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Vitamin supplements – Marilyn Vine is finding that in today’s world more and more people are becoming aware of the necessity of taking vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, essential fatty acids and ensuring that they have an alkaline diet with  both the foods they are ingesting and the water they are drinking.   If you would like to learn what I use then please email me at this link.


Lung Cancer

Orthomolecular Medicine published a vitamin supplements article dated 18 November 2011 entitled “Vitamins Decrease Lung Cancer Risk by 50%”.    That is fabulous news!  The article goes on to say:


A recent study [1] of the effect of B vitamins on a large group of participants reported an inverse relationship between blood serum levels of vitamin B6, methionine, and folate and the risk of lung cancer. High serum levels of vitamin B6, methionine and folate were associated with a 50% or greater reduction in lung cancer risk. This exciting finding has not been widely reported in the media, but it confirms a growing body of evidence gathered over the last 40 years that B vitamins are important for preventing diseases such as cancer.


Please take the time to read the vitamin supplement article and perhaps you would like to check out the multi vitamin complex that I have been taking for several years and at 4 April 2020 am in very good health and in my 788h year!   Email me to find out how I have achieved this.    


Another study from Orthomolecular Medicine dated 26 October 2012 entitled “Daily Multivitamins reduce cancer risk” and advising that even low-dose supplementation would save 48,000 lives annually.  That is incredible information and I would urge you to check out the product link above and consider purchasing this product as a safety measure to put you in the 48,000 lives capable of being saved.   You can contact me personally by emailing me in the email box below.


Alzheimer’s Disease – click this link to check out this study on B vitamin supplements.

Petrochemical “vitamins”

For many years Marilyn Vine has been warning people about the harm that synthetic forms of vitamin E can pose to the human body.  I only ever knew of dl-alpha tocopherol and not about this unfolding story from Green Media dated 26 June 2016

Baby's Brain

The article goes on to say:


“Concerning research reveals that the infant brain is capable of absorbing and accumulating synthetic vitamin E. This petrochemical derivative may have significant downstream adverse effects on gene expression, immune function, and even neurodevelopment.”


Please take the time to click this link and see what GreenMedia has revealed.

No deaths from Vitamins in 31 Years!

Orthomolecular Medicine on 14 January 2015 brings the fabulous news that after 31 years that no deaths have been recorded from people taking Vitamins!   


Pharmaceutical Medicine could not even boast no deaths from ONE DAY from their pharmaceutical drugs.


Click this link to learn more.  

Before I continue with this information I would like to insert an article received from Orthomolecular Medicine dated 26 January 2010.    I found this article of particular importance to me personally and the concept that Stephen H. Brown, PhD speaks of in giving his teenage children the ability to control their own vitamin intake.  Obviously Stephen would have put controls in place as he itemises the quantity of the vitamins offered as being the maximum.    I know myself that when I take supplementation how I feel and Stephen has used this knowledge to teach his children how to care for themselves.   What powerful parenting!  Click on the link and read the article.


Three Key Supplements

Listen to Dr Michael Murray discuss these key vitamin supplements.


On 9 February 2018 I went for a routine check and had

  • An ECG - a normal result
  • Blood sugar level – normal result
  • Blood pathology for general well-being – all normal except sodium one point under which my GP assures me is not an issue.


Two years have now passed and I am still in excellent health!    Would you like to be able to say the same?

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal

Throughout this website I have continually stressed that you have to read the labels and know what you are seeking when you purchase nutritional supplement.   For the past several years I have avoided products that are sold in chemist shops, health food shops and supermarkets.   Most of these products contain synthetic vitamins and minerals.    I have become extremely selective with regards to the multi level network marking companies that offer nutritional supplements.  On checking many of these out I have found that they contain harmful ingredients and I won’t touch them.

Now NaturalNews dated 27 February 2013 is advising the same thing.    Please click on this link to read what Mike Adams has to say.

Wisdom from Plato

Vitamin K

NaturalHealth 365 on 10 October 2014 asks the question “What does Vitamin K have to do with your life expectancy?”   The article goes on to say:

Vitamin K is a necessary component in the blood clotting process, which occurs when you cut yourself so that you don’t lose too much blood. Assisting in coagulation may be vitamin K’s best-known function, and the vitamin’s name, “K,” comes from the German word, “koagulation.”

However, vitamin K’s effects go beyond blood clotting, and this vitamin can even fight chronic diseases to increase your life expectancy.”

To read the full article on what it can do click here.    I use a Vitamin K2 calcium supplement

Kidney stones and supplementing with Vitamin C

Orthomolecular Medicine published an article on 11 February 2013 entitled “What really causes kidney stones (and why Vitamin C does not)”

To read the full article on what it can do click here.    One of the supplements that I take is called Calcium K2.  Click this link to learn more about this.

Are you deficient?

Prevent Disease brings an article on Zinc dated 12 February 2013 advising that this mineral plays a vital role in battling infections and supporting immune system, building proteins, triggering enzymes, and creating DNA and yet 2 billion people are deficient!

Please read this article to learn how you can protect yourself by using vitamin-supplements to increase the vitamins and minerals that may be deficient in your daily diet.
Zinc deficiencies 

Top 7 health diseases

The top 7 health diseases are attributed to mineral deficiency or imbalance. What a surprise! Take the time to read this article and learn what minerals are involved with the different disorders.
Top 7 health diseases

At long last!
Doctors speaking out in favour of vitamin supplements!

Orthomolecular Medicine brings us an article dated 13 March 2012 where we now hear from doctors with regards to their opinion on vitamins. This has been a long time in coming and we need more and more doctors speaking out and really telling people the truth so that they can make their own choices as to whether to do prevention or wait and get sick and then go down the pharmaceutical path.  Doctors Speaking out

Senate Document 264

Unfortunately today our soils are depleted in a lot of the essential minerals and without the right mineral in our diet to act as a catalyst a lot of the vitamins that we get through our food are not as effective as they should be.   Therefore the need for vitamin supplements is really important. As your food ages before consumption it also loses its vitamin content thus giving more emphasis on the need for vitamin supplements.  For further information click on the link.    

If that information dates back to 1936 imagine the deficiencies of today and the need for vitamin supplements.

Dietary Antioxidants and the Long-term Incidence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration:
The Blue Mountains Eye Study

Authors: J.S.L. Tan, J.J. Wang, V. Flood, E. Rochtchina, W. Smith, P. Mitchell.   Click this link to read the report.   

"Diet and risk factors for age-related maculopathy" Authors: E.D. O'Connell, J.M. Nolan, J. Stack, D. Greenberg, J. Kyle, L. Maddock, S. Beatty Mitchell    For even more information click here.

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