California Information – firestorm – DEW & smart meters

California information is designed to provide an overview for people not living in California to understand the atrocities being perpetrated on these people under the guise of Agenda 2030 on so many fronts.

California Senate passed SB 276 in Sacramento

California Information:

Medical Fascism Descends in California, While A New Civil (and Human) Rights Movement in the US is Being Born

While California's tragic fall into what might rightly be described as a Medical Police State has many up in arms, RFK. Jr's spontaneously delivered speech outside Gov. Newsom's office helped transform the anger and grief experienced by thousands of shaken onlookers into inspiration and hope, no doubt contributing to catalyzing further what is clearly becoming this country's next, truly grassroots civil (and human) rights movement.

Following immediately after the California Senate passed SB 276 in Sacramento on Monday, which effectively removes medical exemptions in the state (even for those with previous life-threatening reactions to vaccines), a protest erupted at the state capital in front of Gov. Newsom’s office, who would sign the bill later that day. Earlier, five protestors were arrested for exercising their First Amendment right of peaceful protest — a painful irony, considering that the removal of religious exemptions also violates the First Amendment rights, which is why they were protesting in the first place.

In the astoundingly powerful and uplifting speech by RFK Jr. below, one senses the historical importance of what just transpired. The fall of California into medical fascism also marks the beginning of a new, broad-based civil rights movement which includes all sexes, races, walks of life, religions, and socioeconomic classes — as it concerns the primary, inviolable human right of bodily self-sovereignty and health freedom, and a parent’s right to make informed health choices for their children, which can have life and death consequences.

2019 California Burning Again

More California Information - as per usual - not good news!

The “Red Bank Fire” just erupted in Northern California. This is the smoke filled sunset view from my (Dane Wigington)'s backyard, September 5th, 2019.

As of now the fire has already burned 7754 acres with only 9% containment. There were 19,000 lightning strikes in the North State in the early morning hours of September 5th. Sadly, it is California’s turn to burn, yet again.

Los Angeles over-run with rats

Los Angeles, California cities 'overrun by rodents' that pose public health epidemic, study says | 17 July 2019 |

An ever-growing number of rodents in California -- particularly in Los Angeles -- is being fueled by a spiking homeless population and restrictions on rodenticides that are risking a public health crisis, according to a study released Tuesday. The report by political action committee Reform California cites recent rodent-related events over the past six months, including an employee at the Los Angeles Police Department contracting Typhus and a rat falling from the ceiling of a Buffalo Wild Wings onto the menu of a patron [LOL!], as proof of an "undeniable problem" in the Golden State.

Oil Spill

California Information:  Chevron oil spill dumps nearly 800,000 gallons of crude, water in California canyon | 13 July 2019 | Chevron crews have begun to clean up a massive and ongoing oil spill in California after nearly 800,000 gallons of oil and water were dumped into a canyon near Bakersfield in May. The company recently revealed that 794,000 gallons of water and oil have leaked out of the ground where Chevron uses steam injection to extract oil in the large Cymric Oil Field about 35 miles west of Bakersfield...The state has issued Chevron a notice of violation, ordering it to stop steam injections around the spill.

China Lake connection
What actually is it?

Important California Information:

