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Marilyn Vine’s Cancer Prevention Page is a page dedicated to Chris Woollams, who runs a charity website, CANCERactive, in the United Kingdom and the amazing information that he provides on alternative and allopathic treatment.  Chris believes in empowering people with easy-to-read research information so that they can make more-informed personal health choices today.

Chris Woollams Cancer Prevention Page

I have known Chris Woollams personally for a number of years.  I have attended presentations, read his books and listened to his CDs and every time I have found him to be most informative.  Through Chris Woollams and other people like him I have learned the importance of vitamin supplements, healthy food choices, alkaline diet, etc. with regard to maintaining health and cancer prevention.  I have also learned to watch for supplements on the market that are synthetic as in many cases these can cause more damage than good!  A good one to watch for is dl-alpha-tocopherol which is commonly called Vitamin E.  In fact the “l” means it is synthetic, and as Vitamin E in nature is made up of 4 different tocopherols and 4 different tocotrienols, this common form is seven forms deficient in really being Vitamin E.  Synthetic and deficient.  Who would want to use it when the natural total versions exist?  If it is a natural form it is shown as d...

All new information will be posted under the bookmark below.  In the meantime information on his books and additional websites is contained here.   It would be appreciated if you could share this Cancer Prevention information page with your friends and families.    Just saving one life with this cancer prevention information will be well worth the effort of providing this information.

Launching in November 2015
The Rainbow Diet Recipe Book

Chris speaks about the Mediterranean Diet which is a diet full of color and vibrancy.   It is primarily comprises:


  • Low sugar/refined sugar consumption, moderate whole carb consumption
  • High fat, especially good fat (olive oil, nuts and seeds) consumption
  • High consumption of a rainbow of colourful vegetables
  • Moderate wine consumption
  • Moderate consumption of meat, but reasonable consumption of chicken and game; good levels of fish consumption,
  • Low to nil consumption of red meat and cows' dairy
  • Fresh food preparation
  • High vitamin D levels - outdoor and sunshine lifestyle


It would be impossible to list all the research produced on the colourful Mediterranean diet; here we cover the parts other charities rarely reach!


Please take the time to learn about Chris’s books as they are all designed to assist with cancer prevention.   His motto for all of them is “Protect and Correct.”


The Rainbow Diet

This easy-to-read book will tell you what foods protect and correct and should be included in your diet.  The Rainbow Diet can change your life because it will give you a much better chance of beating any chronic illness, especially cancer – whether you have it already, or simply want to avoid ever developing it in the first place.


What started as a theory in 2006, has now been proven in research.  One study from Harvard Med School showed that women who adopted the Rainbow Diet, wherever they were in the world, were free of 11 chronic illnesses at the end of the 14-year research trial and had a 40% increased chance of living past 70 years of age.   So, people can use the principles in this book to help them whatever their illness.

Major Harvard Research supports: ‘The Rainbow Diet’.

´The Rainbow diet is a book about how to beat cancer, although it works just as well as a general health book I´m sure. It offers a detailed cancer diet and a cancer nutrition programme with all the tips you could want. But more than that, it is a systematic and detailed review of what foods do what to attack deficiencies and problems in the cancer process. It helps in cancer prevention and is the ultimate cancer diet book, like no other. It is a brilliant read and years ahead of any other cancer diet book.´ Susan, Liverpool England.

I would like to share a little bit of Chris’s book with you.   This cancer prevention information may help you realise that an important message is contained in the Rainbow Diet and yet it has been written with a sense of humour and hope rather than doom and gloom.   Read on:

Chapter 8 – The French Connection

The following statements are all true:

  • The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks and cancers than us.
  • The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks and cancers than us.
  • The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks and cancer than us.
  • The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks and cancer than us.
  • The Eskimos eat more fat than anyone else in the world, and they have less heart attacks and cancer than us.<
  • The French eat more fat than us, and drink excessive amounts of red wine, and even they suffer fewer heart attacks and cancer than us.

Conclusion?   Eat and drink what you like.  Speaking English is apparently what kills you.”

Both Chris Woollams and Phillip Day of Credence Publications have taught me much in the way of preserving my own good health and in being able to help other people.  What I have learned from both these men has motivated me to continue learning and often I am amazed at the simplicity of things that can help you avoid ill health and can help in cancer prevention.

