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Marilyn Vine is continually reading and learning new health tips in relation to both health and nutrition.  I believe that more and more people are becoming health and nutrition conscious and this is why pages like this are so important.


Some serious issues are covered with regard to alerting women to symptoms of ovarian cancer and the importance of nutrition, particularly for pregnant women, and their families.   I have dedicated a total page to pregnancy on this website as I feel that the information I receive with regard to pregnancy is of paramount importance to both the mother and the unborn fetus.    I believe that if more women were better informed of the inherent dangers in some of the common everyday things that we do that they would be appalled about the risk they are posing to their unborn baby.    Also I have about five different pages on vaccinations and again I urge people to take the time to stop and have a look at the information.    It won’t be the information that your Health Department or Governments are advising you to do but at least it will give you some grounds for thinking about and making up your own minds and maybe even doing some more research yourself before taking a vaccination route.   To put it simply the aim of a vaccine is to over-ride the body’s natural immune system.

Why would anyone want to over-ride their own natural immune system which is designed by nature to protect you?

Why wouldn’t you be taking every step within your power to enhance your immune system and thus protect yourself naturally?

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Natural News dated 4 August 2019 published this health tip article “Baking soda and lemon juice: A great combo for skin and gut health”.


People swear by different home remedies for common health complaints. Popular ones include ingredients like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and lemon juice. But can these remedies effectively address acne or digestive issues?

Research suggests that when used together, baking soda and lemon juice offer various health benefits.


Please click the link to read the article and make sure that whatever you use is organic, i.e. lemons and baking soda.

Eating the core of an apple is beneficial

Dr Mercola dated 5 August 2019 published this health tips article “Why you should eat the apple core”.


Here is his story at a glance:

  • Apples’ antioxidant power is contained in the peel. However, recent research shows the core of the apple contains plenty of beneficial bacteria (probiotics)
  • A typical apple contains about 100 million bacteria. Organic apples have far greater diversity compared to conventional apples, and contain higher amounts of bacteria that enhance flavor
  • Organic apples were the only ones found to contain Lactobacilli, bacteria that break down sugars associated with healthy digestion, robust immune function and even mental health
  • Conventional apples were found to contain Escherichia coli and Shigella — two Enterobacteriaceae species associated with foodborne illness, as both produce potent shigatoxin. Neither of these species was found in organic apples
  • Bacterial colonization of fruit begins at pollination, and the ultimate composition of a fruit’s microbiota is actually influenced by the microbial community found in the pollen

I [Marilyn] have an amazing product that will assist in pulling out all the toxins and pesticides in fresh produce.    This is really important to me if I am to eat the skin.   I have known for probably close on 20 years that the hollow where the stem goes into the apple is the most toxic part of the fruit as this is where the sprays accumulate – which makes sense.    Email me to find out about what I use.   Here is a picture of the result when I soaked split green peas and then added more peas that were not soaked to my soup.  The difference really amazed me.

Pomegranate improving brain function

NaturalNews dated 28 July 2019 published this health tips article “Juice up your brain: Pomegranates improve brain function and blood flow among the elderly”.


Pomegranates are some of the healthiest fruits on the planet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote overall health. According to a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, pomegranate juice can improve cognitive function and blood flow among the elderly.

Previous studies have shown that pomegranate juice protects neurons in the brain against aluminum, stroke, and glucose deprivation-associated neurotoxicity. Pomegranate juice also prevents the formation of pathological plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Tips: To find out the super antioxidant that I use containing pomegranate click this link and send me an email.

Apple, beetroot and carrot detoxification drink

  • 2 medium cooked beetroot
  • 1 green apple
  • 2 carrots
  • Juice from ½ a lemon
  • ½ glass of water (Marilyn recommends using filtered water)


Peel and cut beets into pieces.   Do not peel the apple as the pectin in the skin is beneficial


Marilyn also recommends that you soak your produce first to ensure the pesticides and toxins have been removed.  See the picture above to see the result when you soak with the product I use.

Baking Soda

15 Baking Soda Tricks Every Woman And Man Should Know ! 15 Baking Soda Uses | 5-Minute Treatment

Want to lose your belly fat?

