Global Warming – Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Global Warming: Marilyn Vine has had global warming concerns for a very long time over the fraud that is being perpetrated.   It all started with Al Gore and his film and as you will see below his credibility is now being called into question. Below you will find a documentary called the Dimming.

I also question the Australian Government and what our teachers through our education system are teaching our children.    It is certainly not the truth and because they do not look beyond the “official” version of what is unfolding on this planet they believe what they are being told.   When you listen to the YouTube below with Dr Deitrich Klinghardt and he tells you that due to the layer of spraying over the oceans that they are producing 40 percent less oxygen which relates to less water and ends up with more drought then you have to wonder at the mentality of the people behind this.    Make sure you read what Bill Gates wants to do which will exacerbate this problem.

Earlier information on can be found at Weather Control P1

Skies poisoned by governments

Geo-engineering’s latest video 20 May 2023

High-powered lasers used to direct lightning bolts

On 23 January 2023 News Target published this global warming article “WEATHER CONTROL: Scientists are now using high-powered lasers to direct lightning bolts to strike their intended targets:


For the first time, lasers were used by scientists to successfully alter the movement of lightning during a storm.

From the top of a mountain in Switzerland, laser pulses were blasted into a weather event to move lightning away from a target that otherwise would have been hit. The implications of this for protecting rocket launchpads, military bases, airports, and tall buildings are noteworthy.

Using a high-repetition-rate terawatt laser, a team led by Aurélien Houard, a physicist at École Polytechnique in Palaiseau, France, successfully steered lightning towards a 26-foot-rod. A study about the experiment was published in the journal Nature Photonics.

“This work paves the way for new atmospheric applications of ultrashort lasers and represents an important step forward in the development of a laser-based lightning protection for airports, launchpads or large infrastructures,” the study reads.

(Related: In 2021, the military-industrial complex unveiled laser-equipped Strykers that it plans to use in futuristic combat operations.)

Controlling the weather since 1916!

News Target on 1 November 2022 published this global warming article entitled “Controlling the weather has been possible since at least 1916, evidence shows

Dubbed “the rainmaker,” Hatfield would state during his upbringing that his greatest ambition in life was pluviculture, or the science of “rainmaking.” He would leave his family business in 1904 to pursue this dream. (Related: Check out this list of patents suggesting that weather manipulation is happening all around us.)

History states that Hatfield developed a secret rainmaking mixture containing 23 different ingredients, two of them being dynamite and nitroglycerin. By unleashing this mystery concoction into the atmosphere via evaporator tanks, Hatfield discovered that it was possible to create artificial rain.

“The key is for there to be clouds in the sky, and to chemically force the water from said clouds to fall to the ground,” reports explain about the more primitive and imprecise nature of what Hatfield had available to him at that time.

Make sure you read the full article (link above).

Dane Wigington on drying up of the lakes

Spain admits chemtrailling


On 4 June 2022 Free Speech Communications released this global warming article entitled “Spain Has Admitted to Spraying Lethal Pesticides Under Chemtrail Program”.

There have also been accusations that Spain is putting unauthorized amounts of pesticides in food - and ecologists have demanded a 50% reduction in the use of pesticides.


On April 17th 2020, the Spanish Government published an order in the Official State Gazette which reads:  [please click on the link above to read the full order].   In the meantime the following was released


Madrid, April 16, 2020.–The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa Roca.


According to Philosophers Stone four State Meteorological Agency workers have admitted that planes are spreading chemicals throughout Spain:


“On May 19, 2015, MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (ALDE) announced in the European Parliament that four workers from the State Meteorological Agency had confessed that Spain is being sprayed entirely from planes that spread lead dioxide through the atmosphere. , silver iodide and diatomite. The objective, according to the same MEP, would be to ward off the rains and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summery climatic environment for tourism and, at the same time, helps corporations in the agricultural sector. This, in turn, is producing cold drops of great intensity.”

Arctic ice levels reach 30-year high


30 May 2022:  Natural News brings this global warming (!) article “Global freezing? Arctic ice levels reach 30-year HIGH”  

Despite ever-rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, arctic ice is actually expanding, not melting.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently convened its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the “climate crisis.” It was revealed there that arctic ice is currently at a 30-year high, according to data from the intergovernmental European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.


Globalist groups like the WEF have been pushing for years to redistribute the wealth of nations as a “remedy” for alleged global warming and climate change. It turns out that the real problem might be global freezing. (Related: Remember back in 2017 when an arctic science expedition got caught in too much ice?)

Remember Greta Thunberg?

This is the lass who was so rude to many people because they would not swallow the global warming/climate change narrative.      Click this link to hear her say  

Monaco freemason agent Greta Thunberg, who now says publicly that “climate change does not exist.”

Weather Warfare

Taken from a facebook post 29 March 2022

Weather warfare 101 caught red handed. Navy boats complicit in cloud seeding??? New type of weather modification never seen a storm held in one spot like this before exact replication of flood no.1. Northern nsw under attack again full crimes against humanity.. Question is what was making the rain off the coast line? Was it aerial RAAF, boats NAVY?? Or a something else.  Click this link to hear what is said.


More Evidence

Emf Beams Modifying A Killer Storm in Oz

Scientists around the world are trying to stop Bill Gates and geoengineering eugenics programs 

NaturalNews on 3 February 2022 published this global warming article “International group of scientists are trying to stop Bill Gate’s sun dimming experiment that would engineer Earth’s climate

“Solar geoengineering deployment cannot be governed globally in a fair, inclusive and effective manner,” the open letter warns. The letter calls for international oversight to stop these global experiments. “We therefore call for immediate political action from governments, the United Nations and other actors to prevent the normalisation of solar geoengineering as a climate policy option.” The letter is signed by Frank Biermann, a professor of global sustainability governance at Utrecht University; Aarti Gupta, a professor of global environmental governance at Wageningen University in The Netherlands; Professor Melissa Leach, director of the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, England; and Dirk Messner, president of the German Environment Agency.

The United Nation’s COP26 climate change summit discussed solar geoengineering at their most recent summit in Scotland, and the corporate media introduced the idea to the public as a solution for cooling the planet. For years, this topic was considered “conspiracy theory.” Today, psychopaths are openly discussing ways to use the Earth’s atmosphere as a playground, to manipulate the stratosphere as if it is their very own experimental dumping ground.

Bill Gates has been spending tremendous amounts of money to implement sun dimming projects around the world. His “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment” or SCOPEX for short, is a partnership with Harvard scientists to strategically injection particles into the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays. Sunlight is essential for human health, and vitamin D deficiency is one of the main reasons why so many people are suffering from infectious disease today. Plants also depend on sunlight and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. By reducing sunlight and carbon dioxide levels globally, SCOPEX would severely alter or decimate plant-based (all) food webs, agriculture, food security and ecosystems. These are just a few of the reasons why Bill Gates’ sun dimming project was halted by the Swedish Space Agency in 2021.


From memory I believe that SCoPEX first hit the headlines around July 2019.   Information will be found on this page and possibly P1 with regards to this.   It was described as “spraying a chalk like substance across the entire planet”.   I believe that Sweden rejected the implementation of this.   I believe that Australia has implemented it as so many people from so many different States confirm that they have either grey or white skies with no sunlight penetrating.

All done in the name of global warming!

Sea Levels in the Indian and Pacific Oceans

News Target on 5 January 2022 published this article “Climate change myth debunked: Pacific and Indian Ocean sea levels rising much slower than model predictions”.

A recent study disproved claims by the climate change propagandists that low-lying islands are sinking into the sea. Dr. Alberto Boretti asserted in a new paper that the sea level has been rising very slowly in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Some islands are actually gaining in size. A 2019 global-scale analysis of 709 islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans revealed 89 percent were either stable or growing, and that no island larger than 10 hectares (24.7 acres) had decreased in size since the 1980s.

This is because the relative sea-level rise has only been +0.46 millimeters per year in these regions, with an almost trivial acceleration rate of +0.0091 millimeters per year. It contradicts some experts who projected a long time ago that the islands surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans would be submerged beneath the sea as a consequence of the so-called climate change. (Related: The real damage of climate change.)

[Marilyn comment]   Just like the “plandemic” global warming is being exposed for the myth it is.  I read a long while ago that if the plandemic was not successful in achieving their goals that global warming would finish the job!

Dr Marc Sircus – 4 January 2022

Please take the time to read Dr Sircus’s article entitled “Future Looks Cold & Expensive”.    The article can be found at this link.   The facts and figures that he provides in this article with current snowfalls totally belies the global warming myth.

Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering
25 December 2021

Sounding the alarm

A point of interest.   It was confirmed on 14 December 2021 that massive spraying took place in the following NSW places:


  • Shoalhaven
  • Ulladulla
  • Batemans Bay
  • Catalina


Three of us together personally saw the multiple flyovers in Catalina.  By Friday 17 December it was reported that 2,000 positive cases had been detected in Sydney.    Am I the only one who can see the co-incidence of massive spray and then outbreaks?   

My garden gets devastated by the different sprayings that occur.   Currently the newly forming fruit on my Tamarillo trees (3 of them) is falling off.  The newly forming fruit on my lemon, honeymurcot mandarin, imperial mandarin, Washington navel orange, Valencia orange and lime are falling off the trees!    Tiny, tiny lemons are turning yellow and not growing.  What is inhibiting their growth.  My citrus are well looked after and in addition I use fulvic acid prolifically in an endeavour to heal the damage.  

Sadly I find that most people I talk to do not have a clue what has been going on since the 1960’s.


Heavy spraying is occurring of a night.   Some of the time I can actually see the chemtrail clouds forming but most nights the sky is just dark gray – not a night time sky AND FOR OVER A WEEK I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE STAR IN THE SKY!    People do you really think that this is normal?

Checkout the information on ScoPEX further down the page.

The Dimming – A must watch video

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

On the 2nd August 2021 News Target published this global warming article “Record growth of coral cover on Great Barrier Reef provides latest proof that ‘human-caused climate change’ is a hoax


Here is a picture of Australia’s coral reef

For five decades the Western left has been attempting to convince everyone that modern life is killing the planet and that in order to save it (and ourselves) we must give in to authoritarian, tyrannical control over all aspects of our lives.

In the late 1960s, Americans and Westerners were told that “overpopulation” was going to destroy the planet, so the objective was to cut back on family size.

In the 1970s, for a brief period we were warned that “global cooling” was being caused by burning of fossil fuels and that a new Ice Age was upon us.

That changed in the 1980s and 1990s to “global warming” as average temperatures inched upward.