Chris Woollams has told me that he has a very simple statement of his mission in life; he just wants people to improve their personal odds of beating cancer’.    Cancer prevention – what a wonderful mission to have!

Everything you Need to Know to help you Beat Cancer

A comprehensive, easy-to-read, book.  Chris is probably the leading researcher of cancer in the United Kingdom.  Every week research reports on the latest cancer treatments reach his desk from all over the world.  “There’s so much information and research out there you are often simply not told about – I just wanted to share it.  I’m convinced it can make a real difference.”   Now in its 5th edition, the book has even been translated into Japanese!

Testimonials on Everything You Need to Know to Help you Beat Cancer

Updated edition of Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer is released on 1 June 2015.  This replaces the original version that was released in 2005 and has been completely updated and revised with more than 200 hundred new pages!

The first edition with a 10,000 print run, sold out in a weekend and, after reading it, cancer patient and England cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott rang the CANCERactive offices spontaneously to tell us that "people have sent me books, magazines and articles from all over the world, and I´m just ringing you up to tell you yours is head and shoulders above the rest".

Mrs Omar Hunte, at the time of her breast cancer nearly ten years ago, described the book as her ´bible´. "I keep it by the bed and read a little every night".  We´re pleased to say she has fully recovered from her ordeal, as has Geoffrey.

Oestrogen – The Killer in our Midst

The female sex hormone Oestrogen is known to drive not just breast cancer, but colon cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, brain tumours, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer and more.  It is not just cancer that is the result – periods come to ever younger girls, sperm counts decline, prostate glands increase, PCOS, endometriosis, immune damage, even brain fog.  But you can take simple steps to protect yourself and your family.

The Secret Source of Your Good Health – The Bugs in your Gut

The human body is supposedly an organism of 7 trillion cells and 25,000 genes.  But it’s not.  It is a Super-organism of 100 trillion cells and 100,000 genes.  The “extra” come from your microbiome, an particularly your gut bacteria.  These genes direct messages good and bad, throughout your body.   Making you ill.   Helping you get better.   But your doctor probably knows very little about it all.  Why?  Because it will involve a paradigm shift in health treatment.  Drugs make matters worse!  Welcome to the Microbiome – the secret source of your good health.    Chris tells me in an email dated 4 February 2015:

“A five hour read that could change your life; the book is about your gut bacteria. Sounds boring? Well, it's not, especially when you come to realise that all the very latest research shows that almost every illness (from diabetes to dementia, and cancer to heart disease) seems to start in the gut. Indeed, your gut bacteria become ill first - then you become ill; worse, you can't get better until they get better. As always, Chris explains the problem then tells you the simple steps you can take towards a solution. A must read book.”


Bookmark this Cancer Prevention page to see new links as they come to hand.

Australian 2014 Tour

Chris Woollams did a tour around Australia during February/March 2014 and at these talks he advised that he “buddies” five people per month from the CANCERactive website.  He advised that if you go to the top of the website that you will find a free guide - 20 Top Tips to consider in your anti-cancer programme”.   This also enters you for the free e-newsletter.   Or on the Home Page down the left column towards the bottom you can sign up for the E-News which will give you up to the minute stories and the news on cancer.

CANCERactive Patient Group

If you want to ask a question, discuss your cancer, look for tips, or tell people your story in the hope that it might help others click here.  It is completely free and relatively new.  Why not WRITE YOUR STORY? You can tell your own personal story of how you became a cancer survivor - we'll give you your own page up to 2500 words.


Personal Prescription

Anyone with cancer interested in a one on one session with Chris in which he will “buddy” you wherever you are in the world and help you prepare a tailored integrative support package – please click this link for details

Health Watch

Chris Woollams has now launched Chris Woollams Health Watch - which simply brings the latest research on illnesses from dementia to diabetes and heart disease to candida, so you can do something about them today. Each piece of research is clearly headed, short and easy to read and understand. There's no politics. There's no long personal comments. Just information you will find interesting and worth using. There's even a weekly video health tip.   Click this link to access.

