Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health!

Marilyn Vine is delighted to bring you information on an alkaline diet for optimum health and your pH.   So what does a healthy pH level mean?    If your body is at its optimal pH level it means that your body can do its job properly, i.e. function to the best of its ability.  When your pH levels are good it means that your body is full of increased energy and vitality due to internal balancing.  You will also find that you have better mental clarity.

Today our soils are minerally deficient and this means that the vegetables and fruits that we eat are also minerally deficient.  If the body is mineral deficient then it cannot biologically function correctly

Did you know that an acidic environment allows yeast (Candida Albicans) and fungal infections to thrive?   If your body is acidic and does have yeast or fungus dominance then you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Tiredness
  • Do you have aches and pains and don’t know why?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you fall victim to all the current illnesses?
  • Suffer from headaches or go from happy to grumpy for really no reason?  There are many other symptoms of an acid environment

Do you understand acid/alkaline diet?


I have read many times and been told by people like Phillip Day and Chris Woollams that cancer cannot survive if people have an alkaline diet even if the cancer is active inside your body!  Therefore it is so important to have an alkaline diet!  

My understanding is that everyone has cancer cells (inactive) inside them.  Until a trauma occurs in your life to trigger the cancer cell to become active they will remain dormant.  If your immune system goes down or you become very distressed or traumatized, etc these are the sort of triggers that can cause inactive cancer cells to become active.  At the last presentation of Chris Woollams that I attended in 2014 he was saying that in the majority of people that he comes into contact with who have cancer had an incident roughly six years prior in their lives.   This was an interesting comment as some people I know when we discussed this had had trauma in their lives during this period.

Using this alkaline diet information to ensure you are maintaining a healthy pH is a very important part of keeping your immune system at its optimal health.   If we make sure we do the following then we will be heading in the right direction:

  • Eat the right foods, fresh foods – preferably organic - rather than pre-packaged foods
  • Drink good quality water – filtered but not bottled (most bottled waters are acidic – if you have a pH kit to test your fish tank you might be surprised at how yellow the bottled water turns [sign of acidity] when you test it!)
  • Exercise
  • Avoid stress
  • Be mindful of what you are using on your body in the way of personal care products, etc.   Current information is that the majority of cancers are caused by toxic chemical overload in the body.
  • Make sure your nutrition is up to par.  If it is not, then make sure that you are taking good quality supplementation to combat this.  Be careful of supplements purchased in supermarkets, health food shops and chemists as some of the supplements contain synthetic ingredients rather than ingredients sourced from the actual plant/herb/etc.  
  • Not using a microwave.  Microwaves irradiate your food and thus the food becomes “dead”, i.e. lacks any nutritional value.
  • Avoid fluoridated water as it stops your body from absorbing magnesium, stops the thyroid from working and impacts on your pineal gland.   Check out the numerous pages on fluoridation on this website for more information.


By having an alkaline diet and doing the things listed above, it will help you to remain healthy.

Drinking quality water

By drinking good quality water that is free of fluorides and even chlorine can help to alkalize our systems.  I, personally, use filter systems that first take out the heavy metals and contaminants including chlorine and fluoride.  I then process our water through a second system that contains minerals and also a magnetic tap to help to break the water molecules down into a size that our body can absorb more easily.  Thirdly we put this through another system which oxygenates our water.   Cancer does not like highly oxygenated systems either.  As you can see I am really serious about the health of myself and my family and make sure we have an alkaline diet.

People specialising in nutritional health research

Robert R Barefoot, a biochemist, specialises in nutritional health research.  He has many scientific publications on the body’s pH and this pH level’s relationship to degenerative diseases and health. 


Dr Carl Reich approached Robert Barefoot to ascertain why the patients he treated for calcium deficiencies such as arthritis, showed unusual things happening with other aspects of their health.  He found that their:

  • cancer disappeared
  • diabetes disappeared


So in 1981 they began extensive research together.  They were amazed to find that there were thousands of publications written by world renowned scientists and even doctors showing the correlation between nutrition and disease.  This can all be verified if you care to search the internet or through your library.


They both found that as people get older these deficiencies became more apparent.  They also discovered that it wasn’t so much what you ate, but what you didn’t eat!   Deficiencies such as these can cause the body to become acidic which in turn may trigger the following diseases:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease, etc


To ensure that you are having an alkaline diet you must help the body to maintain its pH level by ensuring that you are getting the basic elements or minerals, such as:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium and other trace metals, as well as vitamins and water


It is known that when we take calcium into our body that it is not absorbed into the bones that it floats around. As calcium floats, it will eventually find a place to collect. Often it collects on the sides of your vessels in your circulatory system and ends up being very detrimental like a plaque. Studies show that vitamin K2 will actually pull hardened calcium out of the tissue and help it go back into the bone.   Another thing that Vitamin K2 does is help produce a protein called osteoclasts, which helps to put the calcium back into the bone.  Vitamin K2 is found in large amounts in the oriental or Japanese food, Natto. 

Studies show that as we age, our ability to absorb calcium decreases about 50% from when we were adolescents.  So if you want to increase your calcium absorption, you do need to take the Vitamin D3 Studies show it raises the bone density by about 2-10% and it lowers the fracture rate by 35-50% when calcium and vitamin D are taken together.

Adele Davis, one of the best known nutritionists back in the 60s and 70s wrote all kinds of nutrition and diet books and diet books on how to eat correctly.


 “Calcium and Vitamin D must be adequate, absorbed and retained if dental and skeletal bones are to be maintained.  Low dietary calcium intake leads to osteoporosis.  If calcium is not supplied to the diet it is withdrawn from the bones.  If calcium is under supplied, nerves become tense.  The person becomes restless, irritable and quick tempered.  When adequately supplied, calcium aids in the transportation of nerve impulses.  Lack of calcium and magnesium can make one suffer insomnia, another form of an inability to relax.  Sleeping tablets can be avoided if the calcium intake is adequate”.

Colloidal and Ionic Mineral Supplements

The difference between colloidal and ionic mineral supplements is in the absorption.  Minerals can be found in either form.  A colloidal mineral is where it is suspended in a stable medium form.   In this form the minerals are evenly distributed in the medium they are contained in.   The body cannot readily absorb colloidal minerals as they contain no electrical charge and they are very large in size.  This makes it very difficult to diffuse through a living membrane.

On the other hand ionic mineral supplements are readily transported through highly selective cell membranes of the digestive tract.  Ionic minerals are in a charged form and therefore it takes the body less energy to make use of them, i.e. absorb them.  When minerals are in an ionic state they contain atoms or collections of atoms that retain their electrical charge. This electrical charge can be either negative or positive.

Various minerals in their ionic form link with other minerals to form ionic complexes. 

Minerals play a critical role in the synthesis of DNA.  This is the process of replication and duplication of cell structures.  In other words, old cells are continuously being replaced with new cells.  We prematurely age, develop an endless variety of diseases and die before our time when our bodies cannot continuously produce healthy cells. 

Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling, PhD said:

“You can trace every sickness,

every disease,

and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Marilyn Vine trusts you have found the Alkaline Diet information of interest to you and would love to receive your feed back as to how this information may have helped you live a healthier lifestyle.   Please don’t hesitate to use the email form at the bottom of this page or the contact button in the websites above.

Disclaimer: This alkaline diet information article is for personal use only and is an educational article and is not intended as medical advice.

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