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pH Balance, vitamin supplements, healthy food choices and a healthy life style provide building blocks for natural repair and regeneration.  For me, Marilyn Vine, personally, it is very important to be able to access products that allow me to find optimal health and to give me access to good vitamin and mineral supplements which enables me to live a healthy lifestyle.

How would you like to have beautiful glowing skin and shining hair which is a reflection of your general overall health?

When your body receives its required nutritional supplements it has the ability to heal itself. The minerals and vitamins act as building blocks which enables the body to perform its natural functions and which gives ultimate ph balance. Did you know that when the right nutritional diet is provided on a regular basis that the body systematically replaces your organs over a period of time? Once it was thought that the brain did not have the ability to repair itself but recent scientific discoveries have changed this opinion.

  • Have you found that your eyes are drawn to people who are exuding good health, energy and vitality?
  • Have you ever wondered why these people are like this and you are not?
  • Could it be that the answer lies in the healthy lifestyle that they are following?
  • Also the fact that they have ultimate ph balance, i.e. an alkaline rather than an acidic system.
  • People who have alkaline digestive systems are less prone to cancer than people who are highly acidic. In fact some people believe that if you change the acidic to alkaline that you can, in fact, beat your cancer!

You too could have all these things.   Visit the pages on:

ph Balance

Do you find that every now and then something comes along which just totally changes your life? For me this has been an opportunity to join an innovative group of people who realise that to obtain the best quality vitamin supplements, personal care, home care, cosmetics etc that you have to have diversity and be able to choose the best products from the best source.

Sadly today not all providers of health supplementation truly have your best interest at heart. Some of these companies make their products from a synthetic form of an ingredient rather than from the natural ingredient. Many times these synthetic forms do not actually work and in some instances they can, in fact, be harmful. Always check with the provider of your purchases as to the natural/synthetic nature of what you are buying.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of help by using the email form provided below or emailing  These home based business opportunities give me an interest in life, brings me into contact with like-minded people and provides financial freedom.  BUT the main reason I belong to these companies is to gain healthy products that will allow me to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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