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Children's cancer rates soaring


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The above being understood and accepted then Marilyn Vine would like to share with you some of the exciting and sometimes disheartening information that she receives.   This Cancer Information page is a good way for me to pass on cancer information on many forms of the disease:

  • lung cancer
  • skin cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • cervical cancer

11 Causes of cancer you may not be aware of

Children’s cancer rates soaring

World Mercury Team dated 28 August 2018 published this article “Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children?”  This is a most disturbing article and I would urge EVERYONE to think long and hard on the decisions they make in life with regards to the nutrition we are giving our children, personal care products, household cleaning products and also to really investigate outside government websites the safety and efficacy of both vaccination and fluoridation.  


Please use this link to email me to find out about the safe products that I use.


No one really likes to talk about cancer, and childhood cancers are an especially unpalatable topic of conversation. Yet the fact is that cancers are among the top four causes of death for both children and adults. The newest U.S. cancer statistics for young people (under 20 years old), which cover the years 2001–2014, point to steadily increasing rates of pediatric cancer over that time period.


In recent articles and presentations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have showed that new childhood cancers are most likely to occur in the very youngest age group (birth to age 4) as well as in 15-19-year-olds and are more likely to arise in boys than girls. The CDC research also indicates that the surge in childhood cancers is driven by increased rates of certain cancers: brain, kidney, liver and thyroid. Pediatric brain tumor rates are increasing across Europe as well. Conventional entities such as the American Cancer Society offer no explanation for the increased childhood cancer rates, feebly asserting that “there are few known risk factors for childhood cancer” other than exposure to ionizing radiation. However, this disingenuous statement completely ignores the increasingly toxic environment in which we unreasonably expect children to thrive—and the many known and suspected carcinogens in that environment that may be ratcheting up children’s cancer risks, perhaps synergistically.”

Aggressive brain tumor

Dr Mercola on 15 May 2018 published this article “Brain Tumors Double, Prompt Warning on Cellphones”.  His story at a glance:


A recent study revealed a rise in glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor, in England from 1995 to 2015

Incidence rates more than doubled from 2.4 to 5 per 100,000 people during the study period, an increase the study authors say cannot be fully explained by random chance or improvement in diagnostic techniques and is “most likely” due to cellphones

Two government-funded studies conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) found “clear evidence” that exposure to cellphone radiation led to heart tumors in male rates, along with “some evidence” that it caused brain tumors in rats

Experts at Italy’s Ramazzini Institute say radiofrequency (RF) radiation from cellphones should probably be classified as a "probable" human carcinogen rather than a "possible" carcinogen “.

Cancer caused by chemicals

NaturalNews dated 3 April 2018 asks this very good question in their article just published “Cancer is CAUSED by chemicals, so why on Earth would you use chemicals to fight it?  Here is an excerpt from the article and Marilyn Vine suggests that you read the full article and give this a lot of thought.


“Americans are scared to death of cancer, and righteously so. Mutated cells that multiply uncontrollably can take over organs, including the most complex organ in the body, the brain. Nearly half of all Americans will get some form of cancer in their lifetime, and approximately half of those victims will die from it. Or will they? What if you found out today that many people who “die” from cancer die from the treatments given to them by medical doctors and oncologists, and from the continued consumption of more chemicals after those very same patients are diagnosed, operated on, treated with radiation, and prescribed chemotherapy? Are you on “the drip” right now? Let’s have an intelligent discussion and get to the root of this massive pandemic-style problem.”

British Medical Journal Study
Cancer screening does not save lives!

GreenMedia on 12 January 2016 brings information on a study published in the British Medical Journal.  The article goes on to say:


“Millions have marched for "cancer causes." Millions more have been diagnosed "early" and now believe screening saved their lives. But a new study confirms something we have been reporting on since our inception: In most cases, screening not only has not "saved lives," but actually increases your risk of dying.”


Click this link to read what they say.

Ignored for 45 years as at 2012

GreenMedia 22 April 2012 brings information on Antineoplastons – a Cure for Cancer ignored for 45 years.

Antineoplastons: A Cure for Cancer Ignored For 45 Years?

Antineoplastons are a group of naturally-occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives which control tumor growth, and have been proven in clinical studies on a number of advanced cancer cases to be highly effective and non-toxic, relative to chemotherapy.