Take This Juice For 7 Days and Forget About Belly Fat


  • 1 cucumber  chopped
  • 1 cup parsley
  • 3 pieces of pineapple
  • 1 celery stalk


Wash them well and mix them in a blender.   Drink this juice on an empty stomach in the morning.  Don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners and drink it within 15 minutes so that it doesn’t lose any of its nutritional values.

The humble Passionfruit

Dr Mercola on 18 February 2v019 published this health tips “Health Benefits of Passion Fruit.    Who would have thought this.   My passionfruit is currently yielding a large number of fruit and I have been busy freezing them away in an ice cube tray for future use as there are too many for me to keep up with at the moment.   Here is Dr Mercola’s story at a glance.

  • Described as a type of sweet-sour berry that’s both highly aromatic and seedy, the passion fruit may not be as well-known as other fruits, but it is gaining interest due to its abundant, advantageous nutrients
  • You can eat passion fruit by using it to make pudding, ice pops, tarts, sauces and vinaigrettes, but it’s also good for slicing in half and scooping up with a spoon to enjoy its creamy, tart flavor
  • Passion fruit has been found to be loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium, as well as excellent amounts of fiber, all translating to improve your health
  • Hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes have all been shown to be improved by eating passion fruit, but substances like piceatannol and harman have their own unique abilities for your health
  • Anticarcinogenic agents in passion fruit have been shown to initiate apoptosis in unhealthy cells, but skin improvement and insomnia are also addressed due to a combination of all the plant-based nutrients

Are pesticides in food lowering the IQ of our children?

NaturalNews dated 10 June 2018 published this article “Pesticides making America STUPID: Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children”.  The article goes on to say:


“If you’re expecting a baby or considering starting a family soon, you’ve probably been reading up on how to give your child the best start in life. You probably wouldn’t dream of lighting up a cigarette or getting drunk while you’re pregnant, but you could very well be doing something that can be quite harmful to your unborn child if you’re being exposed to pesticides.


This isn’t a warning that only applies to farm workers; 33 million pounds of organophosphate pesticides were used in the U.S. in 2007 alone, putting countless people at risk.”


This is a picture of the strawberries I picked from my own garden on 30 October 2017, grown chemically free and fed lots of minerals and nutrients.   They are just so sweet to eat.   I am so glad that I have access to these strawberries after reading NaturalHealth 365 dated 28 October 2017 publication “Strawberry nutrient helps protect elderly from neurodegenerative disease”.  Here is an excerpt from the article and make sure you click this link to read the full story.


An increasing amount of evidence is showing that a natural plant compound from strawberries can boost brain health while reducing the risks of neurodegenerative disease associated with aging. Salk Institute scientists have studied the strawberry antioxidant fisetin and found it to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in aging mice.”


Dr Mercola article dated 25 February 2017 on grounding.  Please make sure you click this link to watch Video


Story at-a-glance

  • When you put your bare feet on the ground, you absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet
  • These free electrons act as antioxidants in your body and help to reduce chronic inflammation, the root of many chronic diseases
  • Through the simple act of walking barefoot on the Earth and making a point to stay grounded when you’re indoors, it may be possible to thwart chronic diseases and even slow aging


A doctor shows some simple steps to fix vertigo


Here is a link to some natural alternatives to help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Health can’t come from a vaccine

Take a few minutes and scroll through the following pages as you may just be amazed at what you find on these pages!

I have spent several years in putting this Healthymoneyvine website together.  It is aimed to help people to understand how they can protect themselves by bringing them information from Andrew Saul of Orthomolecular Medicine and Phillip Day from Campaign for Truth in Medicine and Chris Woollams with his wonderful information on cancer.

There are also pages on fluoridation, aspartame, Teflon and many other issues that are all impacting on the health of the people of the world.

Nightshade Family

Listen to Dr. Bob DeMaria speak about the Nightshade Family foods and how if your liver is compromised these foods may be causing you pain.  He also has a remedy to help.

