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Toxins in household products is something that I have been aware of for many years.  On this page I would like to share information of some of the things I have discovered.   Once you have read the page perhaps you would like to use this link to contact me and find out what I do to avoid these pitfalls.  

Household chemicals causing obesity

Dr Mercola dated 3 October 2018 published this article “Household Chemicals Causing Obesity“.   Here is his story at a glance:


  • Air pollution affects your health indoors and outside; using satellite data, the Health Effects Institute found that 95 percent of the world is breathing polluted air
  • A recent study demonstrates exposure to household cleaners, a source of indoor air pollution, affects the gut microbiome of young children and increases their risk of obesity
  • Obesity carries a high cost to the individual and society as it increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and several cancers; it was also added as a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disability Act in 2011
  • One of the primary reasons to regularly clean is removing many of the toxic chemicals accumulating in house dust, but commercial cleaners only introduce more; consider nontoxic alternatives you may make at home using common household staple ingredients


For all my household cleaning and for spraying my fruit trees and vegetable garden I use a product from Young Living called Thieves Household Cleaner.   In my vegetable garden I use a dilution of 15 ml to 5 liters of water.   In the area that I live we have fruit fly and leaf minor.  Both of these emerge from the soil.   I have been spraying the soil beneath my citrus trees with a stronger solution and this season (2018) all my new citrus growth is free of leaf minor.  Every other year I have had to remove this growth because of the leaf minor. 


Visit my website to find out more or to purchase this product.   Click this link and select View Products and then follow the prompts.   This is Marilyn Vine’s Australian website (ID 1103165) and if you live outside Australia then please email me on and I can assist you in obtaining the products.

Cleaning Chemicals decreasing lung function

NaturalNews dated 17 August 2018 published this household products articleRecent study finds that household cleaning chemicals decrease lung function over time”.   Here is an excerpt:


Being clean may do wonders for your health, but how you do it may leave you worse off. As has been suspected by researchers for a long time, the use of cleaning products can harm your lungs and you may not even know it.


A study from the University of Bergen in Norway looked into the effects of cleaning products on women who used them regularly. The researchers suspected that while cleaning chemicals may not cause immediate and significant damage, they do affect the lungs gradually over time.”

I live in a virtually chemical free environment both in my house and in my garden.  If you would like to learn what I do then click this link.

Antibacterial Products

Activist Post dated 27 July 2018 published this household products article “Many cleaning products, especially those billed as “antibacterial,” contain toxic chemicals that cause physical damage”.  Here is an excerpt from this article and I urge you to give serious consideration to joining with me in a company that has a Sisel Safe Guarantee!


“Although may appear harmless, cleaning products, especially those labeled as “antibacterial,” contain various toxic chemicals, allergens, and irritants that are deadly when used long-term, according to an article published on the website”

Chemicals in your home

GreenMedia dated 13 March 2018 published this article13 Chemical Threats to Remove from Your Home”.  


In addition to other products that I use I also use the Young Living Essential Oils extensively and in particular their Thieves Essential Oil and their Thieves Household Cleaner.  These products are anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, anti-mold etc. etc!   I actually use a dilation of 15 ml of Thieves Household Cleaner in 5 litres of water to spray my fruit trees and all my vegetables, shrubs and plants to keep them in good health.  And you know what it works!

Kumara picked from the garden on 25 July 2018

More of the produce in January 2017

Here is a booklet with useful tips on using the Thieves products.


If you would like more information on Young Living Essential Oils then please email at    I would love to share my personal experiences with you.


In April 2016 the Codex Alimentarius Pesticide Committee met to discuss the various pesticides available.   The thing that caught my eye from this meeting was their comment that fulvic acid would leach out glyphosate and Paraquat from the body.   


I use three supplements containing fulvic acid and have done for a very long time.  If you would like to learn more about glyphosate then click this link.  


Click the link above to read the GreenMedia information and make a decision to be a toxin-free household.    On the menu bar of this website you will find a page called PFOA which covers Teflon (mentioned in the GreenMedia article) 

Birth Defects, Rashes and even Death from household items

On 8 August 2014 NaturalNews published an article onCommon household items contain toxins known to cause birth defects, rashes and even death.”   If I was not already aware of the harmful ingredients contained in many of the products used in the home I would have been totally horrified to read such a headline!   Please take the time to read.

On 28 January 2015 Dr David Jockers via NaturalNews advises us that the “modern world is full of environmental toxins.  It is estimated that there are over 80,000 toxic chemicals regularly used in the US.  There are over 500 chemicals stored in our body and the average individual has at least seven pesticides tested in their urine.  It is imperative to minimize our exposure to as many dangerous chemicals as possible in order to maintain our health.” 


Click this link to read the full article.