Since then, the left altered the verbiage again and now “climate change” is our planet-ending danger. The answers are the same, though: Less technology (but only for us, not the elite globalist managers); smaller families, less consumption, and ceding our liberties to tyrants who want to exert iron-fisted control over the masses.

Make sure you read all of this “global warming” article.

Evidence of Geo-engineering

For all those interested in anthropo-climate manufacturing, it is important to see these: 


Around min 13-16 (shows climate engineering underway by 1947)


Starting around min 8:45- 10:30  (1949, enormous storm/bizarre weather phenom.

Greta Thunberg proves to be a “puppet”

Climate child Greta Thunberg is the subject of a new criminal investigation after she tweeted a list of her scripted marching orders, apparently accidentally, to her 4.8 million Twitter followers.

It appears as though the 18-year-old global warming activist was trying to tweet an “organic” post in support of the farmers protest in India when she mistakenly shared a document from her handlers outlining tactics for rallying left-wing Twitter users to join the movement.

Oh how the glaciers are disappearing
Makes a mockery of the global warming myth

Iceland's Skaftafellsjokull is a spur from the nation's Vatnajokull ice cap, which is Europe's largest glacier.

In 1989, photographer Colin Baxter visited the glacier during a family holiday and took a picture of the frozen landscape.

Colin's son, Dr Kieran Baxter, returned to the exact location 30 years later.


Weather Manipulation

Dane Wigington of Geo-Engineering has published this global warming article dated 29 August 2020.  


Hurricane Laura was manipulated and steered, the geoengineers are deciding who is impacted by weather cataclysms, and who isn’t. Droughts, fires, floods, all are being heavily influenced by the ongoing climate engineering operations. Populations all over the globe are now facing changes and challenges that were formerly unimaginable to most. What agendas and objectives are being carried out by those who control the levers of power from behind the curtain? Will rapidly deteriorating societal circumstances finally compel populations to objectively investigate frontline facts? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.


Go the website to read this article as I could not post a link.

Bad news for those predicting global warming


Dr Marc Sircus published this weather control document dated 8 January 2021 “Coldest in Recorded History in Spain, China, Canada”


It is too bad CO2 has betrayed the human race by not warming us as scientists swore it would. With temperatures plunging to the lowest levels in recorded history in Spain, China, and Canada, it would be more than nice to have something breaking the advancing cold and snow, which is on its way to overwhelming people and local governments in the northern regions.


A record-breaking blizzard hit Baffin Island in Canada shaking houses and crushing cabins. In mid-December, 7+ feet of snow stranded thousands of Japanese motorists, and the Washington Post reported that another 7 feet fell on January 1.


With economies and peoples’ finances collapsing, where will the money come from to keep warm and pay for rapidly rising food prices? Where will the money come from to remove the mountains of snow? If what just happened in the Northeast keeps happening, what will people do?


First, we read on December 22 that Record-breaking cold had swept large swathes of the planet of late: from Alaska to the Alps; from India to Iceland; and from Australia to Russia, unprecedented lows have been rewriting the record books. In Russia, an immense mass of debilitating cold is gripping 80+ percent of the 17.1 million km² transcontinental nation, cold that is only set to expand and intensify.

China’s 3-Gorge Dam

When I was in China in 1998 I visited the site of where the 3-gorge dam was being built.   Millions upon millions of Chinese residents were removed from their homes to build this structure.  Remember the video on the lockdown of apartment in Melbourne and the reports of unprecedented weather in South China and Japan causing mass flooding and devastation.   Now read what is being said.


News Target dated 10 July 2020 published this article “Is China’s Three Gorges Dam, with many nuclear plants below it, about to crumble?”.

Expert hydrologist Wang Weiluo has issued a dire warning about communist China’s Three Gorges Dam, a massive structure built on the Yangtze River that he says is on the verge of collapsing, threatening a number of nuclear plants positioned below it.

The area has been receiving excess rainstorms for many weeks now, generating mudslides and other hazards that have already lifted up and moved some 7,300 housing structures. At least eight million people have been affected by the storms thus far, with many more in harm’s way should the dam eventually collapse.

While the communist Chinese regime claims that the dam is just fine, Weiluo is not convinced. He says its design, construction, and quality inspection were all conducted by the same people, and that it was rushed to completion far too quickly to be safe for the long haul – a situation that America faces as well.

This is especially concerning when considering that the Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydropower project, holding back unprecedented volumes of water. Weiluo claims the dam is not properly equipped to hold back the rising flood waters, and that, in time, it will only have a very limited effect on flood control.

4 March 2020 - NAOMI SEIBT SPEECH AT CPAC 2020

Video has been removed

Follow the money trail – click this global warming link




Solar Minimum

18 January 2020: - Martin Armstrong: Climate Change, Retards, & Coming Ice Age?


Martin covers very good information and provides climate history.   He questions whether we are heading to a solar minimum where history shows that this caused famine, mass starvation and death.    It is well worth a read in understanding what climate has done over the centuries.

Snow tested for aerial spraying

The Test Results of my Snow - Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Sulfur.   If this is how it affected her dogs walking on the snow imagine what it is doing to us and the rest of the environment!   Make sure you listen to the aluminum levels!

The root on the left was in high aluminum soil and the root on the right is aluminum free – 1995 study conducted in Australia.   She showed another different type of root and the aluminum based root looked like it had cancer because it could not uptake minerals, etc.

Geoengineering Links

Global warming provides the links below provide more details and data that directly relates to unfolding engineered weather events occurring all over the world:

Geoengineering Is Creating Freeze Fry Extremes

The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation

Climate Engineering Insanity, Manufacturing Winter Weather With Tropical Moisture

Damning Admissions From Weathermen And A Geoengineer

Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

Japanese Oceanographer and Meteorologist calls it like it is!

Need to Know news published this global warming article in September “Top-Level Climate Modeler Spills the Beans on the ‘Nonsense’ of ‘Global Warming Crisis’.


Dr. Mototaka Nakamura, author of the book, Confessions of a Climate Scientist: the Global Warming Hypothesis Is an Unproven Hypothesis, is a top-level oceanographer and meteorologist who is calling “Nonsense!” on the models that underpin the global-warming hoax. He received his doctorate in meteorology at MIT and worked on cloud dynamics from 1990 to 2014. He says that climate models are useful tools for academic studies, but “the models just become useless pieces of junk or worse when they are used for climate forecasting.” In 2001, the UN’s IPCC Report itself conceded, “In climate research and modelling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” Nakamura agrees, and says that the dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans are critical facets of the climate system, and the computer models are too simplistic. Furthermore, most climate researchers do not understand ocean dynamics.

Global cooling causing food production problems

Dr Sircus dated 7 December 2019 published this global warming article “No Jokes About Climate Change.


The headlines read, ‘America Braces for Possible French Fry Shortage After Poor Potato Harvest.” This is not a joke. Potato processors are rushing to buy supplies and ship them across North America in order to keep French fries on the menu after cold, wet weather damaged crops in key producers in the U.S. and Canada. Cool conditions started to hit growing regions in October, lashing potatoes with frost. Notice it does not say heat conditions its cool conditions. Its cold climate change not heat will end us all.

Easily 100 million Americans have gotten or are still getting some cold snowy lessons in climate change. Winter came in Summer this year, starting at the end of September in certain places and then in October. In early fall huge parts of the country got walloped by snow storms that are continuing one after the other in November, setting cold and snow records all over the country. Instead of getting warmer its getting colder.


Snow now covers nearly one half – one half! – of the continental United States. That’s the most snow cover on December 2 since records began. One really needs to be an imbecile to believe the crowd that said snow would be a thing of the past and all those who have said repeatedly that we are living through the warmest error in history are naked before us all as liars. Global warmers have huffed and puffed and tried to blow the influence of the sun down and away from human awareness but the last laugh is on them but as the title suggests this is no joking matter.

More news on SCoPEX

NaturalNews dated 17 September 2019 published this global warming article “BOMBSHELL: Global geoengineering (chemtrails) experiment pushed by Bill Gates also funded by Nazi-linked Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, linked to eugenics and depopulation


This article provides more of an insight into who is assisting with funding Harvard University with their research to blot out the sun!   Fourteen private corporations and if you are clever enough you may even go behind who belongs to the various corporations which will give you an even greater insight as I am sure you would probably find the names are of particular interest.


It also provides a YouTube trying to entice you into believing the information being provided.   If you watch it then make sure  you go down the page and read about the 1815 volcanoes and the effect it had on the world!


You may recall Al Gore and his book and his world tours warning the world of global warming.   Did you know that at the time he was a millionaire and that as a result of his work he is now a multi, multi-millionaire!     Now we learn he is also involved in the Fake Meat Industry.   I don’t have an actual reference to any articles that I can give you but I have read some very interesting stories on the harm that it is causing – do your own research and make your own mind up.   Here is the link to “It’s all a scam: Al Gore a major investor in fake meat company while pushing fake climate science scare over real meat.”   “You won’t hear about any of this from the mainstream media, but Gore is currently the largest investor in “Beyond Meat,” a fake meat company that we earlier reported is peddling “vegan” food creations made from things like genetically-modified soybeans, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and various other health-destroying ingredients and chemicals.”  

It was back in the 1990’s that I read about Soy and as a result I don’t touch anything containing soy and most of us will be aware of the harm of MSG!    Oh by the way I am in my 77th year (2019) and have no health issues so guess I must be doing something right!


Bill Gates, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders

NaturalNews dated 6 September 2019 published this global warming article “Project SCoPEx: Bill Gates pursuing a plan to carry out planetary GENOCIDE under the guise of halting “climate change”.

SCoPEx is an acronym for “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,” and it’s the name of a new Bill Gates-funded global genocide experiment designed to eliminate most living humans by collapsing the biosphere. The dangerous SCoPEx plan, which is being masterminded by mad scientists at Harvard, falls right in line with the genocidal dreams of communist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who recently announced his endorsement for expanding mass abortions across Third World nations in order to achieve accelerated depopulation of brown and black people.


Both SCoPEx and Bernie Sander’s eugenics population control scheme are being packaged under the label of halting “climate change,” a false, manufactured crisis invented by globalists to spread mass hysteria and convince the people of the world to surrender all remaining liberties.


“This is not the crackpot plan of a garden-shed inventor,” writes the UK Daily Mail. “The project is being funded by billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates and pioneered by scientists at Harvard University.”

Global Warming: Once you have listened to the YouTube then please click this link “Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over The Globe”.     Make sure you read it to listen to the lack of sun in prior centuries and the large loss of life as a result and Bill Gates wants to block the sun and deliberately cause this!

1815 and the dire consequences

News Target dated 4 September 2019 published this amazing global warming article “A volcanic eruption in 1815 blocked the sun for a full year, causing global crop failures and famine… and it could happen again.”