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

Part 1 – The Secret City  by Anthony Etienne Jaime

For those who are aware of the Chemtrail phenomenon and are actively involved in researching the aerosol spraying programs in an effort to ascertain their purpose and determine the agencies involved, there are two main schools of thought that have come into existence.  Just as America has been divided into Red states and Blue states, the Chemtrail movement has become just as divided. On one hand, there are those who ardently wave the geo-engineering banner declaring that the aerosol spraying programs fall under the guise of solar radiation mediation.  And on the other hand, there are those who just as firmly believe that the purpose of the chemtrails are more sinister in nature and are the result of exotic space based weaponry developed under the far reaching umbrella of the military industrial complex.  And to a lesser extent, there are some who believe in an alien and UFO connection to the Chemtrail phenomenon and some who believe that the Chemtrails are a part of Project Bluebeam, that fabled conspiracy theory that says the world governments will fake an alien invasion with holograms as a pretext to imposing martial law and a one world order.  Some believe that the Chemtrails are preventing us from seeing the approach of Niburu or a second dwarf star.  The possible explanations are wide-ranging and often speculative but there is no doubt in my mind that the aerosol spraying programs and chemtrails are real for I see them everyday. Like the X-Files, the truth is out there somewhere. The cold hard reality is that we need to assemble enough clues and evidence to piece together that puzzle that is the truth into the bigger picture that may just include many of the aforementioned puzzle pieces.


Click this link to read the full California information article

Fig. 1 – The Track Crew (1978) at SNORT w the Sierras in the background – L to R: Anthony Etienne Jaime , Dan Krausman, Cleve Warren, Eddie Mierta, Raphael Alvarado, Billy Brown. ~The Truth Denied


Make sure to read all the article and especially check out the Coso Petroglyphs rock art

In case I miss seeing episode 2 here is what it is going to be called “Next:  Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection: Pt.2 Connecting the Dots” so that you may do your own research to find this 2nd installment.   If my page is not updated and you do find the link please email at with an appropriate subject line so that I don’t miss your email.

Homelessness putting Los Angeles at Risk

Activist Post dated 9 August 2019 brings this California information “Los Angeles faces an imminent bubonic plague outbreak due to rampant homelessness”.  

The City of Angels is on the verge of succumbing to a deadly disease epidemic, thanks to an out-of-control homeless problem that’s bringing back horrific contagions like bubonic plague that rarely make an appearance in the First World.


According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a celebrity radio doctor who was blacklisted from the mainstream circuit for commenting on failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s obvious poor health during the 2016 election cycle, there’s an imminent threat of a major bubonic plague outbreak in Los Angeles – and most Angelinos have no idea what’s about to hit them.


During a recent Periscope broadcast with Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, Dr. Drew, as he’s best known, discussed the “apocalyptic” nature of this threat, which is a direct result of both state and local authorities refusing to deal with homelessness all over the streets of Los Angeles.

After correctly predicting the typhus outbreak that recently struck LA due to this serious and growing problem, Dr. Drew is now warning that bubonic plague is soon on the way, as it similarly travels from rats, fleas, and other rodents to humans via their pets.


The last bubonic plague outbreak to occur in the United States was nearly a century ago, from 1924 to 1925, and also in Los Angeles. Before that, the best known bubonic plague outbreak occurred in the Fourteenth Century, resulting in the Black Death that killed off one-third of the population of Europe.

One would have to ask whether this is not another of the New World Order’s depopulation programme?


California Doctor sues Medical Board

California Information:  Please take the time to open this link and learn what this amazing doctor has done.

Sacramento Family loses their YouTube

Activist Post dated 27 July 2019 published this California information article “YouTube Terminates Account of Sacramento Family Fighting Verizon 5G Small Cell Tower Installed Next to Children’s Bedroom”.  

Few people in Sacramento have signed up for 5G.  Many want it gone, including the Davidson family who had a small cell tower installed next to their home.  They have been very public about experiencing symptoms of Microwave Sickness and Electromagnetic Sensitivity from exposure.  According to the family’s GoFundMe page, YouTube has now cancelled their account.  

You can also visit the family’s blog 5G Awareness Now here.

Our food supply is it being threatened

California Information:  June and now July 2019 I am reading about large volcanic eruptions occurring around the world.   The latest one being California on 4 July 2019.   Listen to the YouTube


More California Information:

California Braces For Mega-quake 125 Times More Powerful Than The Last

Dr Marc Sircus has done a very good exposẻ of what has been occurring in other parts of the world.   Click this link to read about the number of volcanoes that have erupted in June 2019.

Education System to track kids from cradle to career!

