiting and was very ill.


Even if health authorities feel that it is necessary for the their workers to be vaccinated to protect either them or the general public then surely some sort of commonsense should have prevailed in this situation and the vaccine shots administered over a period of weeks to allow her body and her immune system to recover from each vaccine before the next one was administered!   I am only a lay person with limited knowledge from the reading and research I do BUT this makes more sense to her than what was undertaken!


My  understanding is that when a person is vaccinated their immune system is compromised.   Wouldn’t it make more sense to ensure that health workers are doing the following to make sure that their immune systems are up and running rather than compromising it?


  • Making sure that good hygiene practices are followed.
  • Eating nutritionally – preferably organic.
  • Being careful in their selection of personal care products to ensure that they are not compromising their health with toxic ingredients (which will bring down the immune system).
  • Because of the lack of vitamins and minerals in our everyday foods, using good quality supplements.  If everyone was doing this then you would not have so many sick people!
  • Staying away from fast foods and pre-packaged foods.  Families need to find more time to be able to do their own meals rather than rely on the “easy way out” which in the long term brings down their family’s health.
  • Stop eating French fries in fast food outlets – see the Swine Flu page and article on genetically modified potatoes and their link to H1N1!


I am sure that there are many more things we could all do to ensure optimal running of our bodies without resorting to vaccination.


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