NaturalNews on 5 July 2017 has released yet another article in this regard “Antibacterial soaps found USELESS at killing germs and cause harmful mutations (while posing a health risk to pregnant women and babies).  An excerpt from this article below:


“Antibacterial soaps containing triclosan, triclocarban, and 19 other bactericides are useless for killing germs because these chemicals cause infectious bacteria to take on new traits so they can survive and dominate their environment. On top of all this, experts warn that these chemicals are disrupting the hormones of pregnant women and are harming babies at crucial development stages.”

I use a handwash that contains colloidal silver and in 2020 with the situation the world is in – I am so grateful to have access.   Click here to contact me to learn more.

Cleaning Green

Here is a household products article of 5 benefits to cleaning green.

Common Household Products causing serious disease

Natural News 16 July 2017 produced an article entitled “Chemicals found in common household products found to cause serious disease in men”.  Here is an excerpt from this article which I recommend that you peruse and make a decision to purchase products that will not cause this harm. 

“The researchers concluded that high phthalate levels were found in the urine of 99 percent of men who were 35 and above in a pool of 1,500 urban-dwelling Australian men who were observed for this study. Lead author and Adelaide Medical School and the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health associate professor Zumin Shi noted, “We found that the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure increased among those men with higher phthalate levels.”

What toxins are lurking in your laundry detergent?

NaturalNews dated 25 July 2017 has published this household products  article entitled “Did you know most laundry detergents use a battery of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance?


An excerpt from the article:


The common detergent ingredient diethanolamine can irritate skin and eyes, but it gets even worse: it has also been linked to tumors in the liver and kidneys and has caused reproductive and developmental toxicity in animal studies.


One of the trickier ingredients to get to the bottom of is the fragrance found in most detergents. You might see the word “fragrance” listed on the label, but this could actually be shorthand for a combination of hundreds of hazardous chemicals. They can irritate your eyes, skin and lungs and trigger asthma, allergies and migraines. Moreover, many artificial fragrances are suspected carcinogens.


You should also watch out for petroleum distillates, which are sometimes called naphthas. They have been linked to lung damage, cancer, and DNA damage. Another ingredient, Quaternium-15, releases the carcinogen formaldehyde and can cause respiratory damage and skin rashes in addition to triggering asthma.    Would you like to know what I use?  If so click here to contact me.


Another problem is the use of optical brighteners. These additives – which might be listed as KSN, OB, OB-1, or ER – emit blue light to trick your eye into perceiving whites as being brighter than they actually are. Even worse, these additives stay in your clothes after you’ve washed them, where they can irritate your skin and be absorbed by it. They are also toxic to marine life, and their slow decomposition rate makes them a significant environmental threat.”


Click this link to read the entire article.

Triclosan Polluting our Bodies and our Environment

Triclosan is an ingredient in everyday household products – dishwashing liquid.  Apparently when dishwashing liquid is placed into cold water it is not so much of an issue but when it is placed into hot water it gives off gases which go up the olfactory system and straight into the brain.


NaturalNews on 27 February 2015 provides information on a UC San Diego Health System reports that 97% of breast milk samples tested contain triclosan and nearly 75% of urine tests from people tested contained triclosan. As for the environment, it is one of the seven most frequently detected compounds found in streams.

The National Resources Defense Council sued the FDA, forcing them to review triclosan. In December 2013, the FDA removed triclosan's GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, admitting the need for more studies.

The FDA says they are working in collaboration with the EPA to evaluate triclosan.

Toxic Home Syndrome

Now NaturalHealth on 10 February 2015 brings information on Toxic Home Syndrome.   I have known about toxic homes for years and I do my very best to avoid the toxins in the home.   My washing up, washing machine and cleaning products are all products that are pretty well chemically free and thus helps to avoid my risk of chemical contamination.    Up the top of the page are options that you too can use to help yourself. 


Click this link to learn more from NaturalNews

Safe Alternative Household Products

Are you one of the many who like to do a spring clean?    The sun shines and you seem to get invigorated and want to go right through the house and put things in order?    Would you also like to disinfect your house and make it smell nice at the same time?    


By clicking on this household products link  you can read about just some of the products that I use and then you have several options.  You can just read the information and decide you would like to try them and see how they work.  To enable you to do this click this link  and contact me or have a look at the product line and select the product you may be interested in and then click the name for additional information on that product.   You can purchase the product at retail right from this website or you can use the “Join now” button and purchase the product at wholesale.   My Young Living Identification Number is 1103165.

Pesticides penetrating deeply into plants

On 17 May 2013 NaturalNews brings information on how pesticide use has increased and how increasingly it is becoming ineffective and requiring more and different pesticides to maintain control.