Activist Post dated 2 July 2019 posted this California information article “California Unveils Big Brother Education System to Track Kids From “Cradle to Career  

The California legislature has approved legislation that will be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to set up an educational system that will use big data to track children from “cradle to career.”

Senate Bill 75 was approved by a vote of 31-7 in the Senate and 62-14 in the Assembly. It will create a “longitudinal” data system that profiles and manipulates pupils from the earliest of ages so they are guided into a career determined by the central planners.


“This is long overdue. Finally, California, the center of the tech world, has a government that is catching up to the 21st century,” said Arun Ramanathan, CEO of Pivot Learning Partners, a nonprofit that will be benefiting from this legislation.


“I’m encouraged we are moving forward and proceeding through the work group in a thoughtful and deliberate way,” said Hans Johnson, a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California and director of its Higher Education Center.

A most chilling story

17 June 2019:   This is the most chilling and heart-rending story that I have read for a long while.  What Jerry a resident of the so called “forest” fires in California relates to a personal friend.   What you need to understand is that Jerry is describing exactly what is planned for us all worldwide under Agenda 2030.   The more I read about what is unfolding in California the more I believe that the people of California are being used as a “test” to see just how far they can go before people will stand up and revolt against what is being done to them.   I noticed with interest the reference to the residents being “forced” to sign their insurance over to the government.   Why did this raise my attention.  Well I have recently read a document on the Titanic and also an article on 911 – both of which are believed to be insurance scams!  I don’t have a document for 911 but what I read is that around 1989 they found that massive repairs were required that would cost a great deal of money so this is the solution they found to not only save money but make some at the same time with total disregard of the lives they took!   Here is the Titanic document. In both cases I read that legislation was changed prior to both incidents to enable the insurance fraud to take place.    Thank you Jerry for sharing your story and I wish that there was more that I could do to help you and others like you.   The best I am able to do is to share your California information story and trust that others will read this and send it wider.


I was ask if our property had been cleaned yet? Thought you might want to see my answer.


They removed the remains of our buildings including all foundations and belongings effectively re-wilding our property; which was always the goal. The question now is will they be able to keep it that way? They are not yet done and we must wait for their "baloney" testing. Also they intend to spray crappy grass seed and will not return the property to us until the State of California  issues us a letter stating that the property is being returned to us; no time line on that, it's whenever they want. Until then we are not allowed to use the property only continue to pay taxes on it or they will declare we no longer have any right to the property. What a joke they have already taken any right to the property from us, but leave us with a hope of returning something; who knows with what new rules? You see even by their words they have taken away what our Country's founders considered the basis of the Constitution "Property Rights". They have already had Indians crawling all over our property  looking to discover any previous Indian presence so that they  could then put more restrictions on the property. They document all that we have left including things like water, septic etc. They have also had environmentalists looking for wet lands, or any plants, animals, or insects that they could declare endangered. Down in Paradise they discovered some frogs and are in process of doing that. And of course we look forward to the final financial settlement payment that they have indicated they will want from us for all the clean-up they made mandatory. By way of economic choices and rush of deadlines they forced us to to sign our insurance monies over to them. They create the crisis, manage the crisis, and always use the crisis to create more government intrusion upon a once free people. But for your education know that we have not been free since the time of our Civil War.

Christian Schools now being targeted

News Target dated 13 June 2019 published this California information article “SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or face closure”.   

Please read the article to understand what is going on.   I understand from articles that I have read that California is governed by four prominent families – Nancy Pelosi’s being one of them – so this sort of aggression does not seem to be so outrageous when you  understand this.

Is California becoming a third world country?

News Target dated 10 June 2019 published this California information article “Collapsifornia: Golden State set to spend billions of taxpayer funds to give free medical care to illegal aliens

Left-wing Democrats are doing all they can to remake California in their socialist-Marxist vision, ensuring that it will become the first — and most wealthy — state in our union to collapse.