First identified by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski  in human blood in 1967, he observed  "[T]here were significant differences in the peptide content in the serum of cancer patients as compared with the control group."

Owing to the fact that similar peptide fractions are found in human urine and can be purified as a bulk source of antineoplastons, Dr. Burzynski began a research program "for the identification of antineoplastic peptides from urine" known as the Burzynski Research Institute (BRI), which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1984.[i]

Click this link to read what was said in 2012

Texas Medical Board Accusing Dr Burzynski of Fraudulent Charges

This is one of many attempts by the Texas Medical Board to get Dr Burzynski deregistered.  Click this link to read one person’s amazing story and don’t forget to watch the YouTube.


Burzynski Documentary: Cancer Is Serious Business - by Eric Merola

Up until now I have placed cancer information through several health and news pages on this website.   I am slowly removing them from these pages and inserting them into this cancer information page for easy access by my readers.  If you are a cancer sufferer then I would like to think that you may find something in this cancer information page that will help you through your journey.    I would ask you to stay strong and be positive and do as many things as you can naturally to improve your personal situation.   

Cancer information that has come through to me in this regard is:

  • Avoid meat, dairy and sugar
  • Eat organic wherever possible
  • Eat 80% raw

If you have unresolved issues in your life – then deal with them promptly.  Anger/resentment, etc can have a debilitating effect on your health!

With regard to the above point – forgive whoever, yourself, your family whoever it is and move on – this is so important to your health

Dr Len with the Ho'oponopono Prayer – I am sorry – I forgive you – I love you – I thank you These words are so powerful.   Just keep saying them over and over in your mind.   You will be surprised to find the difference in yourself and also the person you have in mind when saying this mantra.  I found changes occurring within 10 minutes i.e. anger dissipating!

Another very powerful mantra to say to bring you into touch with your own spirit – [Insert your name] where are you?   Answer:  [Depending on your sex]  Madam/Sir I am here!

  • Always stay positive and look to the future in a positive manner
  • Ensure that your system is alkaline
  • Avoid fluoridated water as this also contains cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead.  Fluoride inhibits the body’s absorption of magnesium – affects the thyroid and many other facets of the body’s functions.
  • Fluoride inhibits the body’s absorption of magnesium thus exposing people to cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, auto immune disease, etc.
  • Studies show that fluoride can be responsible for osteoporosis and osteosarcoma.

Your mind is a very powerful commodity.   If you are in the right head space and you give your body the nutrition that it requires to do its job and you are avoiding harmful chemicals and toxins that destroy the body’s natural defenses, then I, personally, believe that there is no reason why you should not be able to reverse your current situation.

One of the devices I use to put powerful positive aspects into my life is Emotional Freedom Technique.  Just be careful that the words you use are not double negatives.   If they are then you are enforcing what you are wanting to get rid of!   A good example would be saying “I am not stressed”.   In this instance you are putting the stress back but if you say “I am peaceful”.   Well that is another story entirely.    For your information I have put together a little booklet which you may find useful.  If you would like a copy of this booklet click this link to download

Airport Employees working in the body scanner area

On 28 June 2011 NaturalNews brings information on a claim that TSA Employees are reporting “cancer clusters” on employees who work near radiation body scanners.    Cancer Information page has information on the potential risk of body scanners causing cancer below this article.   If you have to use the US Airports then it is recommended that you go through the humiliating “pat down” search rather than through the scanners and I believe that this is particularly important for women who suspect or know they are pregnant and children. 

New Cancer book slates National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society

On 14 June 2011 NationalNews brings information with regard to Dr Samuel Epstein’s latest bookNational Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest.”     Click on the link below and read more about this book and perhaps we should all be investing in a copy and then targeting our local and national members of parliament and get this situation rectified.

Body scanners and the potential cancer risk

I have already covered quite a bit about the American body scanning devices on this link  

More disturbing information from scientists and medical professionals who know what they are talking about are suggesting that these body scanners could increase the risk of breast cancer and testicle cancer.     What right does any government department have to put its citizens, and visitors, to that kind of risk?   Please make sure you read this article!     Not only is the TSA scanning at airports but they are also travelling around the streets randomly scanning you in your cars!   They are also starting to scan people at sports venues and I believe they are starting to do bus terminals as well.   People of America you need to speak up and put a stop to this!   You are being terrorized by your government not by terrorists! 