I am using a product that assists in removing harmful substances from my produce to make sure that I am eating the healthiest diet I possibly can.   I soak for at least 15 minutes, massaging every now and then to assist in releasing toxins and rinse thoroughly all the fresh produce I purchase from supermarket or market gardens and even the produce and fruit from my own organic garden.   Over the years I have started to soak more and more things;  prawns before shelling; chicken pieces, lambs fry, lamb shanks and recently my bacon hock and split green peas for making pea and ham soup.  


I would like to share this story with you.   If you are like me and going down the alternate and natural path you may often wonder what this or that is actually doing in your body.   I just know the supplements work because I know the health I experience.   The product I use to soak with is not apple cider vinegar but a powerful product that also contains fulvic acid.  This is what happened when I started to soak my bacon hock and split green peas.


First when soaking the green peas I found that I had to rinse and rinse many times before I had clear water and I felt that this was an indication of what may have been contained in them.  I put my soup on to cook and if you have ever made pea and ham soup you will know that as it starts to come to the boil it develops a yellow-looking scum on top which I ladle off.   This time there was very little scum and it was white in color.   I realized that I had added too much water and part way through the cooking added additional split green peas that had not been soaked.  Imagine my surprise when a new lot of scum appeared on top – yellow in color.  I was so amazed I took a photo and after seeing this if ever I had wondered how well this product worked – I now had pictorial proof!

Click this household products link to learn more.


Triclosan has never been approved by the FDA for use in household products and has now been in use for over 30 years.   NaturalNews on 12 May 2013 brings us this news:

"Triclosan and triclocarbon are antibacterial chemicals commonly added to consumer products ... (and) they have been shown to disrupt hormones and can encourage the growth of drug-resistant bacteria or 'superbugs,'" explains NRDC in its chemical index. "Animal studies have shown both of these chemicals can interfere with hormones critical for normal development and function of the brain and reproductive systems ... (and) triclosan has been associated with lower levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone, which could result in altered behavior, learning disabilities, or infertility."

Marilyn Vine has been warning about Triclosan for years particularly with regards to washing up detergent.  The detergents containing this ingredient are okay as long as you wash up in cold water!   When you put hot water into your sink the fumes from the Triclosan are released and go straight up your olfactory system to your brain!

To learn more about a dishwashing liquid that is probably one of the safest in the market place please click on this link.

Household products

I would like to ask you a couple of questions on household products:

  • Question 1:  Are you aware that women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than those who work outside the home?   This was confirmed by a 15 year study which concluded that it was the direct result of higher exposure rates to toxic chemicals in common household products.
  • Question 2Did you know the toxic chemicals of household are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution? 
  • Question 3Did you know that more than 75,000 industrial chemicals are being used in the US today and that of these less than 2,000 have been tested for their carcinogenic effects?
  • Question 4Lastly did you know that the air inside our homes can be as much as 70% more polluted than the air outdoors?

When you stop and think about this, they are really scary thoughts!  The truth is that we are surrounded by harmful ingredients every day in common household products.  Many of the household products and personal care products can produce a skin rash.   When we wash dishes we are continually hand washing, unless we wear protective gloves. 

Under your tongue is the quickest way to get something into the body.  This gives you an understanding of the importance of what we are putting in our mouths, i.e. what we are eating!  Some of the things that we put in our mouth therefore have instant access to our bloodstream.  Mostly we don’t even consider this when we open our mouths and pop something in!   The soles of your feet and the palms of your hands are the next most receptive areas of the body.  Think what we all put our hands into every day!

It is a known fact that some of the dish detergents we wash our dishes with are quite safe whilst they are in cold water.  When hot water is applied to these detergents it causes an out gassing which, because of the way we work over the kitchen sink, goes right up our olfactory system and straight into our brains.  Do you think that using things like this that have harmful ingredients in and that we breathe in all the time could be part of the factor of the huge number of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients today?



Did you know the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house?


Bathrooms of all the rooms in the house, pose the largest problems!  The products most of us use in our bathrooms can contain potentially dangerous chemicals that not only affect us as human beings, but end up in the environment affecting our flora and fauna.  The saddest aspect of this is that most people are totally unaware of the risks they are taking and the damage they are doing to our environment by using these household products.


Have you ever stopped to look at the ingredient list on the household products that you use?   If you have you may be more than a little surprised.  In fact I think you would be rather horrified to find that many of the ingredients are considered to be:


  • Harmful
  • Carcinogenic, or
  • Cancer causing

Danger Lurks at Home

Here the Herald Sun brings us an household products article Danger Lurks at Home.   Everyday household products trigger untold family ills.  Click on the link and read the article.  The article lists rooms in the house and ingredients associated with various products. 

Please don’t be dismayed by reading the above!

There are wonderful personal care and household products available without all the harmful ingredients shown above!   Just click this link to find out more.


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