In addition to taxing residents at some of the highest rates in the country, Democrats in Sacramento are set to adopt a new measure that will provide free healthcare to illegal aliens — a move that is surely going to attract hundreds of thousands more just like the Dem-run cities who cater to homeless people have turned vast sections into disease-and-rat-infested trash and dung heaps.

“California believes that health is a fundamental right,” said state Sen. Holly Mitchell, a Democrat, according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, which added that the Donkey Party is essentially burdening future generations with this new entitlement to thumb their noses at POTUS Donald Trump: 

California will become the first state to pay for some adults living in the country illegally to have full health benefits as the solidly liberal bastion continues to resist the policies of Republican President Donald Trump’s administration. 

New State of California being formed

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

Premiered Apr 19, 2019

What exactly is the New California movement, and what are the grievances it’s trying to address? And how does this highlight the urban and rural divide among voters in California? Are the precedents for forming a new state out of a pre-existing one? And how is the New California movement relying on the US constitution to achieve this? This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek. Today we sit down with Paul Preston, founder and president of the movement for a New California state.

California Healthy Youth Act

NaturalNews dated 25 April 2019 published this California Information article “California now FORCING parents to surrender their children to LGBT indoctrination in public schools… no right to opt out”.   

Known as the “California Healthy Youth Act,” the horrific mandate will require that all public school children in the Golden State be subjected to indoctrinating new “curriculum” in the classroom that advocates for abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and all sorts of other evils and perversions being pushed by deranged Leftists on underage children as “healthy” ways to live their lives.


As explained by Calvin Freiburger, writing for Life Site News, the bill itself claims to be a tool for “equipping” children to develop “healthy attitudes” about “gender [and] sexual orientation,” among other things – and all under the guise of “health.”

How deliberately has the water been contaminated?

California Information:  22 April 2019: One has to ask “what lengths are they prepared to go to, stop habitation of an area?”  Now we learn that the areas of Paradise and Santa Rosa are uninhabitable due to benzene levels and other carcinogens in the water and will be uninhabitable for a very long time.   If you are in the know, you will know that under Agenda 2030 certain areas around the world are to be deliberately cleared of habitation and allowed to go back to “wilderness”.    I also read that the average Joe Blo won’t be allowed access to these areas but the so called “elite” will be allowed to hunt, camp and use.


A thinking friend sent me the following California information:

Benzene has also been found in other fire area ground water besides Paradise, such as Santa Rosa.  It is being suggested that the cause is from the extreme heat of the fires melting plastic piping containing Benzene, which then leeches into the ground water.


QUESTION: How could a fire melt plastic pipes that are underground? They are usually about 12 inches deep.  Would such a hot fire penetrate that far into the ground to melt them? Also, it would seem there would need to be a massive amount of pipes that melted to do such contamination to their water system.  Seems now they won't be moving back OR living there at all for a long time.  Hmm.   Here is the link to the Paradise Benzene matter.  Sorry but the link has been removed.


“We don’t know where this theory comes from. We’d like to see the evidence,” Lance MacNevin of the Plastics Pipe Institute in Texas said. “If they ask for our help, we’d love to assist with this investigation.”   See article.


From the Santa Rosa fire:  Some sections of polyvinyl chloride pipe melted, leeching carcinogens into the system. And when the water pressure dropped, ash and chemicals from burnt-out homes were sucked back into the main lines, permanently contaminating them. The polluted zone covers 184 acres north and south of Fountaingrove Parkway around Fir Ridge Drive.   Click this link


I am finding that I am having to remove so many links and YouTubes from this website due to massive censorship and no doubt the same will happen to these three links given time.






adjective: destined

  1. (of a person's future) developing as though according to a plan.

"she could see that he was destined for great things"

o   certain to meet (a particular fate).

"she was destined to become a life-long friend"

o   intended for or traveling toward (a particular place).

