Work from Home in Network Marketing with SISEL

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Work from Home in Network Marketing with SISEL.

I am an independent Sisel Distributor (10146519) and have followed the progress of this amazing network marketing opportunity since its inception in 2007.   I have also been privileged to use many of the products provided in the early days and in October 2017 you could call my home a “Sisel Safe Home”.

Sisel Safe provides me with

Click this link to find out more about these great products.

A simple thing like a deodorant

Here we have NaturalNews dated 12 July 2017 providing an article entitledThe top 7 most toxic ingredients in your deodorant… are you poisoning yourself every morning?”  


Reading this information makes me grateful all over again that I have the SiselSafe™ mission with the products that I use.


I read many years ago – probably around 17 – that 4 different people had been found to have a tight membrane band around their lungs and the only thing they all had in common was using a spray on deodorant.   It makes sense that by spraying things into your armpit that you are forcing the ingredients through the skin and if they are toxic ....well....    You could click this link for the Sisel website and check out their deodorant.

Sisel Mission and State of the Art Facilities

Sisel International was founded by Tom Mower Sr and is the President of the Company.  It is Sisel’s mission to create health, wealth, and happiness for its distributors and consumers throughout the world, by providing life-giving products and success-oriented opportunities.

Click this link to hear what three generations of Mowers have to say.


High-performance ingredients

Utilizing evidence-based, high-performance ingredients, Sisel produces products that are known for being more powerful in its formulations than that of competitors. These highly advanced products are developed in Sisel’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and produced in their world-class manufacturing facility.

Listen to Tom Mower Jr, Sisel CEO on Manufacturing Our Own Products.

Importance of products manufactured in a safe environment

Above you have read about the Sisel Safe™ motto with their “no potentially harmful ingredients” and watched Tom Jr and Tom Sr talk about the importance of quality ingredients and safe manufacturing environments and then you read articles like this one.


“Pharmaceutical employees arrested after causing 64 deaths with drug tainted with fungal meningitis”


This comes from an article published by NaturalNews on 26 December 2014 about the practices of a pharmaceutical company.  The article goes on to say:


“responsible for custom-mixing drugs in bulk. Hospitals and doctors received the medications by the boxful and trust their integrity and cleanliness. Since 2012, hospitals across the nation received countless cases of tainted drugs from the "filthy" pharmacy. Several pain specialists were unaware that they were injecting their patients with fungus-laced epidurals.”


Read the full story here.       I thank my lucky stars for being introduced to the Mower Family and their Mission back in 1996 and for now being able to be part of Sisel International and its Sisel Safe™ Motto and “No potentially harmful ingredients” and also for the ability to work from home.


Many years ago I heard Tom Sr speak in Sydney and say that many people criticize him for changing the ingredients in his products.    He said he does not apologise for this as when he finds new technologies and ingredients that can make his products more powerful – then this is what he will continue to do and I personally thank him for this and for giving me the opportunity to work from home.

Countries around the world

So many different countries have the ability to access these fabulous products and opportunities and every year more countries are added to the list!  Click this link and then click on the flag to find your country.


I receive emails from people asking “where can I buy these Sisel products?”   Check out your country in the link above and decide what you want to do.


  • Do you want to build a network marketing opportunity?
  • Do you want to work from home?
  • Are you a stay at home mom or dad?
  • Do you just want to purchase products just for your own use? 


All these opportunities are available to you. 


If the country is open then it is as easy as choosing what you want do.  

Join with me and become part of a team dedicated to health and helping others achieve theirs.  My [Marilyn Vine] Sisel ID is AUS9330852 and I would be your Enrolling Sponsor and your Placement and would love to welcome you on board!


My gut instinct tells me that some people’s reaction on finding out that I am an Australian distributor, and they live in another country that Sisel is open in, that this is not a good match for them to buy Sisel Products.   


Nothing could be further from the truth with this globally seamless network marketing opportunity.


Please be assured. Sisel International is globally seamless and it is so easy for us to interact with each other and support each other.  


If you have Skype then communication can be free.  Email is free.   When required telephone calls can be made. 


The Sisel Team that I am involved with covers several different countries and many of us work from home. 


So please check out the Sisel Opportunity page to learn more how you to can work from home.

Marilyn supplements her diet on a daily basis with age reversing products and dietary supplements.  Click this link for more information on these products.  If you would like to learn more about what she does then email 


 Please click this link to read information from Dr Dahl on Toxins in the Food Chain, and Why Quality Supplementation is Necessary.   The article goes on to say:


When it comes to supplements, the series of questions that individuals ask most frequently relate to their necessity. Do we not get all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat? And if we eat a regular, balanced diet, is that not enough to keep our bodies healthy and fit?” If you were to ask those questions prior to the turn of the 20th century, or even into the first quarter of the 20th century, the answer would have been yes. But today, given the fact that we do not have pure food anymore, the answer is no! “


The fact that I can work from home and have access to quality dietary supplements, personal and household care, weight loss, joint health and highly mineralized cosmetic range and can do it so easily is a great comfort to me.    Click here to see the amazing range of products available, and more being added all the time!   Recently at Sisel’s Convention held in April 2016 another 11 products were added to the range.     Click here to check out the options available to you in your country – don’t forget to click on the flag to see the countries available – and thus allow you to also partake in this great opportunity.    

Work from Home provides information on      
Triclosan and Propylene Glycol

Listen to this YouTube to give you an understanding why we should be using Sisel products.  Products that are designed to keep us safe! 

Marilyn Vine once again invites you to join her in this amazing network marketing opportunity – the one that you can work from home – or go on the road and do meetings and presentations.    We all know that the effort we put in will relate to the rewards we receive.

Click this link and select the enrol option     It is as simple as that!



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