Great Health Tips
Formulations and Information

Health Tips and NaturalNews on 12 October 2013 bring information on how to lose belly fat.   Mike Adams went on to say:

“ Believe it or not, the holiday season is almost upon us - and with it, the usual overindulgence and weight gain. But we can take action to offset the damage. Armed with a simple daily detox drink and metabolism-boosting remedies, we can keep our waistlines in check and ensure all the festivities won't dampen health.”

I was very impressed with the information provided and instead of giving you the link to Mike’s article I have turned the information into a pdf and added more of my own comments.   Mike’s link is shown in the document if you wish to refer to the original.   Please click on this link to learn some very simple procedures that you can undertake to help protect your health.

Treating a burn

If you or a loved one, a friend or even a stranger has the misfortune to get burned, then this home remedy may save them many years of pain and disfigurement.  Please pass this information on to your family and friends. 

Emergency treating of burns

If you or a loved one, a friend or even a stranger has the misfortune to get burned, then this home remedy may save them many years of pain and disfigurement.  Please pass this information on to your family and friends. 

Blood sugar regulation 

Health Tips brings information from NaturalNews dated 24 March 2012 with regards to an article by Dr David Jockers with regards to a special hormone being released by bone cells which plays an important role in blood sugar regulation.

Marilyn has emailed NaturalNews on reading this article and asked Mike Adams if the could contact Dr Jockers to ascertain whether drinking fluoridated water which builds up in bone might affect the release of this special hormone.    I am hoping to see a further article in this regard in the future.   Sadly I never heard back from Mike Adams.

Listeria and what they are doing to prevent it!

Listen to the YouTube and hear what they are doing!    I agree with the internist – prevention would be far safer than the cure they are proposing!   Then click on the link to read the article.

Manuka Honey and MRSA

Health Tips Page brings a great article from Dr Mercola on Manuka honey.    He says the story at a glance:

Certain types of honey, such as Manuka, have been shown to be more effective than antibiotics in the treatment of serious, hard-to-heal skin infections

The only types of honey you should ever attempt to use for wound care are Manuka honey or raw (unprocessed) honey. Conventional “Grade A” type honey found in most grocery stores may actually worsen infection and should never be applied to wounds

Clinical trials have found Manuka honey can effectively eradicate more than 250 clinical strains of bacteria, including resistant varieties such as MRSA

I lived in New Zealand for over 30 years and heard many Maori people speak about the healing properties of Manuka honey, particularly with burns.

Now it appears that the medical fraternity are taking it on board as well.  A great article to read.

Microwaving your food

I have not used a microwave since the beginning of the 1990’s when I started to read about the harm that they cause to the human body.  The only time I use a microwave is to heat up a wheat pack when it was required.  In fact our microwave died several years ago and has never been replaced!

Please take the time to click on this link as it contains such disturbing information.  Even I had no idea of the depth of the harm that is caused by microwaving your food! 


Health Tips page brings a report from Dr Mercola on 25 April 2011 with regard to the FDA notifying healthcare professionals and patients that the FDA has received reports of methemoglobinemia having serious and potentially fatal side effects.    It can be found in the following:

  • cough drops
  • throat sprays
  • gels or liquids used for teething
  • canker sores (cold sores)

What remarkable things they can do!

Did you know that cucumbers contain just about all the vitamins you require in one day?

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium and
  • Zinc

Apart from all these wonderful advantages it can help with your cleaning as well!    Click on the link and read all about it!      I use a great handwash which is based on cucumber and contains colloidal silver which is so important in assisting with disinfecting your hands.   Email me here to learn more about this product.

Chest Compression

I am pleased to bring you the following YouTube on chest compression.    It is so simple to do but it could actually keep someone alive until medical assistance can arrive and take over.  No mouth to mouth just simple compression.   Please take the time and watch as you may just save a life some day!

Danger lurks at home

Here the Herald Sun brings us an article Danger Lurks at Home Everyday household products trigger untold family ills.  Click on the link and read the article.  The article lists rooms in the house and ingredients associated with various products.

Health Tips brings you some exciting news that could turn your life around by improving your health and in some cases maybe even saving it!

Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and Cinnamon

Health Tips is delighted to bring you the following information – such a simple thing!