"agricultural exports destined for the United States"

synonyms: heading, bound, en route, scheduled; directed to, routed to; intended, meant, designed, set; set apart, designated, appointed, allotted, booked, reserved "a consignment of computers destined for Pakistan"


The Sacramento Bee knows what words to choose


Now read their California information article.

Cell Phone Tower to be removed from school

Activist Post dated 26 March 2019 published this California information article “After 8 Cancer Diagnoses and 2 Years of Protest, Sprint Finally Agrees to Remove Cell Tower from California School Property”.  

Doesn’t this sound absolutely fabulous??

Listen to the YouTube and see what it can do and then read the California information below the YouTube to understand the total implications for you.

This is just a small excerpt of this California information article published by Activist Post and dated 14 March 2019 entitled “San Diego Has Been Turned Into A Massive Chinese-Style Public Surveillance Network”.  Please make sure you read it all.

California Information:  San Diego’s law enforcement is using BriefCam to create “precise face recognition [that] rapidly pinpoints people of interest in real-time using digital images extracted from video, external image sources and pre-defined watchlists.”


Watchlisting people is a major selling point for BriefCam, “our scalable watchlist management enables rapid and powerful rule configuration.” 


When I called 2018: The Year Public Watchlists Became Commonplace I was not joking, and here is another smoking gun to prove it.

California residents stop cell towers being erected

Activist Post dated 10 March 2019 published this California information article “California Residents Stopped Verizon from Installing Small Cell Tower Near Homes!


Danville, CA residents aren’t the first Americans to stop harmful and unwanted cell tower infrastructure from being installed in their community.  Activist Post has reported about the many Americans who are fighting to stop this as well as some who have already been successful.  (See 1, 2)

Kudos to the record number of Danville residents who attended their February and March council meetings which led to this victory against Verizon.

Big Wireless concedes – no studies done

Illegal Immigrants

News Target dated 4 March 2019 published this California information article “Confirmed: California is protecting over 5,000 illegal alien criminals by refusing to hand them over to federal authorities”.  Here is an excerpt:

Reiterating its proud status as a sanctuary state for criminals, California is back in the news for harboring and protecting illegal aliens that otherwise would be lawfully detained and deported – as they should be – by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Reports indicate that over the past 27 months, California has refused to honor a whopping 5,600 ICE detainers – these being the holds that ICE agents file to local jails and police to request the turnover of illegal aliens for arrest and deportation.

Of these 5,600 refused ICE detainers, more than 3,400 of them involved illegal aliens classified as “level 1” and “level 2” offenders, meaning these individuals were found guilty of committing serious crimes like kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, fraud, illegal drug activity, and homicide.

The four families who rule California



I wonder why this YouTube has been removed?????     Too much heat for Nancy to deal with????

and now hear what Nancy Pelosi has to say

Medley of information on DEW, etc

Please click this California information link which contains a myriad of information pertaining to California and other parts of America

Earthquakes Intentionally Caused by Reservoirs and Dams

Listen to Debra Tavares speak on reservoirs and liquid injections and the volcanic effect it has.

Then listen to "Water Wars - Stealing Water for Profit and Power".   This is a most disturbing YouTube and should be shared widely.  This is not just California information but pertains worldwide.

Camp Fire Victims being removed from their properties

One of the victims writes:


Well the latest is the local governments are closing all the places where fire victims fled to for shelter. Protests have caused promises for new temporary locations, but people are harassed and being driven to move on. Meanwhile Paradise local government thinks they have a right to keep us off our property, has been discussing a new ordnance to allow fire victims to return to our properties with an RV  for temporary living, but the Federal government has now told our local governments that if they allow us to return the Feds will not provide funding promised to the local governments. The result is the  building department is now refusing to issue any permits for power to be restored to properties. Don't ya love it, and all those brave soldiers thought they went to war so we in America could be FREE!”

California targeting the homeless again!

Activist Post dated 31 January 2019 published this California information article “New State Regulations Force a California Charity for the Homeless to Close Shop”.  