Please take the time to click the link above as it contains important information with regards to the climate cooling, crop losses and loss of life and 1815 isn’t the only year it happened!


Climate Sickness

Dr Marc Sircus published this global warming article on 2 September 2019 “Climate Sickness”.     So what is he on about?  

Please read the article to find the extremes of cold weather experienced and anticipated.   What he is warning about is the fact that due to the lack of sun once again we will find people around the world Vitamin D3 deficient.   This already happened with the various cancer associations programs advocating the use of sunscreens to block out the health-giving benefits of the sun.     Click this link to contact me and find out what I do personally.

NASA finally tell the world the truth

Global Warming:

NaturalNews dated 30 August 2019 publishes this amazing about face article on weather control “NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels”.


For more than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal. But the space agency, for whatever reason, has chosen to let the man-made global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom.


Make sure you click the global warming link to help understand the fraud that has been perpetrated by individuals and government departments.  Individuals like Al Gore who became a multi, multi millionaire based on his lies and who has caused our worldwide planet to be harmed because of these lies.


Below is a story of Bill Gates – another one of the bunch pushing this false narrative – who wants to cover the earth with chalk to block the sun.


Further down is information from Dr Deitrich Klinghardt who will tell you that putting a layer between the sun and the oceans causes us much harm and is preventing the oceans from making oxygen.   He tells us that this production is already down by about 40 percent.   Less oxygen, less water generated and guess what MORE DROUGHT!

Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph

As can be seen from the graphs below; Mann’s cherry-picked version of science makes the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) disappear and shows a pronounced upward ‘tick’ in the late 20th century (the blade of his ‘hockey stick’). But below that, Ball’s graph, using more reliable and widely available public data, shows a much warmer MWP, with temperatures hotter than today, and showing current temperatures well within natural variation.

NaturalNews dated 26 August 2019 published this global warming article “Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia


China Lake connection
What actually is it?

Is this the global warming connection?

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

Part 1 – The Secret City  by Anthony Etienne Jaime

For those who are aware of the Chemtrail phenomenon and are actively involved in researching the aerosol spraying programs in an effort to ascertain their purpose and determine the agencies involved, there are two main schools of thought that have come into existence.  Just as America has been divided into Red states and Blue states, the Chemtrail movement has become just as divided. On one hand, there are those who ardently wave the geo-engineering banner declaring that the aerosol spraying programs fall under the guise of solar radiation mediation.  And on the other hand, there are those who just as firmly believe that the purpose of the chemtrails are more sinister in nature and are the result of exotic space based weaponry developed under the far reaching umbrella of the military industrial complex.  And to a lesser extent, there are some who believe in an alien and UFO connection to the Chemtrail phenomenon and some who believe that the Chemtrails are a part of Project Bluebeam, that fabled conspiracy theory that says the world governments will fake an alien invasion with holograms as a pretext to imposing martial law and a one world order.  Some believe that the Chemtrails are preventing us from seeing the approach of Niburu or a second dwarf star.  The possible explanations are wide-ranging and often speculative but there is no doubt in my mind that the aerosol spraying programs and chemtrails are real for I see them everyday. Like the X-Files, the truth is out there somewhere. The cold hard reality is that we need to assemble enough clues and evidence to piece together that puzzle that is the truth into the bigger picture that may just include many of the aforementioned puzzle pieces.


Click this global warming link to read the full article

Fig. 1 – The Track Crew (1978) at SNORT w the Sierras in the background – L to R: Anthony Etienne Jaime , Dan Krausman, Cleve Warren, Eddie Mierta, Raphael Alvarado, Billy Brown. ~The Truth Denied


Make sure to read all the article and especially check out the Coso Petroglyphs rock art.

In case I miss seeing episode 2 here is what it is going to be called “Next:  Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection: Pt.2 Connecting the Dots” so that you may do your own research to find this 2nd instalment.   If my page is not updated and you do find the link please email at with an appropriate subject line so that I don’t miss your email.

One wonders how much connection China Lake has to global warming!

What's hidden under the Greenland ice sheet?

Published on Nov 6, 2017

The Greenland ice sheet is massive, mysterious -- and melting. Using advanced technology, scientists are revealing its secrets for the first time, and what they've found is amazing: hidden under the ice sheet is a vast aquifer that holds a Lake Tahoe-sized volume of water from the summer melt. Does this water stay there, or does it find its way out to the ocean and contribute to global sea level rise? Join glaciologist Kristin Poinar for a trip to this frozen, forgotten land to find out.

Please remember this YouTube was published on 6 November 2017.   I publish again Australian statistics right up to 2019



1914 – 1.11 metres

1924 – 0.98 metres

1934 – 0.98 metres

1944 – 0.97 metres

1954 – 1.00 metres

1964 – 1.09 metres

1974 – 1.09 metres

1984 – 1.02 metres

1994 – 1.04 metres

2004 – 1.08 metres

2014 – 1.12 metres

2019 – 1.05 metres


Accordingly, the mean sea level at Sydney in 2019 is 6 centimetres lower than the mean sea level at Sydney in 1914 when the Bureau Of Meteorology commenced recording Mean Sea Level.


Oklahoma and Kansas and earthquakes

Activist Post dated 21 August 2019 published this global warming article “This Isn’t Normal: Kansas And Oklahoma Have Been Hit By 65 Earthquakes Within The Last 7 Days”.

What are we supposed to think when rather large earthquakes start happening in places that aren’t supposed to have large earthquakes?  2019 has been quite a year for seismic activity already, and I understand that we should expect to see earthquakes in diverse places, but if someone told me that the U.S. was just hit by a significant quake one of the last places that I would check would be Kansas.

The state of Kansas is certainly known for a lot of things, but earthquakes are not one of them, and that is why what we just witnessed is so startling.  According to the Kansas City Star, one county in central Kansas alone has been hit by 11 quakes within the past five days…

A county in central Kansas experienced a pretty shocking uptick in seismic activity last week — 11 earthquakes in five days.

It started with a magnitude-2.4 earthquake Wednesday morning just 2 1/2 miles southwest of Hutchinson, Kansas, in Reno County, according to the United States Geological Survey.

There would be 10 more before the week was out.

[Marilyn comment]   In the past I have known of people who monitor the activity of HAARP when occurrences like this occur.   I wonder has anyone done that for Kansas and Oklahoma?

Evidence of Climate Cooling

Dr Marc Sircus on 15 August 2019 published this global warming article “ The Fantasy of Global Warming is Over All Hands Prepare for the Cold and Lack of Food”.  Here is an excerpt and it is suggested that you read the full article.


Moscow possibly on track for coldest August on record. The first week of August in Moscow was cold, with an average air temperature of only 13°C. That is 5 degrees below the norm and corresponds more to the last days of the month. How does that compare with other Augusts in Moscow? The coldest August on record, with an average daily air temperature of 12°C, and an anomaly of -4 degrees, was back in 1884. Earlier reports of cold in Moscow said it was feeling more like mid-September. The daily maximum of +14.7 is the lowest in history. The previous cold extreme was +16.1°C set in 1984.


This summer reports are in on new all-time low temperature records set in Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, as well as the Nordic Nations. Climate history is being made on the cold side. Football fans and commentators have been left in disbelief as the heavens opened and snow began to fall during last Friday’s game in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The heavens opened and the rain began to fall … only it wasn’t rain. It was snow making its way onto the ground in Canberra. Making it the first time in AFL history snow has fallen during a game. Australia has been hit by an Antarctic front with many towns receiving their first snow in decades.

Bill Gates

Activist Post dated 14 August 2019 published this global warming article “Bill Gates Wants To Block The Sun — Here’s How”.




Bill Gates has been funding these projects for a very long time, also reported in the 2013 Jason Bermas film SHADE. But a new report rolls it out to the public like it’s a novel idea. Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation is just the latest term in the lexicon of weather modification.

Jason looks at the economic incentives Bill Gates and others might have for wanting to control the weather, as well as the implications for humanity.

Rockefeller Bros Fund
Why has it been involved
The Farce Continues

I assume that this is a picture of one of the Rockefellers and all that strikes me is just how unhealthy he looks!


Activist Post Dated 7 August 2019 published this global warming article “Report Sheds Light On The Rockefeller Family’s Covert “Climate Change” Plan

  • The Facts: In the 1980s, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund became the authority of global warming. Why would they do this? Are these people really concerned about our planet or simply profiting and justifying heightened states of security for ulterior motives?
  • Reflect On: Why are there so many brilliant scientists publishing papers and making points but are never given any attention? Why are they ridiculed and character assassinated by the mainstream? What is going on here?

Our crop plants evolved about 400 million years ago, when CO2 in the atmosphere was about 5000 parts per million! Our evergreen trees and shrubs evolved about 360 million years ago, with CO2 levels at about 4,000 ppm. When our deciduous trees evolved about 160 million years ago, the CO2 level was about 2,200 ppm – still five times the current level. – Dennis T. Avery, agricultural and environmental economist, senior fellow for the Center for Global Food Issues in Virginia, and formerly a senior analyst for the U.S. Department of State (source)

CO2 causing a temperature increase is the backbone of the global warming argument, but does CO2 even cause the temperature to increase, or does an increase in temperature cause a rise in C02?

“The question is how does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) determine that an increase in atmospheric CO2 causes an increase in global temperature? The answer is they assumed it was the case and confirmed it by increasing CO2 levels in their computer climate models and the temperature went up. Science must overlook the fact that they wrote the computer code that told the computer to increase temperature with a CO2 increase. Science must ask if that sequence is confirmed by empirical evidence? Some scientists did that and found the empirical evidence showed it was not true. Why isn’t this central to all debate about anthropogenic global warming?” – Dr. Tim Ball, (source) former professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg

Australia – Climate Change Debate

Please click this link to read a report by Daniel Fitzhenry wherein he reveals


1914 – 1.11 metres

1924 – 0.98 metres

1934 – 0.98 metres

1944 – 0.97 metres

1954 – 1.00 metres

1964 – 1.09 metres

1974 – 1.09 metres

1984 – 1.02 metres

1994 – 1.04 metres

2004 – 1.08 metres

2014 – 1.12 metres

2019 – 1.05 metres


Accordingly, the mean sea level at Sydney in 2019 is 6 centimeters lower than the mean sea level at Sydney in 1914 when the Bureau Of Meteorology commenced recording Mean Sea Level.

Climate Change and how we got to where we are

8 July 2019.    This link will take you to a very good article outlining just how we have arrived at the situation we are in today.    It finishes by saying that the Australian Federal authorities eventually will have to explain the truth to the Australian people!