Two of nature’s wonderful products.  What would you say if was to tell you that research has found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon may cure most diseases?    Way back on 17 January 1995 a magazine in Canada called Weekly World News listed out the diseases that can be cured by honey and cinnamon as researched by western scientists.  Click on the link to learn more.

I find stories like the one above inspiring and love to include them in Health Tips page and then conversely I come across stories like the following.

Andrew W Saul, PhD of Orthomolecular Medicine brings us information on a rather biased study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association covering Does Everything Cause Cancer, Even Vitamins? - Folate, B-12 and Cigarettes: Guess Who the Real Culprit IsClick on the link to read the full article.

For those of you who don’t know what Orthomolecular Medicine is – it is based on people receiving good nutrition from quality food sources and supplementing their diet with vitamins and minerals.  So simple!  For those of you who might be interested in learning how to keep yourselves safe and healthy you may care to read a very easy to read book called ”Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone” – Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians. By Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD and Andrew W Saul, PhD.

It is a delight to bring you a report in Health Tips Page on the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs


The new 174-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin

Read the report by clicking on the link.

Health Tips is pleased to bring you this information.  Do you remember reading this in your newspaper or hearing about it on your radio or television?   Of course not!    It may just possibly encourage people to use supplements themselves and thus not require medical intervention because they are well!

Orthomolecular Medicine

Once again Health Tips brings you information that you may not be aware of.

Because our food is nutritionally deficient of a great many of these ingredients Orthomolecular Medicine suggests using supplementation to ensure adequate nutritional levels are obtained.

I read the book Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone written by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD and Andrew W Saul, Phd and found this a very interesting book to both read and understand from a layman’s perspective.

Orthomolecular Medicine has been publishing articles for the past 40 years.

The following article in Health Tips from Orthomolecular Medicine advises how various groups are intent on keeping these articles out of medical journals.  

Some of these organizations are funded by American Taxpayer’s money.   Once you have read this article and you find the content disturbing then my suggestion to American Citizens is that they write to their Members of Parliament, etc and even their national and local papers and let other people know what is happening and ask for this attitude to be changed.

EVERYONE has the right to access information which will enable each individual to implement the things that are required to maintain their health and the health of their family.


Some serious issues   
Damage to the unborn fetus

Healthymoneyvine website has covered the importance of:

  • nutrition.
  • eating organic wherever possible.
  • people taking supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals and preferably in liquid form as these are generally more bioavailable to the body.  In other words the body is able to assimilate more of the nutrition from the supplement.

Healthymoneyvine has also covered the importance of what we are putting on our skin and cleaning our houses with.  Now in Health Tips more information is able to be provided.

Dr John Lee in one of his books advised that the damage to the unborn fetus occurs in the first 35 days of gestation.   Most women are not even aware that they are pregnant at this point in time.

This article in Health Tips demonstrates this point very clearly and that mainstream medical intervention still doesn’t really understand the importance of people taking supplementation to enhance their health and use as a preventative.  

Back in 1936 we had the following Senate Document: 

Senate Document No 264, 1936.  74th Congress, 2nd Session states:

 “Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs, and even the milk and the meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago (which doubtless explains why our forefathers thrived on a selection of foods that would starve us!).

Today nothing has changed and in fact, our soils are probably even more deficient than they were in 1936. 

Here is the article on what can happen when you are nutritionally deficient:

Interesting Articles 

These are the sorts of articles that I like to include in Health Tips page.  Articles that can help people to understand how what they eat and how they walk affects, who they actually are.

The first article is called “How to do you walk?” 

This second article is one very dear to my heart and I am delighted to be able to share this information with you in Health Tips.

Back in 1989 I read a book called “Fit for Life” by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond.  This was not a diet book but a way of life, i.e. this was the way we should be eating on a daily basis.  It covered the eating of protein combined with carbohydrate and explained why if you ate one of these food types you did not eat the other in the same meal.  The reason being was that the body required both acidic and alkaline gastric juices to digest the food and the gastric juices fight with each other until one of them succeeds in digesting its particular food source.   What does this mean to you – a big loss of energy because the energy has been utilized in the “fighting” instead of the food just being easily digested.