Cancer Information page brings news dated 21 June 2011 that formaldehyde is now beginning to cause major health concerns.   Many of us were already aware of this but now the US Department of Health and Human Services in the US has released a report designating carcinogens and formaldehyde is now one of them.

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

Take the time and listen to Dr Mercola’s interview with Dr Nicholas Gonzalez.  Here is a link to the full transcript of the interview.   Dr Gonzalez’s focus is on alternative cancer treatment and he has had some remarkable results.  

Dr Gonzalez is now deceased.   Please click this link to find out what happened to him and why.   It is important information.

Radiation exposure
Cancer Information

Cancer information page brings an article from NaturalNews dated 20 April 2011 on radiation exposure.   It is an interesting read and it will be more interesting if he gets a response on this article from the website where the information was taken from.

Esophageal Cancer and strawberries

Cancer information page brings news from NaturalNews dated 7 April 2011 with regard to a new study that is giving hope to helping in lowering the odds of getting esophageal cancer and maybe even reversing the progression of precancerous lesions.

Root cause of cancer

In the 1970s we had President Nixon and Congress declaring a war on cancer and today cancer rates are on the increase!   So what happened!

On 30 March 2011 we have Dr Mercola telling us:

“But instead, cancer rates have increased during that span of time, and now surpass heart disease as the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 45 to 74. The odds are now very high that you or someone you know has cancer, is dying or has already died from it.

I strongly believe the cancer rates are escalating because they are in no way shape or form addressing the underlying cause of most cancers. Instead, most of the research is directed towards expensive drugs that target late stages of the disease and greatly enrich the drug companies but simply do not prevent cancer.

Environmental- and lifestyle factors are increasingly being pinpointed as the primary culprits fueling our cancer epidemic. This includes:

  • Pesticide and other chemical exposures
  • Processed and artificial foods (plus the chemicals in the packaging)
  • Wireless technologies, dirty electricity, and medical diagnostic radiation exposure
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Obesity, stress and poor sleeping habits
  • Lack of sunshine exposure and use of sunscreens”

Gerson Therapy

On 22 March 2011 NaturalNews brings cancer information on the Max Gerson therapy which was developed in the 1920s.   A doctor in the small town of Oakhurst in California has recently held several screenings of the 2006 documentary ”Dying to have known” which explored the evidence of effectiveness of the infamous Gerson Therapy in treating and curing cancer naturally.     Read the article and do your own research on Gerson Therapy as it may just save your life!

Is it dangerous to eat American food?

NaturalNews on 20 March 2011 brings cancer information regarding a global rise as developing nations eat American foods and use American products.

The article says:

According to the report, an estimated 12.6 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2008, and 7.6 million people died from cancer. The majority of those cases - 7.1 million and 4.8 million, respectively - occurred in economically developing countries. The spread of an "affluence" disease such as cancer to poorer countries can be attributed to the increasing adoption of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, sedentism and poor diet.”

What role does aluminium play in breast cancer?

Cancer Information page received information in March 2011 with regard to a recent report produced by the Department of Biomolecular Sciences in Urbing, Italy using fluid obtained from the nipple of cancer patients which were showing significantly higher levels of aluminum than did nipple fluid taken from women free of breast cancer.   Read more on this information and also about the sources of aluminum.

Lymph Node Surgery

New information dated 17 February 2011 on a new study which is shaking the pillars of mainstream breast cancer care.    Please take the time to read this article. 

Laetrile or B17 from Apricot Seeds

Cancer Information page brings information dated 15 February 2011 with regard to how laetrile or B17 from apricot seeds kills only cancer cells

Duplicity within!

Cancer Information page brings news from NaturalNews dated 9 February 2011 of the Cancer Industry suppressing the overwhelming empirical and laboratory evidence of alternative, natural cancer cures.  Mike Adams goes on to say that “there are several MDs and mainstream scientists aware of the Cancer Industry’s failure to win the war on cancer, especially by using chemotherapy.  Their voices are muzzled also.”

Cancer drug found it increased risk of death

On 5 February 2011 NaturalNews released an article stating:

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has revealed that the popular cancer drug Avastin (bevacizumab) raises patients' risk of death by up to 350 percent when combined with chemotherapy. Designed to stop the production of new blood vessels in the body, and thus the spread of cancer cells, Avastin is also responsible for causing blood clots in legs and lungs when used as directed.