News Target 9 July 2019:  “Climate change scientists tout “benefits” of geoengineering (chemtrails) in renewed push to pollute the atmosphere, dim the sun and freeze the planet   Marilyn Comment:   Please be aware that if you search for “Chemtrails” you will find very little.  Search for “Stratospheric Aerial Spraying” and you will find government papers going back to at least the 60’s.   While you are searching do one on “Morgellon’s Disease”.   Morgellons has been caused by the fibres sprayed from these planes which have embedded into people’s bodies and caused massive problems.   I have personally witnessed helping a friend remove these black fibres from her legs several years ago.  One was like a knot and when we removed it, it left a hole in her leg which bled.   I read about one lady who put a petrie dish out to catch the rain and she monitored the growth of live organisms over a period of time.

Our food supply is it being threatened

June and now July 2019 I am reading about large volcanic eruptions occurring around the world.   The latest one being California on 4 July 2019.   Listen to the YouTube

California Braces For Mega-quake 125 Times More Powerful Than The Last

Dr Marc Sircus has done a very good exposẻ of what has been occurring in other parts of the world.   Click this link to read about the number of volcanoes that have erupted in June 2019.

Is our planet at great risk?

I have been reading Dane Wigington’s geoengineering articles for a long while and as time has passed he has become more and more concerned that our planet is fast reaching a point of no return.    If you listen to Dr Deitrich Klinghardt’s YouTube below you learn that the stratospheric aerial spraying of the oceans stops the sun from penetrating to the algae and thus less oxygen is formed.   He tells us that this oxygen output is down FORTY PERCENT!    He attributes this lack of oxygen to the massive droughts that are being experienced worldwide.   If you care to do research on Agenda 2030 you will find that the underlying theme is


Control the water – you control the food supply – you control the people


It is very simple when you put it into this context.    I have just listened to Mike Adams speaking on what he believes is happening and maybe he is right.   Carbon dioxide is important for our survival and so why are they cutting down trees which make carbon dioxide and pushing everyone worldwide to restrict their carbon emissions?    Listen to what he has to say.

Climate change myths debunked

Proof global cooling is occurring not warming

News Target dated 2 May 2019 published this global warming article “Greenland ice glacier GROWING as climate alarmists go into mass hysteria that defies real-world measurements

The Jakobshavn glacier, which was once considered one of the fastest-retreating masses of ice and snow on the planet, has reversed its fortunes in recent times and is actually growing back! Unusually cold currents in the ocean have caused it and other glaciers situated in western Greenland to grow, not melt.

Until recently, it had been the biggest source of periodic ice mass loss in the past two decades, and it has created a tenth of the country’s icebergs. The study attributes the glacier’s growth spurt to a cycle of cooler water to the south of the glacier in the North Atlantic. The water there is now 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit colder than it was a few years ago.

What is in your air?

News Target dated 16 April 2019 published this global warming article “Geoengineering releases high concentrations of TOXIC aluminum into the air, causing an increase in neurodegenerative diseases”.  Please make sure you read the full article.  

In recent years, evidence has been mounting that perhaps geoengineering should not quickly be dismissed as conspiracy theory. Reports have emerged suggesting that increased amounts of aluminum are being detected in precipitation. If this heavy metal is present in the rain, it is certainly present in large quantities in the air. This ties in perfectly with the theory of geoengineering, which claims that aluminum is sprayed into the atmosphere as a way to control the rain.


Perhaps the most damning evidence supporting the geoengineering theory, however, is the massive increase in neurodegenerative diseases in recent years. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of people dying from Alzheimer’s has increased by a staggering 145 percent since 2000. This is significant, because scientists have been warning for some time that the use of aluminum for geoengineering purposes would cause a spike in the number of people with neurodegenerative diseases. (Related: U.S. fake news media claims geoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” while China and Russia work together to “modify the atmosphere”.)

Past the tipping point

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 13, 2019, 192   Regarding Earth’s climate and life support systems, we have long since passed the tipping point. If power structure continues to systematically derail the climate system with climate engineering (on top of all the other forms of anthropogenic damage to the biosphere), our remaining days on this planet will be numbered. If we have any chance of changing course, the effort will take all of us. Make your voice heard, share credible data from a credible source, every day counts.

Is the weather being manipulated to control food sources?

Zero Hedge News on 28 March 2019 published this article  "As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska" – Beef Prices To Escalate Dramatically In Coming Months”.   According to Agriculture Secretary Sunny Purdue, there “may be as many as a million calves lost in Nebraska” due to the catastrophic flooding that has hit the state.   

This is not a rumor, this is not an exaggeration, and this is not based on any sort of speculation.  This number comes to us directly from the top agriculture official in the entire country, and it means that the economic toll from the recent floods is far greater than most of us had anticipated.  You can watch Purdue make this quote on Fox Business right here, and it is important to remember that this number is just for one state.  It is hard to imagine what the final numbers will look like when the livestock losses for all of the states affected by the flooding are tallied up.  This is already the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history, and the National Weather Service is telling us that there will be more catastrophic flooding throughout the middle portion of the nation for the next two months.


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts says that this is the worst flooding that his state has ever experienced.  Ricketts originally told us that 65 out of the 93 counties in his state have declared a state of emergency, but that number has now risen to 74.  Hundreds of millions of dollars of damage has been done in his state alone, and that is just an initial estimate.

Sea Level Basics

This is an old document but the truth being told is the same truth we should be looking at today and not the myths that are fed to us by the IPCC!


It’s Raining Time on 22 February 2010 published this article “Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner – Sea Level Basics”.

In 2008 Dr Nils Axel Morner was awarded The Golden Condrite of Merit from University of Algarve (at an international sea level meeting in Portugal).

Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner’s extensive hands-on experience and 40 years of mindful focus bring valuable context to the climate change debate. Is the IPCC giving us an accurate picture? Tune in and find out!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Truth being revealed

Please take the time to read this December 2018 article by Dr John McLean with regards to climate change.   Here is another one “The Science and Thread of Climate Change”.   Then check out this mind-blowing exposure.

Connecting the dots

Activist Post dated 28 December 2018 published this article “Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project”.   It is rather a long article but it connects all the dots of the companies and the people involved in the spraying of coal fly ash or chemtrail spraying as many of us already know about.

Stratospheric aerosol injection

Designed to block out the sun!

End result

Crop failures from lack of Vitamin D

People deficient in Vitamin D


News Target has published a global warming article by Mike Adams dated 4 December 2018 entitled “TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse”.

For years the scientists have denied stratospheric aerial spraying or more commonly known as chemtrails existed and now they have given it a new name “stratospheric aerosol injection” and want to use it to totally blot out the sun.     Please make sure you click on the link above to read the full article and make sure you share this far and wide before the “lunatics” get their way!

Biggest scam in history

Wisdom Land Published on Aug 19, 2018


The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be "the biggest scam of modern times." According to Martin Durkin the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun. Some have called The Great Global Warming Swindle the definitive retort to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Using a comprehensive range of evidence it's claimed that warming over the past 300 years represents a natural recovery from a 'little ice age'. According to the program humans do have an effect on climate but it's infinitesimally small compared with the vast natural forces which are constantly pushing global temperatures this way and that. From melting glaciers and rising sea levels, The Great Global Warming Swindle debunks the myths, and exposes what may well prove to be the darkest chapter in the history of mankind. According to a group of leading scientists brought together by documentary maker Martin Durkin everything you've ever been told about global warming is probably untrue. Just as we've begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon, Durkin's documentary slays the whole premise of global warming. "Global warming has become a story of huge political significance; environmental activists using scare tactics to further their cause; scientists adding credence to secure billions of dollars in research money; politicians after headlines and a media happy to play along. No-one dares speak against it for risk of being unpopular, losing funds and jeopardizing careers."

Listen to the YouTube

Agenda 21
What we have been brain-washed into believing!

Activist Post dated 16 November 2018 published this global warming article “It’s Time To Rethink What We’ve Been Proselytized Into Accepting About Weather Change And Ask Why No Investigation Is Given Regarding Weather Geoengineering As Part Of UN’s Agenda 21”.   Here is an excerpt and make sure you read the entire article:

Everyone complains about the weather, but no one can control it.

You wanna bet?

Weather patterns in 2018 have hit the probable “high water mark” in more ways than one!

The current ‘wild’ fires, plaguing the State of California, have prompted numerous readers to contact me with documentation regarding how there apparently is more to these horrendous Armageddon-Apocalyptictype,blame on Mother Nature” anomalies than weather forecasters are permitted to divulge, or lose their jobs; the corporate-controlled media are allowed to cover and report;  and gullible ‘sheeple’ are willing to accept!

Now you have heard earthquake “coincidences” explained

Veterans Today on 10 October 2018 have started a three part series on “HAARP Waves: See, Hear, and Feel the Climate Control Part 1”.  [Sadly this link has been removed by Google censorship].    It is suggested that you check this out and make sure to watch for Parts 2 and 3.

Manipulating the weather

Humanity under attack

Marilyn Vine asks you to please listen to this YouTube.   The speaker is Dr Edward Spencer resident in the United States.   I personally live in Australia.   Ed and I have been in touch for many years and he has taught me many of the things that are unfolding in this world.   I know that he has personally been attacked a few years back and had several hospitalizations.   Currently he is in hospital and not in good health.     I urge you to please listen to what he has to say:

Video has been removed

Click here to read about the Georgia Guidestones.   Make sure you listen to what pilots, doctors and scientists are telling us about the stratospheric aerial spraying.    If you want to learn more then you need to search “stratospheric aerial spraying” and not chemtrails.   If you do this you will find documentation going back to around the 1960’s documenting what they planned to do.


Then watch this YouTube – Health Disaster – dated 23 August 2018 – outlining how our females are being sterilized – even within the womb!    This is extremely important information and should be shared world-wide to protect our people. 
This YouTube has been removed

Climate Engineered Wild Fires

Listen to Dane Wigington speak on this on global warming 24 August 2018

Living fibers fall from the sky into our food chain

Global warming advises that Morgellons is mentioned.   Do a search to understand what this is and the misery it brings to the people inflicted. 
Again this YouTube has been removed

30 Years of Weather Predictions that never happened!

NaturalNews dated 26 June 2018 published this global warming article “The “global warming” hoax: 30 years of failed predictions that never happened”.   Listen to the YouTube on 30 years of predictions that never happened!

