How did Australians lose their Bill of Rights and their Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted

Hijacking of the State Governors

The majority of Australians are totally unaware of how our rights and freedom have been over-ridden.    Nor do they understand that ALL the political parties DON’T recognize Common Law of England whereas the people don’t have any rights.  Political parties changed Constitutional definition of Commonwealth, therefore only recognize the politicians' definition of Commonwealth.


A saying has come to light:


“Politics is the science of fraud, and politicians are the professors of this science.”


Common Law of England is entrenched throughout the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted consisting of its Preamble Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule.


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Fortunately for us, we have an Australian, Dick Yardley, who has taken the time to acquaint himself with our original constitution and the treasonous/illegal constitution that we are all being purportedly governed under at the present time, May 2022. 


Definition of “purport”

Oxford Dictionary: purport v. appear to be or do, especially falsely

Common Law

Below is an excerpt from the Australian, Fiona Barnett’s book Eyes Wide Open – page 167

Common Law

     The common law system is based on Judeo-Christian principles.131 Edward Coke (1552-1634) believed God gave humans an innate understanding of the law.  Therefore, justice manifested in a judge’s ability to correctly discover and apply Biblical law.  Just laws were based on, and did not contradict, individual rights and free choice.  When Coke said, “The King himself should be under no man, but under God and the Law, 132 he referred to the Rule of Law whereby everyone is bound by fixed and predictable rules.  Without objective law, individuals are at the government’s mercy.  The alternative is the rule of man, which results in tyranny, 133 Common law offers basic protective measures including the right to silence and presumption of innocence

      William Blackstone’s (123-180) Commentary on the Laws of England influenced common law adoption by English Speaking countries, plus the USA Declaration of Independence and Constitution. 134 Blackstone traced English common law to King Alfred’s Scripture-based legal system,135  While the 10 Commandments formed a moral premise that was easy for the public to know, Blackstone made the common law further accessible to lay people.136  He also promoted inalienable rights.137 Blackstone said England’s Bill of Rights declared three immunities:  private property, personal security and individual freedom138 and that the common law ‘….gives liberty, rightly understood, that is protection to a Jew, A Turk, or a heathen, as well as those that profess the true religion of Christ.139

Source:  Fiona Barnett EYES WIDE OPEN Page 167.

Book available as pdf – Click this link to download

I would certainly recommend the reading of this book.   I am impressed with the amount of research and knowledge that Fiona has on so many fronts and exposing the people involved.   I am a bit stunned at the number of names mentioned and the fact that the majority of them are names I am familiar with!

How a Labor Government behaves behind the Australian people’s backs

This information dates back to 1973.   The document is taken from the National Archives of Australia and is entitled “Your story, our history.  Prime Minister’s discussions with the Queen, London 1973 – Style and titles and powers of Governor General."


The document covers the discussions undertaken with the then Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2.   The consequent actions of the Whitlam Government


Here is the document.  


The end result of these discussions was the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 [114] of 1973.  Click this link to read and here is the link where it was proclaimed and gazetted purporting to put it into law


So what you say!  

Well I suggest you click this link to read Shane Dowling’s information from Kangaroo Court where Prime Minister Albanese is not going to reveal Minutes of the Cabinet meeting.   The question you should be asking is



19 June 2022:  Prime Minister Anthony Albanese breaks the law and his first election promise as he keeps National Cabinet secret from the public

A discerning Australian reveals the corruption

The entity known as “Australia” was also registered in 1973 at the SEC in Washington DC, alongside a secondary level of debt reconstruction and reorganization (not a bankruptcy, more like a Chapter 11, or a Scheme of Arrangement).


After the fictitious entity known as “Australia” was registered in Washington DC, they also registered new entities, including the “Parliament of Australia”, and the “Queen of Australia”. 


Like the building company, these organizations are also corporate structures made of paper, not real people who can be sued, imprisoned or held accountable for their actions.


Government publications in 1971 were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia”. 


Government publications in 1972 were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia”. 


Loh and behold, in 1973, government publications were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Australian Parliament” (with the word “Commonwealth” removed).


You can see the PDF with the three years here:


1973 — the year that Australia was sold to the USA, the banksters and the IMF.


Skeptics are now tut-tutting and looking for tinfoil hats. 


More open-minded people will click on this link and see the SEC filing on the US government website


There are hundreds of pages of documents and filings on a US government website: all notarised and all verifiable.