An alternative to chemotherapy


NaturalNews brings information on 1 February 2011 with regard to an alternative therapy to chemotherapy.  Click on the link and read the article.

Using Vitamin D with sun exposure as a preventative  

Cancer Information page brings information from NaturalNews dated 18 January 2011 where researchers have found a profound link between breast cancer and low levels of Vitamin D.   Marilyn uses a supplement containing amongst other things Vitamin D3 to keep her immune system up and running.  Click this link to read about this product.

whether  you currently have cancer or are presently cancer free

Cancer information page brings you an article by Greg Delaney.   Some of you will be aware of this basic simple way in which to help yourself overcome or even prevent cancer in the first place.   It is a bit of a long read but believe me it contains important information for your survival and well being.

Importance of magnesium

Cancer Information page brings you information on the importance of magnesium.

Did you know that when you drink fluoridated water that it impacts on the body’s ability to absorb this important mineral and stops it from doing its work in maintaining your health?     A deficiency in magnesium sets you up for:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • immune system disorders
  • mental illness
  • osteoporosis and more!

This is another good reason to have fluoride removed from your local public water supply wherever you live.  If you cannot achieve this then you should invest in a good quality reverse osmosis water filter system which will take about 98% of the fluoride out of the water.    


Researchers have now found that a higher intake of magnesium can prevent a man from getting colon cancer.  Click on this cancer information link to learn more

Some cancer doctors using experimental drugs

Cancer Information page brings you new information from NaturalNews on 3 January 2011 on a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology which looked at 172 recent clinical trials published on drugs.   Please read this article to ascertain whether you are in fact being helped or harmed by the use of these experimental drugs.

Could your diabetes drug cause you to get bladder cancer?

Cancer information page brings you information from Mike Adams of NaturalNews dated 24 December 2011 on an investigation started by the FDA as to whether a diabetes drug, pioglitazone marketed as Actos may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

Could the water you are drinking cause you to get cancer?

On 21 December 2010 NaturalNews did a report on toxic chemical carcinogen found in water supplies nationwide. 

This article was based on a recently released report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). 

Do you realize that cancer is man made?

I have been reading for some time now how environmental factors have been related to the increase in the number of cases of cancer.

Did you know that when fluoride has been removed from public water supplies in some countries for a period of three years that the cancer and heart attack/stroke rate drops by up to 50 percent!   So why are countries like Australia and parts of America still fluoridating their water supplies?

Cancer Information page now brings you information from The Daily Mail:

"Tumors were rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became issues, the review of mummies, fossils and classical literature found... Despite slivers of tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies being rehydrated and placed under the microscope, only one case of cancer has been confirmed.

Dismissing the argument that the ancient Egyptians didn't live long enough to develop cancer, the researchers pointed out that other age-related disease such as hardening of the arteries and brittle bones did occur.

Fossil evidence of cancer is also sparse, with scientific literature providing a few dozen, mostly disputed, examples in animal fossil... Even the study of thousands of Neanderthal bones has provided only one example of a possible cancer."

According to Professor Rosalie David, co-author of the recently published study stated:

'There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle

Pancreatic cancer

Cancer information page has information concerning pancreatic cancer which says it takes 20 years to grow before doctors will diagnose you with pancreatic cancer.   This article is advising you how to turn your life around so that the pancreatic cancer does not get the chance to continue growing for 20 years.  

Radiation of the thyroid gland

Cancer Information pages asks:

When you have cancer of the thyroid and it is suggested that you drink a radioactive poison as a cancer therapy – does the doctor or the hospital warn you that when you leave their premises that you could be radioactive for up to one week later.

Do they tell you that you could pose a threat to pregnant women and elderly people?

Supplements may reduce the risk of breast cancer

Cancer information page is delighted to bring you this article on how supplements may reduce your risk of breast cancer.   I personally, Marilyn Vine, do many things on a daily basis.  For example I try and eat three walnuts every day as I have read this acts as a preventative.  I also eat a few stalks of asparagus and when pineapple are in season, I make sure I buy them and eat a few pieces each day.   I also make a turmeric drink which also contains organic honey and my home grown lemons.    This is over and above the powerful supplements that I use.  

Please use this email link to contact me if you would like to learn all the things I do.    By the way in 2020 I am in my 78th year and in perfect health.  