Video made two years ago but HAARP still wreaking havoc today

Take time and listen

Experiments on American Citizens

The following is a most disturbing document to read and when you see the early dates of some of these experiments it makes me realize that these experiments were probably the fore runner for the implementation of Stratospheric Aerial Spraying, i.e. spraying heavy metals, toxins, etc into the atmosphere world wide.    I personally believe that these sprayings cause people to inhale these substances and thus slowly bring their health down.   Several years ago in New Zealand, Brisbane Australia and in Britain they made a judgement error and whatever they sprayed they did too good a job and overnight many people became ill and I raised questions as to what had occurred


Activist Post dated 30 April 2018 has released this article “Conspiracy Theory? US Army Has Admitted to Conducting 100s of Germ Warfare Tests On Americans[Link has been removed] which is based on a recently released report.    I urge you to click the link and read for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Doomsday predictions were WRONG!

NaturalNews dated 28 April 2018 has just published this global warming article ““Climate change” hoax starting to crumble as scientists admit doom projections were totally wrong”.  Make sure you read the full article and here is an excerpt:


Climate change has been presented as an irrefutable fact; a happening that cannot be ignored, with even the slightest change in weather being named a harbinger of imminent disaster. But the truth is that the notion of global warming has always been up for debate — and new science continues to show that the world may not be ending, after all.


Despite what the climate change alarmists want you to believe, recent research has shown that climate change predictions have been wildly overstated. In fact, climatologists now say that the impact of human activity on climate is 45 percent less severe than expected.”

Chemtrail Lung

News Target dated 25 April 2018 has published this global warming article “Doctor warns world about “chemtrail lung,” a new health epidemic causing brain and lung problems across society”.   Click this link and then listen to the YouTube where the doctors speaks just before the 8 minute mark.   Click this link to listen

Who is responsible for the geo-engineering program or aerial spraying?

Video has now been removed

Catastrophic consequences of implementing Geo-engineering

ActivistPost dated 28 February 2018 published this global warming article “Another Study Warns About Catastrophic Consequences of Implementing Geoengineering.”    The article goes on to say:


“In a recently published study, researchers with Yale University, Rutgers University and the University of Maryland offer a warning against the sudden starting or stopping of controversial geoengineering programs. The researchers warn that efforts to inject aerosols into the atmosphere to combat climate change may end up causing more harm to wildlife, the environment, and humanity. The study, “Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of solar geoengineering implementation and termination,” was originally accepted by the journal Nature in November 2017 and published online on January 22, 2018.


The researchers write:

Solar geoengineering is receiving increased policy attention as a potential tool to offset climate warming. While climate responses to geoengineering have been studied in detail, the potential biodiversity consequences are largely unknown. To avoid extinction, species must either adapt or move to track shifting climates. Here, we assess the effects of the rapid implementation, continuation and sudden termination of geoengineering on climate velocities—the speeds and directions that species would need to move to track changes in climate.”

Putting things into perspective

This global warming article was received via email and is from an unknown source:

The Arctic Ocean is warming up, incebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate at Bergen Norway.


Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.


Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 91 degrees 29 minutes.


Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.


Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.


Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.


Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will ris and make most coast cities uninhabitable.


This report was from November 2, 1922, as reported and published in The Washington Post

95 years ago

Weather Terrorists Control the Climate

The 6 minute global warming video below contains extremely compelling and inarguable footage of radio frequency / microwave weather manipulation that has just been captured.

Organizations warn covert Geoengineering programs fuel unprecedented firestorms

Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering Watch has released this article dated 2 November 2017.   The information contained in this is totally in line with the articles below with regards to the fires in California.    Please click this global warming link to read the article and in the meantime here are some excerpts to hopefully get you thinking and taking some action.

“The extremely destructive and deadly firestorms in California were not simply an act of nature or a result of global warming. Extensive and compelling evidence implicates “climate intervention” programs (also known as "geoengineering") as a major factor in the firestorm catastrophes.

Legal action was recently filed against the U.S. Department of Commerce by the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG). The Department of Commerce is the overseeing agency for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who is refusing to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on climate engineering. The LASG group is a part of an anti-geoengineering collaborative effort organized by Minnesota Natural Health Coalition and 

Geoengineering is the science term that applies to processes of climate intervention on a global scale. Climate engineering programs are completely disrupting natural weather and climate cycles (this link has been removed) all over the world, destroying the ozone layer, (this link has been removed) and decreasing the overall hydrological cycle (which, in turn, fuels record drought and firestorms).

The stated purpose of geoengineering and solar radiation management (SRM) operations is to slow down or temporarily mitigate an unfolding runaway greenhouse scenario on Earth (potentially triggering “Venus Syndrome”).

Climate engineering also creates a phenomenon known as "global dimming.”  Solar obscuration (blocking the sun) is a primary stated objective of geoengineering / SRM programs. Though "official sources" claim global dimming is simply from aircraft "condensation" trails, this narrative is a cover-up for the ongoing climate engineering operations.“

Latest technology and the inherent dangers

Elana M. Freeland's warning to us all.    The last few minutes of this YouTube are very important if you want to understand what is happening to us all and her advice on how we can attempt to overcome these global warming effects.

IPCC Models found to be totally wrong!

NaturalNews dated 19 September 2017 published this article “Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unravelling”.  The article goes on to say:


“A stunning new science paper authored by climate change alarmists and published in the science journal Nature Geoscience has just broken the back of the climate change hoax. The paper, authored by Myles R. Allen, Richard J. Millar and others, reveals that global warming climate models are flat wrong, having been deceptively biased toward “worst case” warming predictions that now turn out to be paranoid scare mongering.


The paper, entitled, “Emission budgets and pathways consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C,” concludes that the global warming long feared and hyped by everyone from Al Gore to CNN talking heads was based on faulty software models that don’t stand up to actual measured temperatures in the real world. In technical jargon, the paper explains, “We show that limiting cumulative post-2015 CO2 emissions to about 200GtC would limit post-2015 warming to less than 0.6°C in 66% of Earth system model members.”

Australian Scientists caught deleting data

NaturalNews on 17 August 2017 published the following article “Australian scientists ordered to stop deleting cold temperature data as part of climate change “fake science narrative”.   If global warming was the reality why then did these Australian scientists find it necessary to delete cold temperature information?    Click here to read the article.

Al Gore’s credibility now gone!

The Horn News dated 8 August 2017 provides this information:


“Al Gore is back in theaters trying to make a buck talking about climate change — but this time, no one is listening.


The former vice president stars in “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” which is a follow-up to the million-dollar blockbuster documentary that made Gore wealthy.”


Click this link to read the article

Evidence of Stratospheric Aerial Spraying

Watch the spray get turned on and off as the plane crosses the sky.  A contrail is a continuous trail and the pilot does not have the ability to turn this on and off.

NASA confirms Sea Levels Falling

News Target on 26 July 2017 advises:


“As the global warming narrative unravels under revelations of scientific fraud, data alteration and faked “hockey stick” data models, the fake news media remains suspiciously silent over the fact that NASA now confirms ocean levels have been falling for nearly two years.”


Click this link to read the full disclosure

Why do they want our planet to be cold, icy and devoid of life?

News Target dated 26 July 2017 published this article “Why do climate change alarmists want our planet to be cold, icy and devoid of life? A warmer, wetter planet is a GREEN planet”.  Below is an excerpt and it is recommended that you click this link to read the full article.


“The infectious climate change narrative that is being drilled into the minds of the next generation isn’t about protecting the planet. The term climate change is being used to get people to believe that they are supporting science, supporting the environment, protecting the Earth, and committing to a clean future. But it doesn’t matter if your intent is good and you want to protect the planet; if you believe in the popular climate change narrative, you are simply being used by the globalists and central planners. Investments are at stake. Controlling elites will find any way to tax your existence so they can “fix” the problem of carbon.”

Alteration to weather temperatures

NaturalNews dated 25 July 2017 has published an article entitled “Global Warming BOMBSHELL: Systematic science fraud revealed in alteration of temperature data”.  The article goes on to say:


“A rational review of global warming data has unveiled systematic scientific fraud to alter temperature data in support of the global warming false narrative. This is the largest discovery of scientific fraud in the history of science, and it shows that “global warming” and “climate change” are elaborate science hoaxes rooted in fraud, not fact. As The Daily Caller reports:


A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”


Click this link to read the full article.

So Trump wants to exit the Paris Climate Change Agreement!

Is this such a bad thing when one reads this article on the value of carbon dioxide for our planet


“Most people, for example, have no idea that all the healing molecules in your favorite plants are made out of carbon dioxide.


CBD, THC, curcumin, vitamin C and many other anti-cancer, healing nutrients are all made out of CO2. Plants use CO2 to build all their healing molecules. Any war on carbon dioxide is a war on natural medicine”.


Read the global warming article dated 2 June 2017 and decide for yourself whether Trump is right and Turnbull wrong.


If people are so concerned about our planet then get behind Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch and help stop the stratospheric aerial spraying that has and is causing the demise of our planet.


Help to shut down the American weather control system HAARP which is behind most of the diabolical weather incidences that we keep seeing occurring.    HAARP is also used in conjunction with the Stratospheric Aerial Spraying.

Manhattan Project

Activist Post dated 23 May 2017 brings us this Peter Kirby presentation.  The global warming article goes on to say:


On April 29 Peter A. Kirby did a presentation (video below) in San Francisco outlining some of his research and theories on the Chemtrails we see in the sky above us almost every day in most parts of the Western world and on how they got there.


In the Summer of 2016, Kirby published his comprehensive Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.   The link for this has been disabled – no doubt by Google. For Peter this marked the end of Phase 1 of what he sees as a long-term research project to document one of the most ambitious and potentially devastating scientific and industrial projects ever conceived by man.  In his book and in the lecture below he outlines many, many of the institutions and documented players in the project; each of which has a past and a paper trail that can give us a deeper look into what’s been done and where we may be going.  Peter has good reason to compare this with the gigantic and covert venture by the U.S. Deep State to create the atom bomb during WWII.”

Peter A. Kirby - THE NEW MANHATTAN PROJECT - Presentation 4/29/17

Rhode Island State Legislature introducing New Bill

Activist Post dated 22 May 2017 provides this article “Rhode Island’s “Surprising” Geoengineering Act of 2017”.  Here is an excerpt from the global warming article and I would urge you to click the link above to read the entire article to see what this legislation is trying to control.


One well-informed Rhode Island state legislator, Representative Justin Price, introduced “The Geoengineering Act of 2017” [H6011] to be amended on to Title 23 of the General Laws titled “Health and Safety.”


The legislative intent of the bill is:

  • “Geoengineering” is defined herein as the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent activities that effect changes to earth’s atmosphere and/or surface.
  • The Rhode Island general assembly finds that geoengineering encompasses many technologies and methods involving hazardous activities that can harm human health and safety, the environment, and the economy of the state of Rhode Island,
  • It is therefore the intention of the Rhode Island general assembly to regulate all geoengineering activities as further set forth by the terms and provisions of this chapter. [1]

[CJF emphasis]


Proposed Section 23-23.8-3. of the Geoengineering Act of 2017 defines the scope of geoengineering to include a ‘laundry list’ of technologies, which may not be familiar to the public; or that those “technological advances” are considered as “intentional manipulation of the environment”! OMG, is that a wakeup call for everyone?