For the past four years, Deliverance San Diego has been delivering hot meals to the city’s homeless population every Friday, averaging 200 donated meals on any given evening. Now, due to new guidelines passed by the State Legislature of California, the non-profit is ceasing operations and will dissolve by the end of the month.


Through their existing model, hot meals were prepared in volunteer homes and distributed on the streets.


“Volunteers from various churches gather at 17th and Commercial downtown to load four food wagons with chili, soup, cornbread, water, and other snacks,” the group’s web site explains. “We offer prayer and spiritual support, but one of the easiest things we do is get someone’s name and remember it.”   Click here to read the reasons why.

PG&E and Smart Meters

Activist Post dated 10 January 2019 published this article “Utility “Smart” Meters Fires and Explosions: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How“.    Please read this article as there are many other Youtubes providing information.

A survivor speaks up

Marilyn Vine asks how many other “survivors” are being treated by the Californian Government/American Government like this person is.    Here is what he had to say to a friend in the last few days.  Today is 11 January 2019.   This will remain at the top of the bookmark to remind people who visit this site what is ACTUALLY happening to the victims.


The Fascist still will not allow us to again live on our property. It is one thing after another they keep piling on us. New regulation after regulation delay after delay. I worked very hard for over 50 years in a rigged game. What do I have?  We have no property rights or any other that are very determinable. California is now ranked 49th out of 50 States in personal  liberty, only New York is worse. The Constitution is dead, they only refer to it as necessary to keep up the illusion. Fema has entered my property without permission and destroyed many things,what ever they wanted to destroy. They will not allow us to cleanup or salvage anything they claim the exclusive salvage right to all that is ours. If we disturb the ash foot print we are threatened that we will pay severely. Welcome to totalitarianism! It also amazes me how they contain the grief so others not burned out continue to carry on as usual while they gut us. Anyone who would infer that anyone but the designated scapegoat PG&E could have been responsible for this crisis, is quickly redirected. It is clear that it was predetermined that PG&E is the Lee Harvey Oswald "patsie" whom will absorb all blame, and no other can be anything but conspiracy no matter how much evidence we have.

Bookmark this California Information page to see new information as it comes to hand.

Timelines of Sickness and Death documented on Californian Fire Fighters

Activist Post dated 7 January 2019 published this California information article “Timelines of Sickness and Death Documented After Cell Towers Were Installed in U.S. Locations ”.  Here is an excerpt of concerns of fire fighters:  

Most would agree that firefighters are some of the bravest among us.  That’s why it’s noteworthy that the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of their stations for cell towers and antennas since 2004.  Their website has many pages of research that they reference to support this opposition.  Some of it was conducted on firefighters.  

**Note: A pilot study was conducted in 2004 of six California fire fighters working and sleeping in stations with towers.  The study, conducted by Gunnar Heuser, M.D., PhD. of Agoura Hills, CA, focused on neurological symptoms of six fire fighters who had been working for up to five years in stations with cell towers. Those symptoms included slowed reaction time, lack of focus, lack of impulse control, severe headaches, anesthesia-like sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, and tremors. Dr. Heuser used functional brain scans – SPECT scans – to assess any changes in the brains of the six fire fighters as compared to healthy brains of men of the same age. Computerized psychological testing known as TOVA was used to study reaction time, impulse control, and attention span. The SPECT scans revealed a pattern of abnormal change which was concentrated over a wider area than would normally be seen in brains of individuals exposed to toxic inhalation, as might be expected from fighting fires. Dr. Heuser concluded the only plausible explanation at this time would be RF radiation exposure. Additionally, the TOVA testing revealed among the six fire fighters delayed reaction time, lack of impulse control, and difficulty in maintaining mental focus.”

California Information
Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons

Activist Post dated 6 January 2019 published this California Information article  “California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapons “. 

