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Create a website had made this time of my life absolutely fascinating.  

After retiring in January 2008 I decided to create a website and work from home and provide people with a home based business opportunity – what a difference this has made in my life!

With absolutely no knowledge of web building, html (What’s that!), in fact, apart from word processing and spreadsheet knowledge – no experience whatsoever!   What an exciting time it has been creating a website.  My home based businesses have become alive in my website and this will allow me to make money on line.

Create a Website and have an Online Business

This YouTube will show you everything you need to know to build an online business and have as much fun as I am!

Work from home

This SBI Website that I called healthymoneyvine provides a wonderful opportunity for stay at home moms to work from home.  To learn more just click this link.

Site Build It has made it so easy to create a website. They have tutorials to help you decide on the name before you even create a website. When you create a website the main keyword which should convey the concept of your website is extremely important. It is great that Site Build It provides tutorials to help you in this decision making process.

Site Build It also have tutorials to take you through every aspect of how to create a website. They have what they call “Brainstormer”. This is a facility that allows you to search for key words and find out what their rankings are before you use them.

Another fantastic support function is Value Exchange – this gives you the opportunity to link with other Site Build It websites. They put your link on their site and you put theirs on yours – this helps with your rankings.

An excellent support service that will answer any of your questions and help you with any problems you might encounter.

Since 1996 when I first became interested in health, I have been looking for a vehicle to get the message out to people on all sorts of things. My healthymoneyvine Site Build It website has given me just such an opportunity! Rest assured it is not finished yet – there is a lot more information in me that I want to get out to you!

Would you like a vehicle like this to use to develop:

  • your passion
  • your interest
  • your hobby
  • your home based businesses
  • your normal day to day business – could it do with some internet space?

Whatever the reason - Would you like to own your own Site Build It Website and create a website just for you?

Does this sound daunting to you? It doesn’t have to be!

Site Build It!

Recently I decided to join Solo Build It Website’s 5 Pillar Affiliate program – this cost me nothing but my time.

What I have found on becoming a 5 Pillar Affiliate is that I can now offer YOU all the benefits that I have found.

If you too would like to become a 5 Pillar Affiliate – click on the link below.
Affiliates – 5P Sign-up Pages

Are you an “at home Mum”? Would you like to work from home and still be able to do all the things you want to do with the children? For example:

  • just be there when they want you – what a luxury in today’s world
  • be able to go on school outings when parents are required
  • I used to do library reading to the children at school - would this interest you?
  • some parents help the teachers with children who have problems – what a fulfilling time when you see that child suddenly understand something when given time on a one-to-one basis

Click on the link below to see what possibilities are open for you.
Work at Home Mum

  • What sort of passions do you have?
  • Are you involved in a hobby that you would like to share with other people?
  • Do you have a message to tell the world!
  • Would you like to be able to make money online by using a website, such as Solo Build It Website?
  • Can you think of a good reason for you to own your own website and be able to do your own thing?

Now is your chance to do whatever you would like to. Click on the link below for more details.
Passion website

Are you interested in running what is commonly called an E-Business?

You could sell:

  • e-books – have you thought of writing your own e-books?
  • e-music
  • e-clip art
  • whatever you want to sell that is able to be digitized

For more information click on the link below.
E-goods – SBI Businesses

Are you interested in being an on-line Auctioneer?

Take a look at the two links below:
Make Your Net Auction Sell
Auction Sell – The Masters Course

Would you like to see some proof of the success of the Solo Build It Websites? Click on the link below:
Proof SBI

Do you have any questions? Click on the link below:
Questions for SBI

What did you think of all the fantastic opportunities that were open to you?

I believe that Solo Build It is one of the best providers of websites. Your website will only ever be as good as the effort you put into building it!

Will you be a dare devil and take the plunge and do something you have never done before?

Click on the Icon found at the bottom of this page and have a listen to what Ken Evoy says about Solo Build It.

Would love to see your website when you have it up and running and to hear your success stories. Contact me in the email form below.

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