Those global warming technologies considered as intentional manipulation of the environment include:”

Please make sure you click the link to read the extensive list supplied.

Stratospheric Aerial Spraying being carried out by governments around the world

Scientists confirm solar activity is a significant driver of Earth’s climate

NaturalNews dated 16 April 2017 brings an article entitled “Climate change myth SMASHED as scientists confirm solar activity is a significant driver of Earth’s climate”.  The global warming article goes on to say:


“Results from a recent Swiss study suggest that fluctuations in the sun’s activity may provide insight to the apparent changes in the planet Earth’s climate. The study revealed that the Sun’s current activity is expected to diminish over time, which in turn may lead to slight reductions in global warming over the next few decades. According to researchers, these changes may result in a small decrease in the planet Earth’s temperature. The research was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.”


Click this link to learn more.

Layer of Ice Crystals

Image below:

A ring around the sun, is seen over Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Friday, May 17, 2002. The halo is a rare effect on the sun caused by a layer of ice crystals in the atmosphere refracting light from the sun. Photograph: Lou Toman/AP

The Guardian dated 27 March 2017:  “Trump presidency 'opens door' to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments”.  This is a most disturbing article when one understands the consequences of this continued stratospheric aerial spraying that is destroying our planet and in Dane Wigington’s words “we are almost beyond the point of no return”.   Please click this article to read this particular plan of action.  Dane Wigington asks the following question:


“What is the true agenda of the weather warfare insanity being carried out in our skies? What are the ultimate objectives? Why would the Trump administration enthusiastically embrace, promote, and back geoengineering/climate intervention programs given the fact that Donald Trump and most of his appointees patently deny that there is any global warming in the first place? More excerpts from the Guardian article are at the link below.”    

Link to this global warming article provided here

Rhode Island Legislation

On March 1st, 2017, Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price has courageously introduced the latest anti-geoengineering legislation proposal, 2017 — H 5607. This most recent draft is more complete and comprehensive.

Owning the weather in 2025

Understanding why such horrendous global warming weather situations are unfolding across the world.   Here is the Executive Summary from Weather as a force multiplier:  Owning the weather in 2025.


And here is the link to the 52 page document compiled in August 1996


Here is a quote from an unknown source:


"EMF beams from Mildura & HMAS Cerebus radars working in conjunction with the Blackjack Mtn (Naomi) radar system, working to super excite the atmosphere and bring about this extreme heatwave!!!" 


Business Insider Australia dated 10 February 2017 brings this article entitled “MAPS: A 'horrifying' three-day heatwave continues on Australia's east coast today”

The global warming article goes on to say:


“ A bruising heatwave described by one climate researcher as “horrifying” is moving across Australia, with extreme conditions expected across much of South Australia and the eastern states.


The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of high temperatures and humid nights through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, especially around Sydney and north to the Queensland-NSW border. A cool change is expected in Melbourne today although inland Victoria will remain very warm until the weekend.”


Click this link to read more

Whistle blowing scientist from NOAA

Activist Post dated 7 February 2017 provides information from Dr Bates who retired from NOAA at the end of last year after a 40-year career in meteorology and climate science. As recently as 2014, the Obama administration awarded him a special gold medal for his work in setting new, supposedly binding standards ‘to produce and preserve climate data records’.


The article goes on to say:

 “ A highly respected, medal-winning climate scientist just wound up and threw a giant monkey wrench into global warming science.


His name? John Bates. His target? A recent fraudulent study that claimed the uncomfortable “pause” in warming was really no pause at all. That study, pretending warming had never stopped, was timed to help negotiating nations at the Climate Summit in Paris. It was timed to help them enact draconian economic measures to reduce warming.


But, Bates reveals, that study was cooked on several counts. It was such a mess no self-respecting scientist would sign on to it. However, scientists did sign on to it. And a prestigious journal, Science, published it. Apparently, the brains at Science were on vacation. Or they were determined to play ball and assist the Globalist plan to drastically reduce CO2-producing energy production in nations across the globe, thus escalating poverty, in order to “save us” all from frying.”


Click this link to understand how this fraudulent study was concocted.

US EPA Scientist fired for investigating aluminium, etc

Click this link to read the statement by scientist Michael Davis produced for Dane Wigington of

Climate Engineering Cataclysm

Thunderstorm Asthma in Australia November 2016 REALLY?????

Read the article from GeoEngineering Watch dated 3 December 2016 with regards to global warming.

Noctilucent Cloud Formation

GeoEngineering Watch dated 9 December 2016 brings yet another alarming set of information with regards to what is unfolding in the name of stratospheric aerial spraying.   Please take the time to read this link and make sure you share it with as many people as you can and contact your parliamentarian representative and make sure that they know this information.

Is the hype finally going to end?

Activist Post dated 5 December 2016 asks the question “Is The Global-Warming Hustle Finally Falling Apart?”  Here is an excerpt from the article written by Jon Rappoport


“Among scientists, there is a great deal of disagreement about the accuracy of the measurements. Any fair examination of studies and their critics will reveal that.  In this regard, the science is not settled. Far from it.  So: useless as a hypothesis, the assertion of manmade warming, as fact, is wide open to debate. To say the least. 


Yet…based on this non-proof, Globalists want all national governments on the planet to commit to lowering energy production by a significant and destructive percentage in the next 15 years—“to save us from a horrible fate.  Their real agenda is clear: “The only solution to climate change is a global energy-management network. We (the Globalist leaders) are in the best position to manage such a system. We will allocate mandated energy-use levels throughout planet Earth, region by region, nation by nation, and eventually, citizen by citizen.”

Yes, citizen by citizen.

This is the long-term goal. This is the Globalists’ Holy Grail.

Slavery imposed through energy.”

Stratospheric Spraying
The Reality

Dale Wigington’s Public Response to Ed Griffin

Are microwave transmission weapons of mass destruction being used to trigger catastrophic earthquakes?

Global Warming:  Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering Watch on 15 November 2016 asks:


Are unimaginably powerful microwave transmissions actively and aggressively being used as weapons of mass destruction? If all available evidence is examined, the logical conclusions are chilling. Understanding the full potential of the power that can be projected from the ionosphere heater installations (like HAARP) is difficult and complex. We all know and understand that microwave transmissions produced in our countertop ovens can heat a cup of water (or frozen TV dinners) at blinding speed. Unfortunately, most don't know and thus have never even considered (let alone investigated) what massively powerful and interlinked microwave transmissions can do to the planet. When immensely powerful microwave transmissions are bounced off the atmosphere (facilitated by the atmospheric aerosol saturation) and directed back into the Earth's strata (in a seismically sensitive location), the triggering of seismic activity becomes scientifically possible. The constant jet aircraft spraying of reflective and electrically conductive particles into the atmosphere (as part of the ongoing climate engineering/geoengineering assault) is a verifiable fact. Is New Zealand, yet again, the victim of microwave transmission super-weapons? There is a long list of shocking facts surrounding a number of recent catastrophic earthquakes. It is imperative to examine these facts without preconceptions or programmed denial. Let's start with the month leading up to the extremely destructive 2010 earthquake in Haiti, MIT satellite monitoring detected a radical increase in ULF (ultra low frequency/microwave) radio transmissions over the quake epicenter


Click this link to read what was detected

New Zealand Earthquake November 2016

New Zealand earthquake lifted the seabed by 2 metres.

Global Warming:  In Facebook photos posted by local Anna Redmond, the seabed can be seen jutting out of the sandy shore by several metres.  Photo: Anna Redmond.


Close-up snaps show the rocks covered in seaweed and abalone and are a vivid illustration of the amount of ocean life threatened by the quake’s impact.

Experts say the quake opened up previously unknown fault lines and this is the first time the seabed has been lifted in New Zealand.


Marine Geologist Dr Joshu Mountjoy told he had “never seen it before during an earthquake” adding that the earthquake had a “very complex fault rupture”.


The latest quake appears to have fractured along some vertical, as well as than horizontal fault lines, resulting in the Earth being pushed upwards in places.  “It will take a while before this becomes normal again,” Dr Mountjoy said.


Geologists, GNS Science geologists Nicola Litchfield and Pilar Villamor, flew over the South Island's eastern coast, to observe the damage caused by the Kekerengu Fault.


"Here, the earthquake dislocated hills, fences, roads, buildings and the river bed, some by as much as 10m horizontally. A house was also spectacularly moved off its foundations - the occupants were shaken up, but otherwise okay," they posted on the GNS website.

A fault rupture zone near Waiau, North Canterbury. (Photo: Tonkin and Taylor, Twitter)

New Zealand was hit with two major aftershocks - one 6.3 magnitude quake centred in Cheviot and the other a 5.8 magnitude, after the initial quake at midnight on Sunday.


Click this link to see some of the footage.

Aluminum, barium and titanium metals found in human brains!

Global Warming:  News Target dated 4 November 2016 provides global warming information on a study .   It advises:


A new study has discovered nanoparticles of metal are already present in human brains. The name of the study is Magnetite in the human body: Biogenic vs. anthropogenic . Researchers from the UK, Mexico, Scotland and America discovered that “high temperature magnetite spheres” which are less an 200 nanometers (NM) in diameter can “enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve.”  The study says that magnetite is an airborne matter that found in urban areas, and these particles result from “combustion” or high heating.”


Click this link to learn more about what is being said.

Whistle blowing Pilot

Global Warming:  Uncensored Magazine Issue 39 – March to June 2016 (page 47-49) provide information on Operation Indigo Skyfold.    This is a pilot speaking out and contains good information on what is happening.   Make sure you click the link above.


Geoenginnering dated 4 November 2016 has produced an article “Global Warming “An Inconvenient Lie?”.     Click here to read what Dale Wigington has to say.

Scientists Surveyed Unanimously Refuse To Deny Climate Engineering Reality

GeoEngineeringWatch dated 20 October 2016:


Marilyn Vine on her Weather Control P2 (Global Warming) asks you to think long and hard about the credibility of the scientific world today and whether what is exposed below is indicative of how these scientists are “controlled” by whoever or whatever that they no longer have a voice!

On Friday, October 7th, 2016, and the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG) carried out a simple survey that involved 1518 climate scientists and experts. The survey message headline sent to the scientists/experts was titled "Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering Survey". At the link below, is the very simple and straight forward survey statement sent out to 1518 climate scientists/experts by GeoengineeringWatch and the LASG team.