Here is an excerpt from the California information article:

“Fires were observed burning at temperatures at least three times hotter than an average house fire; hot enough to melt aluminum and glass, reducing homes to pure ash yet leaving plastic trash cans beside them untouched.


Most of us are familiar with how microwave ovens heat and interact with foods and how this differs from the effects of thermal or convection ovens. We know that plastics are “microwave safe”, whereas metals explode violently when subjected microwaves. The effects of the NorCal fires of the past couple of years have been widely observed to resemble the effects one might expect to see from directed microwave radiation or masers.


Maser is the acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Likewise, laser is the acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Both masers and lasers are forms of amplified, coherent, electromagnetic radiation and both frequency ranges are used in various Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs are a newer class of weapons that are starting to come into wider use.”

Make sure you watch this California information YouTube

Stratospheric Aerial spraying in California

Geoengineering Watch said on 19 December 2018:


Northern California weather forecasters predicted “mostly sunny skies” for today, and this is what we got. Does this look normal to you?

What are Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

California information:  What are Directed Energy Weapons? What was used in the California fires? What are all of the different types of DEW, and where are they used?  How long have these systems existed, and who has them, who makes them. When have they been used other than the fires recently?


Included: Ion lasers, Solid state lasers, Chemical lasers, X-ray lasers, charged particle beams, micro-waves, and kinetic energy devices.


Hugh's Aircraft, TRW, Northrup Grumman, Martin Marietta Lockheed, Boeing, Perkin-Elmer, EG&G China Lake CA, Area 51, Montauk point, camp Hero, flight 800, flight 990, JFK Jr.

Agenda 2030
Californian Fires
Relief denied to victims

I will be posting more information on this California information page with regards to what is happening as I believe it all has a relevance to the implementation of Agenda 2030.    I believe that they are using the State of California as a test case to see just how far they can go before the people start and stand up and fight back against this agenda.


Activist Post dated 15 November 2018 published this California information article “Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht to Bring Supplies to Fire Victims But Police Don’t Let Him Ashore

California information:  Malibu, CA — Howard Leight, co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery, is a billionaire tech industry mogul who lost most of his vineyard over the last week as wildfires raged through California. His misfortune did not deter him from helping the victims of the fire, however.

Last week, after Leight tried unsuccessfully to save his property from raging fire, he felt it was time to give back. So, he contacted his friend Bill Kerbox, and this week, they rolled in with the supplies.

On Tuesday morning, a group of volunteers loaded up Leight’s yacht, named the Leight Star, with thousands of water bottles, 100 gallons of gasoline, snacks, dog food, lots of beer and other necessities. They then headed up the coast and began making their way to Paradise Cove.


However, when the group of volunteers arrived at Paradise Cove, they were met by the LA County Sheriff’s department who refused to allow them on shore.

“If we’re not letting people in by land, we’re not letting them in by sea,” an LA County sheriff’s deputy said.

Video of fire

California information:  Nov 8 2018 This video starts shortly after meeting up with my son and his girlfriend who walked from Paradise HS. The route taken was Clark to Wagstaff back up Wagstaff down Clark to Elliot then down Skyway.

California and Smart Meters

Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) is about control of the land and the entire global population.  California information page asks:

Do you know the basic 9 Tenets of Agenda 21?  If not, you can learn what they are in the video below.

What’s going on in California?  Why is California burning?  TV stations are reporting about the weather anomalies people now realize have been happening.  Is it too late?

Directed Energy Weapons

California Information:  On 7 August 2018:  more information on California Mendocino Complex Fires Now LARGEST In State History.   Listen to the YouYube and again you hear mention of relocating people into new areas which fits in with the Agenda 2030 program.