At this time I was quite overweight for my height.   I started on Fit For Life way of eating and the weight just started to drop off.   I had no control on the amount of weight that I lost.  I just found that the roll of fat moved around to my mid riff – disappeared and reappeared until I had actually come back to my original weight that I was pre my marriage 25 years earlier!   Once this happened the weight loss stopped.  I began to fill out in the face again and my body adjusted its shape.

To this day I only eat fruit for breakfast!    For about two months of last year I was able to eat mandarins, oranges and passion fruit straight from our garden.  All grown with mineralized rock dust in the soil – so fantastic tasting fruit.   I thank my friend Monika for sharing this article with me so that I could include it on Health Tips page.

Please read the article to gain some idea of the benefits of eating fruit 

Consider a bowel cleanse

Health Tips once again is bringing you information which could impact your health. 

Medicine.   I have been following Phillip Day since 2000 and have many of his books which I find both very interesting and illuminating in relation to some of the things that are going on which we totally unaware of.  Phillip Day is one of the reasons that I write Health Tip pages – i.e. to get the message out to the world!  See the page Credence to read more about Phillip and his wonderful work.

  • Much of our ill health comes from digestive systems that are not functioning properly.
  • Hulda Clark.Ph.D., N.D. in her book The Cure for All Advanced Cancers advised that in every case of cancer that she encountered that a parasite was involved.   It was not necessarily the same parasite in each case.
  • The necessity of drinking good quality water – fluoride and chlorine free.
  • The importance of supplementing as our nutritional requirements are not in the food we eat.  Some soils, particularly Australian soils can be quite minerally deficient.  If it is not in the soil then it is not in the plant and therefore not in the food you are eating.
  • The need to eat organic wherever possible and stay away from pre-packaged foods.
  • Not using a microwave – Marilyn has much scientific research to back up this statement.
  • Avoiding irradiated foods and Genetically Modified foods wherever possible.   This is becoming increasingly impossible to do since the labeling laws allow such liberties to the manufacturers to the detriment of the consumer. 
  • The fact that Monsanto is still allowed to manufacture Aspartame which is incorporated into so many of our foods – again some not labeled – check out Marilyn’s Aspartame page if you are not sure what this is all about.
  • Some companies are showing on their packaging “MSG Free”.   That is wonderful news!  HOWEVER, Dr Mercola tells us that they have now made a chemical ingredient which they use instead of MSG which when it touches your tongue it tells your body that you are eating something sweet or something sour – depending on what it is you are consuming.   So now we are over-riding our own safety by the messages received via our tongue being over-ridden!     Dr Mercola also advises that this ingredient is far worse than MSG and is not required to be shown on our labels!

Back to Phillip’s article on Considering a Bowel Cleanse.  Click on the health tips link to read


Dr Mercola asks the question:

Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

Health Tips ask you to read Dr Mercola’s article and learn why the pharmaceutical companies are so frightened of this method of treatment!

My husband and I have been attending a homeopath/kinesiologist/chiropractor for the past several years and we cannot speak too highly of this method of treatment.

Health Tips is pleased to bring you information on this modality as it may just change your life!


Health Tips brings information on Progesterone being a natural hormone and not to be mistaken for the synthetically produced progestin!

This link is to give you information that progesterone may heal brain damage and also help stroke victims.  But progesterone has many other important facets as well.  Elaine Hollingsworth in her book Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry on page 171 of the 8th Edition states:

Few physicians are aware of an article on progesterone published in the British Journal of Cancer, reporting the result of a twenty year study that tracked very woman having surgery for node positive breast cancer in three major London hospitals.  At the time of surgery these women’s hormone levels were recorded.  It was found that the survival rate after 18 years for those with normal progesterone levels was 75%.  The survival rate for women with low progesterone at the time of surgery was only 10%.  Yet, most doctors don’t know about these landmark, lifesaving studies!   Is this not shameful?

Did you find anything in Health Tips that you could put to good use to enhance your health?   I would love to hear from you if you did.  Please use the email form below to contact me.   If you could pass the Health Tips link to your friends this would be appreciated.

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