  • A total of 970 of the scientists/experts did not open this survey/inquiry. Was this due to the stated survey subject and their unwillingness to address the geoengineering issue publicly? Possibly because to do so would be at minimum a bad career decision?
  • 34 of the scientists/experts immediately "unsubscribed" (possibly for the same reason that 970 did not even open the survey).
  • Another 34 of the survey inquiries were not deliverable.
  • But, 584 of the scientists/experts did open the climate engineering survey message.
  • Of all 584, only one was initially willing to deny the climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management reality on the record (he subsequently refused to confirm his initial answer, more on that at the link below).

So, the final summary is this, 100% of scientists/experts surveyed REFUSED to deny the climate engineering reality on the record. How much longer can the climate engineering atrocities be hidden from the public in plain sight? W hen will the so called "scientists and experts" show the courage to tell the truth to the population they claim to represent?

When the hard science terms are used in a study or survey (such as the one that was just carried out), the willingness of academicians to lie or deny about the issue radically dissipates. Terms like solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), cloud alb edo enhancement (CAE), or stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). Again, in the case of this survey, virtually none of the scientists surveyed were willing to deny the climate engineering reality on the record, none.


Make sure you click this link to read the full article by Dale Wigington and comments posted by members of the public.

Make sure you check these links out as well!

And so many more global warming links if you care to search the internet!

Illness follows chemtrails

Global Warming reports:  Illness, respiratory symptoms, illness and tiredness – see this Activist  Post dated16 October 2016.    The interesting thing is that similar happenings are currently occurring in NSW Australia with extremely heavy sprayings at this particular time.  Make sure you watch the video below.


A protest at the CDC building in Atlanta, Georgia, with the VAXXED documentary producer and crew in attendance was decimated by chemtrails this weekend.

Some reported respiratory symptoms, illness, and tiredness, something that is frequently reported after heavy exposure to spraying, which we documented earlier this year at Era of Wisdom in “The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016.”

This Era of Wisdom video explains:

Speaking out what is happening in the US

Global Warming is pleased to be able to provide the following information:

GeoEngineering Watch: 10 October 2016:   “Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a recent critical public awareness event in Northern California organized by, Mr. Shipp gave an extremely informative and compelling presentation on numerous horrific ongoing government crimes. The subjects Kevin Shipp addressed included climate engineering, the 911 false flag inside job, vaccination dangers/cover-up, and the governments total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny. Mr. Shipp's powerful presentation is below.”

NASA Satellite Photos

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2016  “Climate engineering is an undeniable reality as recent NASA satellite photos prove. Hurricane Matthew was a well timed engineered distraction that provided a great deal of cover for the now completely out of control power structure that is pushing us perilously close to a nuclear WWlll. Locations off of the US mainland coast (such as Haiti where the decimation suited the agenda of those in power) were slaughtered, while Matthew was kept from making catastrophic damage on US shores. Overhyped Matthew media coverage successfully eclipsed other headlines of imploding global ecosystems, and more lines in the sand being drawn from the global powers that have had enough of the US/NATO aggression. The pharmaceutical industrial complex has decided there is not enough aluminum in the existing Gardasil vaccination so they have decided to double the amount of aluminum in this already lethal injection. The fossil fuel industry has been radically underreporting the amount of methane they are spilling into the atmosphere, but the fountains of methane that are now blowing out in the Arctic completely overshadow it all. The Pentagon is pumping hundreds of millions into fake Al-Qaeda terrorist videos, and the US population is for the most part still asleep at the wheel. The human race remains on a trajectory toward near term extinction. The October 8th installment of Global Alert News is at the link below.


Can we still make a difference for the better? If the masses can be awakened in time, possibly. Make your voice heard on global warming.


Click here for the full global warming report

Hurricane Matthew October 2016

Global Warming:  The following is an excerpt from Dale Wigington’s GeoEngineeringWatch website dated 5 October 2016.    As Hurricane Matthew is currently unfolding I felt that this information needed priority exposure.    

“Though some may feel that cyclone suppression is beneficial, such interference with Earth's natural rhythms and systems has a long list of catastrophic downstream effects. Available data indicates that in other scenarios the climate engineers are actually augmenting and steering cyclones to serve their own agenda. "Hurricane Matthew" may be an example of weather warfare on an unimaginable scale. Is hurricane Matthew being heavily manipulated and steered by the climate engineers? The evidence continues to stack up. Below is a satellite photo clearly showing atmospheric "waves" surrounding hurricane Matthew. has labeled these as "gravity waves", but is that what these visible "waves" actually are? The satellite photos already shown in this post inarguably reveal heavy atmospheric manipulation from extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions and atmospheric aerosols. These transmissions leave a signature pattern on high level cloud formations that are saturated with electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles which are dispersed from jet aircraft as part of the ongoing climate engineering insanity.

Global Warming:  Does the photo above really show "gravity waves" surrounding hurricane Matthew? Or does it show the signature pattern of extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions interacting with aircraft dispersed atmospheric aerosols? Both of these elements are a core part of climate and storm manipulation and steering. Photo:

Please click this link to see all the NASA Satellite images and read what else Dale has to say AND MAKE SURE YOUR SHARE THIS GLOBAL WARMING INFORMATION FAR AND WIDE!

Personal Experience

Global Warming:  I live on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia and our skies are virtually never free from chemtrails!  I have just returned from the UK in September 2016 and around the Reading area I watched every day 3 or 4 planes continuously aerial spraying.   People have analysed soil right around the world with what is being sprayed and they are finding just to name a few of the heavy metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Barium, and
  • Strontium


I had a retired scientist say to me when I said that they were spraying barium – “that is not too bad” but then I added strontium and his quick response was “well that is another story”!      I have been told that barium and strontium combined may cause leukemia but have not found a site to confirm this yet.


Marilyn would appreciate you sharing the information on this page, particularly Dane Wigington’s information on global warming.   He is spot on with what he is saying and unless more people open their eyes and understand what is happening – then who knows what the consequences will be!

Industrial Hygienist speaks out

News Target 21 September 2016 provides a YouTube with an 9-year Air Force vet employed as an industrial hygienist and environmental specialist.   Kristen Meghan in a recent interview with Luke Rudkowski among other information went on to say:


“Bottom line? Meghan says she believes the technology is being used as “weather warfare,” to take away people’s ability to grow food and subsist. What’s more, she says, the technology “isn’t new … they’ve done it since the ’40s.”


And eventually, she found that she could no longer ignore the truth.


“I started noticing things,” she told Rudkowski. “I started noticing large quantities on the system where I would approve chemicals that did not have a manufacturer name, wasn’t tied to a building, and that was normal protocol.”


At that point, she said, she began asking questions and was quickly “demonized.” She said she began asking about the mysterious chemicals a couple of years later, after she began to be more vocal about it on social media, but was threatened with losing her daughter and being “thrown into a mental institution” – an incident which most definitely changed her view of the military and government in general.”


Now listen to the YouTube and don’t forget to read the article.

GeoEngineering Watch Updates

Click the links to read the updates on global warming:

Sounding the Alarm

GeoEngineering Watch dated 3 September 2016"A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed"  The article goes on to say:


  1. You must get off the bench and show up for the fight toward the common good. 
  2. Pass on credible information without overloading those that are not yet aware of the climate engineering insanity.
  3. The link above can be a primary tool for email efforts to sound the alarm.

Awareness of the Climate Engineering is panicking the media

GeoEngineering Watch on 29 August 2016 produced a very revealing document on what is happening on the Canadian front to counteract the truth from being revealed  global warming.  Click this link to find out what they are doing.

A global phenomenon

Dr Nick Begich on 27 August 2016 provides a very good exposè.  Click this link to learn more.  Dr Begich advises that most people only believe that there is one HAARP installation in Alaska  and he goes on to let us know that there are installations in Canada, Norway, Russia and in the Antarctica.   The latter being run by China.

Louisianna Floods in 2016

NaturalNews on 25 August 2016 provides information that the mayor claims floods were man-made.   The global warming article goes on to say that:


“Mayor Rick Ramsey even went so far to say that the event was "man-made," adding that he intends to take legal action against the state of Louisiana and the federal government, as reported by WAFB.

The mayor said "a six-foot tall concrete barrier that was put along I-12 when the interstate was expanded last year essentially put the city of Walker 'into a bowl,'" a barrier he says prevented water from draining out of the town.

"When the Amite River went up, it hit that wall," said Ramsey. "We have video evidence that shows the concrete barrier and water lapping over the north shore of the interstate and bone dry on the south of the interstate. They basically built a dam for Walker."


Click the link to learn more

The Face of the Climate Change Cover-up

GeoEngineering Watch dated 17 August 2016 provides an article entitled “Ken Caldeira, David Keith, And Carnegie “Science”, The Face Of The Criminal Climate Engineering Cover-up” .    Click this link to read the full article on what Dane Wigington exposes.

President Obama Executive Order 13737 12 August 2016

Is President Obama already putting in place precautions against litigation on global warming?   Check out this link to read some very interesting historical information which may shed some light on the past and President Obama’s intentions for himself and whoever follows.

Greg Hunter and Dane Wigington YouTube

People speaking out
Government Cover-up

Global Warming:

GeoEngineering Watch: 15 August 2016 - Chuck Norris: A GOVERNMENT COVER-UP OF EPIC PROPORTIONS

GeoEngineering Watch: 8 August 2016 - Exclusive: Chuck Norris Sees Signs Of ‘Geo-Engineering Government Cover-Up

Response from the President of the National Academy of Science to the Notice of Legal Action

GeoEngineering Watch dated 1 August provides us with the rather surprising response from the President of the National Academy of Science with regards to global warming.   Click this link to find out what she said.   She can be contacted at:


Dr. Marcia K. McNutt, President
National Academy of Sciences     Physical location:
500 Fifth Street NW                   2101 Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001             Washington, D.C. 20418                     (202) 334-2101 (office)

US 60 Day Notice of Legal Action

Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering advised on 26 July 2016 that 60 day notices of legal action have been implemented in an endeavor to stop global warming.   Below is an excerpt from this notice and I would ask you to PLEASE click the read more button and when you do make sure you click the PDF symbol to see who has been issued with these notices.


Let us all put it out there to the Universe that these brave individuals are successful in stopping this global warming.

For over a year and a group of very dedicated attorneys has diligently and consistently worked on formulating a plan of legal action to effectively expose and halt the ongoing global climate engineering assault against our planet. Our team, the Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering, is comprised of attorneys and experts that are completely committed to the most critical cause of stopping global geoengineering. The increase in public awareness that will result from this legal effort is crucial.