Rebecca Campbell published this California information article on 3 August 2018 “Directed Energy Weapons = Forest Fires That Cut Houses in Half, Do Not Burn Trees

Three more videos have been removed:

  • Dew Lasers confirmed again
  • The new normal Firenados
  • Fire Captain interview

California Information:  Phi Beta Iota: The explanation that “sane” Californians are offering blames the electric company for having outdated electrical junction boxes that are failing, sparking, and starting fires all over. That explanation does not appear adequate in light of both houses cut in half, a great deal of green brush surviving. The lines of demarcation between what has been attacked and what has survived are too clear. Not normal at all. Alternative explanations include shifting plates and volcanic activity nearing surface and creating hot zones. All we can be certain of is that we are not getting the truth about this.

California under attack again!

Activist Post dated 24 June 2018 published this California information article “California Water Rationing Agenda-21 Style New Law Passed”.  Here is an excerpt and listen to the YouTube:

“What a way to control humans in order to comply with the New World Order, United Nations Agenda 21!  How come California is kowtowing to the UN? Isn’t it a free state?

California probably is in the roll out, trial run phase to implement the UN’s Agenda 21 on utilities.

All the problems consumers and homeowners will face have been ‘engineered’ and on the controllers’ drawing boards for years using various iterations of “climate change.”   

This is a really important video to listen to so that you understand what is going on.

Blue Laser deliberately lit the California fires – Agenda 21 in Action!

California information:   1 November 2017 Star Ship Earth:


We heard the reports of “blue lights” in the skies, we knew fires were started in many areas almost simultaneously seemingly out of nowhere. Here’s the proof what did it.


They’re pulling out all the stops, dragging out the technology they’ve had sitting around gathering dust until the perfect moment to use it. Their end game. It’s their end, all right.”





Need further evidence then click these global warming links.  The links came from this source.


Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma, Napa Fires Video/summary by inTruthbyGrace | 13 Oct 2017 | Something turned these houses into in furnaces to allow for near complete combustion... The evidence of what we are seeing defies the laws of physics for an open air fire, I have ALREADY documented the wind speeds were marginal for the areas at the time the fires started. The fact that a tree is burning AS IF IT IS A FURNACE is noteworthy and should be of great concern to anyone educated prior to 1995 when physics and chemistry actually taught us what is possible with a mere open air burn versus with a furnace. TOTAL combustion of material is NOT possible outside of a furnace, yet that is exactly the damage we are observing with temps reaching high enough values to MELT GLASS.  7:18  NOT normal!


Proof California Fires Started by HAARP Matches | 14 Oct 2017 | The tree pictured is burning from the inside out! The video is very important with eyewitness testimony proving HAARP EMP weapons being used to start California fires. Some witnesses saw blue sparks and flashes in the sky that were NOT lightning! Some felt a weird energy in the air that made their heart palpitate. Some felt an "energy vortex" move through their homes. A firefighter known by one of the guests on Scott Bennett's radio show...told some shocking details on the air. He said a cop went and knocked on the door of a house and told them they had to be out of there in one hour. The fire was nowhere around the home at that point and that's why they had an hour. The policemen came back to that same house in 5 minutes and the house was fully engulfed in flames! No way the fire would have moved from nowhere around there to fully engulfing the house in 5 minutes.


What caused these fires in California? Video/summary by Jerry Toney | 13 Oct 2017 | ...What caused the fires in California? Yet the pine trees did not burn up. The homes and everything in them turned to white ash. Why?


Cal Fire incident commander: Investigations are 'confidential' --Death toll rises to 42; 53 are missing | 19 Oct 2017 | A Santa Rosa couple filed the first lawsuit against PG&E in connection with the deadly Northern California wildfires and alleges negligence and violations of various utility and safety codes. At the same time, the death toll from the disaster grew to 42 after the remains of a man were found in a residence late Tuesday, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday morning. As of Wednesday, 53 people remained missing in Sonoma County alone although there are also wildfires in Napa, Mendocino, Lake, Butte and several other Northern California counties...As for the investigation into the wildfires, Cal Fire incident commander Bret Gouvea said the probes "are still ongoing." He added that the investigations are "confidential" at this point.



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