Proctor and Gamble purchases New Chapter Nutritionals

Why would New Chapter sell to Proctor and Gamble?

New Chapter is a herbal supplement company selling products like Zyflamend and P&G’s Board of Directors has affiliations with:

  • Weapons manufacturers
  • Homeland Security
  • Federal Reserve
  • British Petroleum
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Citibank
  • JP Morgan-Chase
  • Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Monsanto
  • Microsoft and, of course
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!

Seems to be a funny choice of bedfellows and very much at odds with natural healing and one wonders what the ulterior motive is!

I received a NaturalNewsletter dated 21 March 2011 where Mike Adams was also intrigued with why New Chapter would sell to this particular company or even why they would be interested in a natural supplement company.


Because this tweaked Mike Adam’s curiosity he started to do some research on who the directors were.   It is a very interesting read.    Mike has told us that when he has more news he will let us know.   In the meantime click on this link to read about the directors and their various involvements.

New Chapter Co-Founder, Paul Schulick

Paul announced:


"For us, this has been a dream come true. This is what we have been wanting to do since we started doing this 30 years ago. The world and the United States need this."


NaturalNews tells us that Proctor and Gamble, is a global corporate conglomerate that sells consumer products containing cancer-causing chemicals and petroleum derivatives.   Up until now New Chapter, a nutritional supplement company, has been supported by NaturalNews in the promotion of their products.


This is one of the many companies we (NaturalNews) helped publicize and promote, only to see them sell out to corporate giants who routinely take over these companies, cheapen their product formulations, and exploit name recognition to intentionally mislead consumers into buying watered-down, reformulated products.


Mike Adams goes on to say:


I'm disappointed in New Chapter and Paul Schulick. Here's yet another case of someone who has sold out to the global power elite, apparently oblivious to where this will likely lead. P&G is essentially the Monsanto of the personal care products industry. It manufactures and markets a seemingly endless array of what most NaturalNews readers would call "junk products" made with chemical fillers, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances and known carcinogens. It owns the Gillette brand, Duracell, Crest toothpaste (with fluoride, of course), Iams dog foods (GMO corn, anyone?), Pantene hair care products and a long list of others.  


In the natural products industry, someone who announces they work for Procter & Gamble might as well announce they work for Satan himself. And now Paul Schulick has made a deal with that devil, it seems.”

Who are the Institutional Owners of Monsanto and Proctor and Gamble?

NaturalNews has done some investigation and uncovered the following:


  • P&G’s top shareholder is Vanguard and its 2nd top shareholders is State Street Corporation.  Check it out here.
  • Check out the top owners of Monsanto
  • P&G is also owned in large part by bailoutbanksters such as JP Morgan and Bank of America.
  • P&G’s CFO, Jon Moeller is also on the Board of Directors of Monsanto.  On the Business Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.    

Information contained on website

The following links will provide you with additional information:


BUT more importantly there are a great many pages giving information on how you can protect yourself and keep yourself healthy despite what is going on in the world!

Accused of animal cruelty

NaturalNews dated 27 March 2012 provides information from two websites which involve implications of animal cruelty by the company by using animals in tests.



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