The commencement of this plan is now underway with the notices of pending legal action already being sent out by certified mail to ALL the potential defendants named on the "60 day notice". This very carefully crafted and very extensive document should be thoroughly examined by all. The full legal notice (including plaintiffs) can be found by clicking the PDF icon image at the link below.


The global warming climate engineering assault against planet Earth, it's climate systems, and all life forms, is the most urgent untold story in human history. How can such blatantly obvious atrocities continue to be hidden in plain site?


These unimaginably massive and destructive geoengineering/solar radiation management experiments have been fully deployed and perpetually expanding for over 70 years. The atmospheric spraying of toxic heavy metals and chemical elements (that are related to climate engineering programs) have been carried out by our government (and other nations around the globe) without the knowledge or consent of their populations. Those who control the weather, control the people, and in the process, the life support systems of our planet are being systematically torn apart. “

Peter A. Kirby Nightwatch Radio Chemtrails Interview 7-5-16

GeoEngineering Watch

Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering Watch is producing some very good information with regards to global warming, chemtrailing, weather controlling etc.


Dane is the lead researcher for the above website and has investigated all levels of geoengineering, solar radiation management, and global ionosphere heaters like HAARP. Dane has appeared on an extensive number of interviews and films to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level from the ongoing climate engineering assault.


Dane gives permission to reprint his articles as long as the credit for the article is given to him.    I will be posting links to various articles he has written without any additional information otherwise this page would become far too long.     Please take the time to learn what Dane has to say as it is important for us personally and our planet.

Before it is too late

Let’s face the facts


It is almost too late to catch the bus to save our environment!

Dane Wigington on 23 July 2016 is asking us all for our help to alert the world to what is actually going on with Geoengineering.     He, like me, believes that we are probably getting close to the point of no return in healing our planet and for that matter ourselves.    Click this link to read what Dane has to say.     You will see in his click in that he refers you to URLS that may assist you in reaching out to others.   For your convenience I am supplying the links below.


Dane has been wonderful in providing us with a document to enable us to approach this in a sensible manner.  A manner which will encourage the people we are talking to, to understand what is going on.   Enabling these people to go away, and do their own research on global warming and climate change.   His recommendation is not to search for chemtrails as there is so much anti propaganda out there with regards to this.


Chemtrails are real not a conspiracy

News Target dated 13 July 2016 reports that a Swedish Official, Green Party leader, Pernilla Hagberg, appears to believe that chemtrails are real and not a conspiracy.   The article goes on to say:


According to the Swedish newspaper Katrineholms Kuriren , Hagberg is the first major political leader to speak out on the issue of these mysterious trails banding across the sky. Unlike normal contrails, these streaks do not fade away into the atmosphere easily. Hagberg has openly stated that these chemtrails — as she herself referred to them — are actually a toxic mix of metals, viruses and chemicals.


In what Hagberg describes as a joint effort between the Swedish government and two U.S. agencies; the CIA and the NSA, the two countries have combined forces to modify atmospheric conditions. According to the United Nations, deliberately employing these aerosol sprays in the atmosphere is one way in which they hope to control climate change and stabilize our weather.”

Global warming ask you to click on this link to read the world-wide comments that have been posted and some of the scientific data that these people have exposed.

Netherlands Department of the Environment

GeoEngineering Watch on 9 July 2016 provide the following YouTube with a representative, Debbie-brenkman of the Netherlands Department of the Environment.    Dane Wigington goes on to say:

In the 12 minute video below, a very revealing and damning confrontation unfolds between a Dutch investigator/photographer (who wishes to remain anonymous) and a representative from the Netherlands Department of The Environment. The environmental officer actually admits to the geoengineering reality, stating the following:

Yes, but I will not deny that geoengineeing is taking place, that is clearly known.

The environmental officer then adamantly denies the true scale of the climate engineering assault.

We assume that this is taking place on a very limited scale.

The governmental representative goes on to say this:

Uh… and there is no major impact on health and the environment.


Global warming ask you to click on this link to read the world-wide comments that have been posted and some of the scientific data that these people have exposed.

GeoEngeering Watch Articles

19 July 2016 – GeoEngineering WatchGeoengineering Is Accelerating A Runaway Greenhouse Scenario

9 July 2016 – GeoEngineering WatchGlobal Alert News   Please make sure you listen to the YouTube at this link to understand the false flags in many, many wars that have been perpetrated.  Wake up before WW111 occurs!

28 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  Is Climate Engineering Real? Square Cloud Formations Are Undeniable Proof

25 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  We are all swimming in a sea of lies and deception

23 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:   Climate Engineering Desperation, Decimation, And Destruction, What Will It Take To Wake The Masses?

21 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  The Threat From Climate Disintegration Is Not Coming, It’s Here

19 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  The power structure is fracturing and losing ground on every front.

16 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  Weather Warfare Assault, A Physician Speaks Out

14 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  The “Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative” And The

12 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  Environmental Organizations Who Are Involved With It

11 June 2016 – GeoEngineering Watch:  Forests all over the globe are dying,

Are the CIA modifying the weather?

Derrick Broze in Activist Post dated 7 July 2016 posted an article on whether the CIA is manipulating the weather.   An excerpt from this article is:


Conspiracy Fact or Theory?

The idea that aerosols could be sprayed from planes is eerily reminiscent of various conspiracies involving the government using weather control technology to manipulate world events. This is what is derogatorily called the “Chemtrails Conspiracy.” Essentially, some believe geoengineering is actively taking place in our skies, and the “contrails” are actually geoengineering programs covertly being carried out. The “chemtrails” label comes from the portion of the crowd that believes these programs are delivering dangerous chemical additives to the food, water, soil, and humans below for nefarious purposes.


Despite the knee-jerk dismissal from many casual researchers, the theories might be grounded in reality. In February 2015, while speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, California, Professor Alan Robock discussed [Sorry but once again we have had a link removed] the possibility that the CIA is using the weather as a weapon of war. Robock has done research for the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) in the past.


Robock stated he was phoned by two men claiming to be from the CIA, asking whether or not it was possible for hostile governments to use geoengineering against the United States.


Professor Robock’s fears of the government using the weather as a weapon are not completely unfounded. In a 1996 document entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025”  the U.S. Air Force discusses a number of proposals for using the weather as a weapon. The Environmental Modification Treaty was signed by the United States and other nations to halt global weather modification.


But the government did not simply research these ideas, they actually implemented them. During the Vietnam War the US government operated covert weather modification programs under Operation Popeye. The government does not only experiment with technology in foreign countries, they like to try it at home as well. In 2012 it was revealed that the US Army sprayed toxic chemicals over the skies of St. Louis without informing the public.”


Click here to read this article and check out the many other articles on this page with similar themes.  Over the years I have read articles regarding Britain and New Zealand where an over-zealous aerial spraying caused many people to suddenly become very ill.     If I find these articles hidden in my computer then I will post them here.

What part is it playing

Activist Post on 7 July 2016 posted an article “Toxic Heavy Metals in Air, Food and Water: Is Technology to Blame?”


Catherine Frompovich, the author of this article says:

“Ever since I began studying nutrition and holistic health sciences in the 1970s, I’ve been concerned about the irresponsible ways certain elements on the Periodic Table are used by science, technology, agriculture, food processing, and even medicine.”

Catherine’s article covers many aspects of our daily lives including the food we eat, what we put on our bodies and the water we are ingesting.

I believe everyone should read and understand what Catherine is telling us.  I use dietary supplements to help my body to overcome the effect of many of these things.  And personal care products that have a “safe guarantee” so that I know that I am not putting harmful ingredients onto my body and thus into my organs. 

Climate Change

Global Warming provides information from Dane Wigington, Geoengineering Watch Organization dated 2 June, 2016 and he shares a most powerful YouTube on what mankind’s geoengineering has done to our world.   




Before you watch the You Tube read what Dane has to say:


“Earth's former energy balance has been completely derailed, we are now in a free-fall state toward an irreparably altered and very inhospitable planet. The majority of populations (especially in industrialized countries) are even now immersed in total denial in regard to the damage that has been inflicted to the environment and climate systems by human activity. Any form of anthropogenic activity that impacts Earth's natural processes must be considered a form of geoengineering. The greatest and most destructive form of biosphere interference is the ongoing highly toxic climate engineering/weather warfare global assault. Burning forests, drought, deluge, volcanic eruptions, nuclear contamination and die-off, are already now the norm and this process will accelerate rapidly. Geoengineering is being ramped up to unimaginable levels as the collapse of the biosphere and social structure unfolds. The 9 minute video compilation below is a revealing recent update that covers numerous climate and environmental catastrophes.”

After watching this You Tube and having listened to the Australian News last night (3 June 2016) and hearing warnings of the torrential rain to be expected in the Wollongong region (NSW) and Batemans Waters (NSW) and having watched on 1st and 2nd June 2016 the absolute saturation spraying that has occurred in the Batemans Bay NSW region – one has to be stupid not to ask – is this saturation spraying the reason why we are to expect torrential rain falls?   As a matter of interest the influx of bats (flying foxes) referred to in the YouTube also relates to the Batemans Bay area (Eurobodalla Shire) and authorities from Federal, State and Local Government working together to resolve the issue.    It must be bad if all three authorities are actually co-operating with each other!!!!


Dane goes on to say with regards to atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) as shown below and also the YouTube covering this.   :


Each of us bears the responsibility of choosing what our priorities are, each of us chooses what we will do with the time we have been given. Make your voice heard in the critical battle for the common good, all are needed in the effort to sound the alarm. The greatest single leap we could make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Help us to fully expose global geoengineering by forwarding credible information to media sources and those that are uninformed on the issue. Every day counts in this fight to salvage what is yet left of our planet's life support systems.”

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Global Warming
Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth
Was this a massive fraud

12 May 2016:  NaturalNews reveals information on how Al Gore’s predictions have not come to fruition and how much money he has made from his global warming opinions.   Now we learn:


“Gore accused of massive fraud

There is a growing consensus that Al Gore has perpetrated a massive fraud against the American public, and many believe that he should be held accountable.

From Conservative Base:

"It has been reported that 30,000 scientists, including a top-tier leader of the science community as well as the founder of The Weather Channel, have come forward to sue Al Gore for fraud. Al Gore has made massive profits in the promotion of the global warming mythology, and he played a key role in getting the 'Cap and Trade' legislation passed. ...

"Perhaps this lawsuit will finally give the thousands of 'dissenting' scientists a voice again."

Ten years later, Al Gore needs to finally be exposed for the lies that have made him a very rich man.”


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Marilyn Vine trusts that you have found Weather Control Page 2 (Global Warming) informative and asks that you share this information with your friends and family.   The more people are aware of what is being perpetrated the harder it will be for the perpetrators to continue.


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