It is clear that the nation known as Australia is a registered corporate identity in the USA. 


Does the USA have a reciprocal registration with ASIC in Australia? 




Because the USA is not owned by, nor indebted to, nor does it owe anything to, Australia.


Think about that.


If skeptics care to check the SEC filings to see if the USA registers its other trading partners, or those with whom it does business, you will find that the biggest trading partners of the USA are not listed at the SEC nor are other countries registered in Washington… because these other countries are not owned by, nor indebted to, the USA.


Think about that for a minute.


If you believe that Australia is a registered corporate entity in Washington DC (and according to the US government website it is), you may see why your freedom is being eroded, or why Australia tends to blindly follow the USA.


You may open your eyes to see that Australia has to file reports to the US government every year (it does, and you can see them on the above SEC website).


Even the famous Australian Coat of Arms is a business trademark, and registered as a business trademark in the USA.  See here


Australia files annual reports to the SEC in the USA (just as any business would report its earnings to a tax office, or to a creditor, or to someone to whom it owes money).


This may help you to understand why Australia follows the USA into every war, including the invasion in Iraq, which was illegal, and based on falsified data about fictitious weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), which did not exist and were never found.


The country of Australia is a large landmass located in South-East Asia. 


It was founded by the British, uses British law, and a British monarch as its head. 


Its largest trading partners are Asians in China and Indonesia, yet Australia holds so much affiliation with the USA, and so much (baseless) loyalty to the USA, so much interest in the politics of the USA, that one could almost consider the land of Australia to be the fifty-first state of the USA. 


Why is that?


Australia is a US corporation, and can be treated like a company, not like a Motherland. 


Its so-called government “administrates” and is essentially legally powerless, unless you acquiesce, sign an agreement with them, or bow down to their false authority.

Decisions taken in the High Court of Australia

Here is a document outlining decisions taken by Justices in the High Court of Australia.   Please click this link to read.

The situation in 2022
Australian’s Primary Law
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted

Dick has compiled a document covering the Legislation that has illegally and treasonously been enacted over many decades to bring us to this point in time where we have no rights whatsoever.  The illegal Political Parties removed the Common Law of England, King James Bible, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, etc. etc.


Under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted and stipulated in the Preamble Sections 1 to 9 that this could NEVER be changed


Understanding what has unfolded since our original Gazettal can be quite overwhelming especially if you have been totally unaware of the deceptions, as the majority of Australians are, and carried out on the people and removing their individual rights and freedoms.  Dick endeavored to provide this information in as simplistic form as possible to enable the average Australian to understand.  


New independent political parties are springing up right around the country.   Sadly, when these new parties register to enable them to participate in an election, they are forced to register using the illegal corporation’s enrollment process and thus it puts these independents into the same category as the existing parties.   Under this process our sovereign rights as people are totally unprotected.


Dick has the complete documentation pertaining to all the changes made over the years and is able to produce the documents in verification of what he is reporting.


To read this document please click this link


Dick has also written a free e-book in pdf form “Treason, Treachery and Sabotage” and can be obtained at this link.    This book can also be obtained via Marilyn’s free-ebook webpage.


I, Marilyn Vine, am very grateful for the hours that Dick has willingly given me to assist me in understanding what has been happening over a period of time.

Political Party Treasonous Constitution

Please click this link to see further information on the © Commonwealth of Australia 2012 Constitution which under this Constitution protects: 


·        Treason

·        Paedophiles

·        Sabotage

·        Treachery, and

·        Fraud


It should be noted that they are using their own political parties republic seal.   Remember under our Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted that Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy and not a Republic or Democracy.


Seals are the Authority of what is below the Seal; therefore Seals can only be used for what would pass the Seal. Political Parties, Treason by using purported Seals to cover the Signet, the authority of commissions appointing the Governor-General and State Governors.


"Signet", means the seal commonly used for the sign manual of the Sovereign or the seal with which documents are sealed by the Secretary of State in the United Kingdom on behalf of the Sovereign."


Treasonous purported, Governor-General and State Governors are fraudulent using seals to enact bills into Acts by purported enactments creating purported Acts without Crown Authority.