Radiation and your breasts

Cancer Information brings you an article from NaturalNews dated 9 June 2010 regarding a study showing how radiation causes breast cancer.   This is one of many articles I keep reading about the dangers of having mammograms for breast cancer.  Click on the link below and read the article for yourself and then make your own decision in this regard.   Personally I have not had one for the past ten years and don’t intend to have another one. 

Ovarian cancer symptoms

Cancer Information hopes that the following advice may just save a life!   Ovarian cancer is a quiet cancer so listen carefully to your body.  Watch for pelvic or abdominal pain or discomfort:

Vague but persistent gastrointestinal upsets such as gas, nausea and indigestion.

  • Frequency and/or urgency of urination in the absence of an infection.
  • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss.
  • Pelvic and/or abdominal swelling, bloating and/or feeling of fullness.
  • Ongoing unusual fatigue.
  • Unexplained changes in bowel habits.

If symptoms persist for more than two weeks, ask your doctor for:

  • A combination pelvic/rectal examination.
  • CA-125 blood test
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound

A Pap Test WILL NOT detect ovarian cancer.

It is hoped that the information contained in Cancer Information Page may help to save lives.

How would you react to this story if it was you?

An oncologist misdiagnosed a tumour in a woman’s leg and amputated it only to find out she did not have cancer!    Click on the link and read the full story. 

Suzanne Somer’s book - Knockout

Cancer Information has much pleasure in bringing you an interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Suzanne Somers.   Suzanne has recently written a book called Knockout.   Suzanne’s powerful inspired message of informed hope is reaching millions of readers who are learning about the many, safe, effective options for treating cancer that exist outside the realm of the conventional cancer industry (chemotherapy, surgery and radiation).

Click on the link and read the interview.    Chapter 13 covers an interview with David Schmidt who is the Founder of LifeWave.    LifeWave patches use acupressure and homeopathy to help the body heal.  People are experiencing amazing results using these patches.  They are non-transdermal and therefore NOTHING is passing through to the body.   If you would like to find more information on this amazing technology then click this link.   Happy reading! 

The China Study
Formal analysis and response

T Colin Campbell undertook the China Study in relation to health and Nutrition.   Denise Minger in August 2010 did a review of this work and in her own words:

When I first embarked on an analysis of T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study, I did not anticipate the range or magnitude of responses it would invoke reactions that have been at times controversial, at times impassioned, and at times downright heated, but above all else intellectually provocative. It seems The China Study is a book that, in many cases, is either intensely revered or vehemently criticized, and its ability to generate ongoing discussion signifies a deep-seated division in the scientific community. I would like to thank Mr. Campbell for his cordial response to my critique, as well as for the time he has taken to elucidate his philosophy of nutrition and his approach to research. While I do not agree with some of his conclusions, I honor his contributions to the field of health and nutrition, and deeply admire his courage to promote an unpopular message amidst a research sector dominated by special interests and opposing views. I propose that Campbell’s hypothesis is not altogether wrong but, more accurately, incomplete. While he has skillfully identified the importance of whole, unprocessed foods in achieving and maintaining health, his focus on wedding animal products with disease has come at the expense of exploring or even acknowledging the presence of other diet-disease patterns that may be stronger, more relevant, and ultimately more imperative for public health and nutritional research. Having lit a proverbial fuse, I feel called and compelled to make the sum of my findings available to the public so that they may add, in whatever extent or direction, to the symphony of voices engaged in this discourse. My intent with this paper is not to discredit Campbell as a scientist, nor to promote or discourage a particular diet but rather, to present new ways of looking at the China Study data and related research while highlighting the shortcomings in Campbell’s specific conclusions. I hope this information can be valuable to readers while above all else encouraging the use of independent, critical thought to advance our understanding of health."

FROM    Cancer Information

Pancreatic cancer information

Cancer Information page brings you information from Mike Adams, Health Ranger of Natural News dated 18 May 2010 with regards to pancreatic cancer.   It is the tale of two people one who went down the allopathic path and died and the other who is surviving with good health after three years by taking the alternative path.   Click on this article and read for yourself.

I hope you have found the information contained in this Cancer Information Page of interest to you.    I would ask you to visit the link below and learn about Chris Woollams and the wonderful work he does with his cancerACTIVE charity in the United Kingdom.    He has written several, easy read and wonderful books and is presently updating some of these books.   Click on the link 

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