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Junk Science

Click this link to access Junk Science. This is a United Kingdom website founded by Chris Woollams to keep people informed about the inconsistencies, fraudulent behaviour, and downright madness of modern medicine and Health Authority thinking. (It should not be confused with the American version on .com.)

The CANCERactive website now has 2.5 million hits a year!

Chris Woollams is the founder and editor of CANCERactive, a unique UK charity, which aims to bring you ALL the information, not just on orthodox medicine, but on complementary, new and alternative treatments, and prevention too, so you can make better-informed personal choices and increase your odds of beating cancer. The CANCERactive website has over 3800 pages, and about a quarter are devoted to prevention. The charity now has over 2.5 million visitors a year to its website, often receiving 10,000 a day.

Chris Woollam’s Journey

Cancer Prevention is delighted to bring to you Chris Woollams' Journey.

Chris Woollams tells us of his journey that brought him to opening the CANCERactive website.  This website is a Charity Organisation and more details are contained at the base of this article.

In his own words:

Of course, the practice of implementing my Mission Statement isn’t quite so simple.  It involves me empowering and inspiring people; providing them with information on everything from the very latest treatments to understanding possible causes for their cancers.  I am often asked what is a healthy diet?

My Mission started when my daughter, Catherine, developed a fatal brain tumour. The prognosis was dire - and even the Doctor’s bible, the Lancet, said the drugs were all but useless. I set about finding other possibilities that might increase Catherine’s odds of survival.  I was truly amazed at what I discovered: There is so much information out there if you just know where to look for books on cancer prevention!

I am an Oxford University Biochemist who had actually studied cancer, and nutrition at different stages of my life and I found that this helped enormously. For example, during one search I found research on nutritional supplements like echinacea, curcumin, co-enzyme Q10 and fish oils - all of which could have positive effects with brain tumours. They’ll even help you stay healthy and young too and aid in the cancer prevention!

Catherine survived almost 4 years.  Seven times longer than predicted!  The Doctors at her Hospital suggested that Chris write down his findings.

Chris’s first book, Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer sold out in three months.  This led to speaking tours, more books, a quarterly magazine that goes free into UK Cancer Centres and a charity CANCERactive, to co-ordinate it all.  For information on my website, click on the link

People have to understand that this is an all-over-body disease.  To avoid it; to beat it; you need a healthy metabolism and this is achieved partially through healthy eating and nutrition.  Governments look for cast iron proof that something directly damages your DNA before they tell you there‘s a possible problem. But this is not sensible.   Each individual (healthy or otherwise) makes 200 or so cancer cells a day and for 250,000 years our wonderful immune systems have mopped them up for us. The issue Governments, and even doctors, miss is that there are so many indirect factors cause our immune system to be compromised. When your immune system is compromised and weakened, it just doesn’t work properly.   It then lets a rogue cell through.  It is not a mystery disease.  It is just one of many illnesses you can get when your immune system is compromised.

Eating properly is both healthy and essential.  Obtaining the right minerals in food, using top quality nutritional supplements, avoiding toxic chemicals, pesticides, EMFs are all crucial if you want to experience the joys of being healthy.   Scientists know that toxins weaken our immune system.  This has been proven beyond any doubt.   If modern medicine ignores this or dubs this Alternative Medicine but it’s the the healthy choice in your life.

Chris’s website is written in magazine format with 3,800 pages all in easy-to-use, jargon-free English. It is the number one United Kingdom site for ‘Possible causes’ and for Integrated Therapies.  We cover Orthodox, Complementary and Alternative - all from the discipline of research and evidence.  Our research centre Cancer Watch lies at the heart of our website – go straight there and read the very latest cancer research about nutrition, lifestyle, drugs, prevention, everything.  You will find ‘controversial’ subjects covered in detail:  For example, pages on the importance of a healthy daily diet, or on different healthy vitamin supplements, are all clearly supported by science.

After all, there is so much information there!


Marilyn Vine trusts that you have found the information on Cancer Prevention of use to you and that you have visited the CANCERactive website as well.  The section on Cancer Prevention can be found here.  It would be appreciated if you could pass on this Cancer Prevention page to your friends.  If we can save just one life by providing cancer prevention information then this page will have served its purpose.

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