Please click this link for information on Australian Seals 

Turnbull and Morrison colluding with World Economic Forum

Under Freedom of Information (FOI) the following information has been obtained about Australia’s participation in the following:


·        Global Cyber Centre

·        Reset

·        Not returning to normal

·        Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies

·        Shareholder Capitalism – A Global Economy that works for progress, people and plant – a book written by Klaus Schwab with Peter Vanham


Here is the link showing the correspondence commencing 30 August 2017 and up to 16 January 2022.

Imperial Acts Application Act

This Act brings forward Imperial Acts that have not been removed at Federation.

After Federation we can’t remove any Imperial Acts.


Victoria joined the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation in 1975.    Click this link to read the gazzetal


The amount of treason in this country is, to a lot of people, beyond belief.

Australians did you know that we have two high courts?

Australian Political Parties under their Treasonous definition of Australia created their own private High Court of Australia.  Click this link to access this information  

Treasonous Political Party under The Constitution together with the Australia Act 1986

Bill of Rights 1689
Grants of Forfeitures.

All grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void


Click here to download this document  

Download link to your Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted

Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted is the Primary Law for Our Commonwealth of Australia and all the people.  


The above Constitution is a Common Law of England Contract and holds all rights known to man. Treasonous Political Parties are not within, therefore only recognize sections that suit them at any given time. Under this Constitution we the people are the boss, not Treasonous Political Parties. This Constitution should be read and understood by all.  


Please click this link to access a copy  Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted.

Treasonous Political Party Currency.
Australian (Dollar) No head of power


Under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 the Australian currency was to be in “pounds”.   Please click this link to understand how our currency was changed from pounds to decimal and registered in the United States Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.   Click here to learn more.

An abstract Australian country, theoretical rather than physical
Takeover by Definition of Change. 

Once again Dick Yardley has done an amazing job in preparing another document for us to read and understand.   Here is how Dick expresses his feelings on this document.


“This write-up explains how, as people, we have allowed Political Parties to take over our lives and Country. These Political Parties are not within Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. These Political Parties sit under their own Political Party Constitutions, so that they don’t represent us, the people, at all.   We need people to read and understand Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act so we can take back Our Country and our lives.”


Stephen Limbery together with Dick Yardley are holding zoom meetings every Wednesday and Thursday evenings commencing at 7.30 p.m. until 9.30 p.m. NSW time.  These meetings are covering common law and explaining the various legislation that has been passed by the corrupt, illegal corporations purporting to act in Australia’s best interest.  Many lively discussions take place and some very well informed people participate in these calls.


Here is the link and then select the Wednesday/Thursday night link.


In the meantime, click this link to read Dick’s document “Takeover by Definition of Change.”


Definition in the Oxford Dictionary of Law – Misprision


Misprision n.  Failure to report an offence.  The former crime of misprision of felony has been replaced by the crime of compounding an offence.


However, the common-law offence of misprision of treason still exists, this occurs if a person knows or reasonably suspects that someone has committed treason but does not inform the proper authorities within a reasonable time.

Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies

Here is a document outlining the Treasonous Acts by Political Parties

sitting under their own private Party Constitutions.


These Australian Parliaments and Religious leaders have removed all rights.   In case you think that the information contained in the above document does not affect you I give you an excerpt from page 4:


Lands Acquisition Act 1973, No. 208 (Clth) of 19th December 1973
which created their own “Australian Land”
4 (1) Section 7 of the Principal Act is amended--

(a) by omitting from sub-section (1) the words " The Governor-General”
and substituting the words "The Minister" = TREASON


Kim Beasley in Federal Parliament in 1990, quote, “The United Nations has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, property, farms and businesses to government control once the Republic has been proclaimed.”  

Political Parties claimed, REPUBLIC by the Australia Act (Request) Act 1985 = TREASON.

Australia Acts 1985 & 1986 explains it very clear.

Australia Acts 1985 & 1986 explains it very clear.
To have the “status” “sovereign, independent and federal nation” that means
“Republican Dictatorship”.

Notice: sovereign, independent and federal nation is NOT
Sovereign, Independent and Federal Nation. We are NOT yet a Republic.

The Australia Act 1986 under the Political Parties Enactment,
Queen of Australia, Great Seal of Australia

Proclamation signed, BOB HAWKE, not a legal signature. Pseudonym = Fictitious
name. “Elizabeth R”. “R” stands for the Latin Regina, Meaning “Queen”

Australia Act, Queen of Australia, and Great Seal of Australia are under the Political

Parties Definition of Australia created in 1973.