Telomeres Information and Longevity

Marilyn Vine brings you telomeres information on how to lengthen them to aid in longevity.  In addition to this, information on chromosomes, DNA replication.   I personally have been taking a supplement that assists in the lengthening for a great many years.  After reading the amazing information below – if you would like information on what I use then please click this link.

Telomeres Information

Cells contain a nucleus that holds the double helix stranded DNA. The chromosomes of the DNA have ends that are called telomeres. These telomeres are responsible for protecting the genetic data. They are responsible for cell division and ensuring that the genetic code is passed on to the new cells. Telomeres have been compared to the plastic on the end of shoelaces that protects them. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides, and when they become too short, cell division stops. This is why shorter telomeres are indicators of aging, disease, and early death. Short telomere length is a predictor of heart disease, aging and cancer. When we are born, we can have as many as 8,000 base pairs of telomeres in each cell. An adult may have 3,000, and an elderly person, only 1,500. Each time a cell divides it loses between 30-200 base pairs of telomeres.

Here is a YouTube published on 21 September 2015 entitled “Scientists Find Rodent Fountain of Youth”. 

This YouTube mentions age reversing but did you know that new scientific evidence has found that NAD+ can assist in the age reversing process?    Once again I advise that I use two different products to assist me in lengthening my telomeres and other one that is assisting in reversing the age of all my organs, etc.   Over the years I have broken bones in my body and when I started to take the age reversing supplement I found that I was experiencing pain in the areas of the previously broken bones and realized that not only my organs were repairing but also the damage that I had done to my skeletal system.   I would love to share my stories with you.   I would have to say that I feel fabulous and that my health is really excellent for a lady in her 78th year!  

Protecting your telomeres

Research Gate dated January 2017 published this telomeres information article “Telomeres in cancer: Tumour suppression and genome instability.”

The shortening of human telomeres has two opposing effects during cancer development. On the one hand, telomere shortening can exert a tumour-suppressive effect through the proliferation arrest induced by activating the kinases ATM and ATR at unprotected chromosome ends. On the other hand, loss of telomere protection can lead to telomere crisis, which is a state of extensive genome instability that can promote cancer progression. Recent data, reviewed here, provide new evidence for the telomere tumour suppressor pathway and has revealed that telomere crisis can induce numerous cancer-relevant changes, including chromothripsis, kataegis and tetraploidization.


29 January 2017:  The Guardian with a story from the Observer on Aging “Elizabeth Blackburn on the telomere effect: ‘It’s about keeping healthier for longer.”   The Nobel winner says keeping telomeres – the ends of our chromosomes – in prime condition can stave off diseases associated with ageing.  

Click the link above to read about her interview.  

January to April 2017:  Journal of Maxillofacial Pathology published this telomeres information “Telomeres in health and disease”.  


Telomeres are repetitive ribonucleoprotein complexes present at ends of chromosomes. To synthesize this manuscript, a thorough literature search was done using PubMed, MEDLINE and Cochrane review for English-language literature and data available from the period of 2005–2016 were analyzed for manuscript writing. Telomeres help in maintaining the cellular health, inbuilt cellular mechanisms, metabolism and normal cell cycle. Telomerase is a specialized enzyme that possesses catalytic subunits - reverse transcriptase, Terc and dyskerin. Mutations affecting telomere or any component of telomerase enzyme result in disorders such as dyskeratosis congenita, aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and leukemias. Thus, it is important to understand the telomere biology so as to deal with normal physiologic processes such as apoptosis, aging and senescence and tumor development.


8 July 2019: Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States of America on Telomere shortening rate predicts species life span


The exact causes of aging are still not understood, and it is unclear why some species live less than 1 d, while others can live more than 400 y. Research suggests that telomeres are related to the aging process, but a clear relationship between the life span of a species and initial telomere length has not been observed. Here, we measure the telomere lengths of a variety of different species. We find that, in fact, there is no strong correlation between the life span of a species and initial telomere length. However, we find a strong correlation between the telomere shortening rate and the life span of a species.


Please note that there are additional links to the story providing information for January 2020.

Predicting onset of cancer

WOW!   Who thought our telomeres were this important!

Northwestern Medicine in collaboration with Harvard University released an article dated 30 April 2015 with how they may be able to predict cancer.   The paper – “Changes in chromosomes years before cancer diagnosis could yield biomarker to predict cancer.”   Click this link to learn more about the research

Lifestyle changes

Telomeres Information brings a new study showing for the first time that lifestyle changes - changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support - can result in longer telomeres, the parts of chromosomes that affect aging. The study was conducted by scientists at UC San Francisco and the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.


We all wish to attain longevity and Marilyn Vine is no exception.   Since March 2011 I have been taking a supplement which I believe is assisting my body in repairing my organs and assisting me in reaching my goal.   I feel great when I take this product and notice the difference in me when I have not been taking it.   Click this link to contact me to learn more about what I am using.  


NaturalNews on 26 February 2015 brings an article with regards to the lengthening by making sure that you do enough standing in the day rather than spend the day in a sedentary position.  Click this teomeres information link to learn what they say.

Mediterranean Diet

Nutraingredients on 14 December 2014 advise that the Mediterranean Diet may increase the length of your telomeres.  Click this telomeres information link to read more.

Name originates from the Greek

Telomeres Information page brings you the maning of the word:

This word comes from the Greek language, where telos means end, and meros means part. The action being described is a protective action, in protecting the end of chromosomes from damage, or even fused with its neighbours. These protective telomeres are disposable during cell division, and are replenished by the action of enzymes. When replication is incomplete, senescence; aging or deterioration occurs, and opportunities for cancer arise.

Our genetic information is vital to our well being, and every time a cell divides, the telomeres become shorter until the cell dies. In our blood cells, at birth we have about 8,000 pairs. As we age, this drops to about 3,000, and in elderly people, this can drop again to about 1,500 pairs.

It is interesting that scientists have found that as a cell starts to become cancerous and the telomeres become shorter, the cancer cell can avoid death by activating an enzyme telomerase which acts on the telomeres and stopping them from getting shorter, and so avoiding cell death. Studies continue as to implications not only for cancer treatments, and diagnosis, but aging and immune health.

A small UCSF pilot study has shown that diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on the length of a person’s telomeres, so don't think you're stuck with problem telomeres, think of a diet rich in plant based protein, whole foods, fruits and vegetables, low fat, and refined carbohydrates. Then look at moderate exercise such as walking for 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. Next have regular stress management a day, such as an hour of gentle stretches, meditation and breathing. And last but not least, look at increasing your social support, you may find benefit in joining a group, or discussing issues with a trained councillor. In the pilot study, men had a significantly increased telomerase activity in just three months.  Click this telomeres information link to read the full story.

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