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A lot of people struggle with oral health problems, particularly bad breath and many do not know the exact cause.  For the majority of people who have bad breath, the single most frequent cause is associated with bacteria that live in their mouth.  Bacteria, like each one of us goes through life, consuming food and then excreting waste and some oral bacteria excrete sulphur compounds and it is this type of waste product that is generally at the root of a person’s problems. 

As more and more plaque builds up in a person’s mouth, the bacteria that causes bad breath gains available living space and proliferate, thus increasing the odour causing compound which escapes with each breath that we exhale. 

Oral Microbiome

Dr Mercola’s article dated 27 August 2016 covers “For Optimal Health, Mind Your Oral Microbiome and Avoid Fluoride, Harsh Mouth Rinses and Amalgam Fillings”.   His first glance comments are:

  • “Thousands of studies have linked oral disease to systemic disease, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and diabetes
  • To optimize your oral microbiome, stop using antibacterial mouth rinses. Also avoid fluoride-containing toothpaste and fluoridated water
  • Mercury is another dental-related substance that can wreak havoc with your health. About 50 percent of the amalgam filling is mercury, a neurotoxin and persistent environmental toxin “


This is one of the reasons that I use the Sisel dental care products and the SupraH2 Water Filter System with added Hydrogen giving me additional health benefits.   Click the links to learn more and make sure you read Dr Mercola’s article.

Fluoride Supplements

Dr Griffin Cole on 11 July 2016 advises that fluoride supplements have not been approved by the FDA and is asking our assistance in the YouTube below to write to the FDA and ask for these supplements to be banned.


To sign the online petition to the FDA click this link.

Oral Health Hygiene Product

One of the fabulous products that I have access to is Terminator Mouth Rinse which works to actually eliminate the odors that cause bad breath rather than cover or suppress them.    The companion product to use would be SupraShine Toothpaste.   One of the key ingredients in SupraShine is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. This ingredient eliminates mouth odor encourages an unfriendly environment for decay. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is gentle on delicate mouth tissue making it a perfect component in Sisel SupraShineToothpaste.  For more information on the toothpaste click here.


I also use the Terminator Mouth Rinse for many other uses than a mouth rinse.   For example if I get an insect bite, I find that by spraying with the Terminator that it stops the itching almost immediately.  Contact me at siselopportunity@iinet.net.au if you would like to learn more. 

Or if you would like to purchase this product click this link and remember to click on the flag in the top left-hand corner to select your particular country.

Nutrition plays a big role

Oral Health urges you to listen to the YouTube below and hear how your nutrition plays such a large part in the health of your teeth and for that matter your overall health.   Sisel Triangle of Life will take you to a page providing information on liquid nutritionals and in particular minerals that come from the sea.    This link will provide information on a large number of dietary supplements, many of which contain Vitamin D, and other important nutritionals vital to your well-being and enabling your body Oral Health urges you to listen to the YouTube below and hear how your nutrition plays such a large part in the health of your teeth and for that matter your overall health.   Sisel Triangle of Life will take you to a page providing information on liquid nutritionals and in particular minerals that come from the sea.    This link will provide information on a large number of dietary supplements, many of which contain Vitamin D, and other important nutritionals vital to your well-being and enabling your body

Good Nutrition not Fluoridation is the answer

Make sure you scroll down the page far enough to learn about good quality oral health products.  In the meantime I would like to share a photo with you.

My name is Marilyn Vine and I am the Public Officer of Eurobodalla Fluoride Issues Incorporated and our organization has been opposing our local council with regards to their fluoridating our public water supply.

I do not believe that fluoridation is the answer to stopping dental decay but a good diet with no sugars and getting plenty of Vitamin D which is known to inhibit the formation of decay.

I think this photo of the man from the poorest city in the world who is probably very hungry and not eating an adequate diet BUT he is also not eating the rubbish that Western societies eat, or drinking soda water or even getting fluoridated water AND JUST LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL TEETH!   I think this photo says it all!

How Your Oral Health Contributes to Your General Health and Wellbeing

Dr Mercola on 30 November 2014 provides information on how your oral health impacts on your overall health.  Click this link to read the full article and in the meantime here is an excerpt.


  • Thousands of studies have linked oral disease to systemic disease, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Advanced periodontal disease or gum disease can raise your risk of a fatal heart attack up to 10 times; there’s also a 700 percent higher incidence of type 2 diabetes among those with gum disease
  • The oral microbiome has a protective component that protects you from deadly viruses and bacteria in the environment, provided you maintain homeostasis in your mouth
  • For oral health, eat an alkalizing, antioxidant-rich, and anti-inflammatory diet, and replace toothpaste and antibacterial/alcohol-based mouthwashes with an oral rinse that nourishes your oral microbiome

Dr Weston Price

NaturalNews on 5 April 2014 brings information from Dr Weston Price.   I personally have a great deal of respect for Dr Weston Price and Sally Fallon for their great work on providing information on soy and soy products.    In this article we are advised that our teeth can be strengthened without resorting to dangerous and costly dental procedures.     

In my own personal life I have regular visits with an holistic dentist and Mike and I find that it can be anything from 4 to 8 years in between requiring any attention other than the usual clean and polish.  I eat a great deal of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and have been supplementing with vitamins and minerals since 1996 and I believe that this plays a large part in both my own body’s health and the health of my teeth and gums.


Please read the NaturalNews article  and if you would like to purchase a product that will provide a great many of the nutritional ingredients spoken of then please click this link. Sisel-Encompass 360 and for additional information click this link.  

To purchase this product please click this link and remember to select your country by clicking the flag at the top left hand corner.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Dr Mercola on 5 March 2014 brings information on two new independent studies which have found a causal link between a common oral bacterium (F nucleatum) and colectoral cancer.   Apparently pathogens in your mouth can enter your bloodstream to colonize other parts of your body.

In his article he speaks about Oilpulling.   Click this link to learn how to do it.   I find that the best thing is to keep yourself occupied while you do the pulling.

Australia’s dental care not covered in the Health Debate

The pro-fluoride campaigners delight in telling us how effective fluoridating the public water supply is in helping to prevent cavities and dental decay.

Then how come parts of Victoria such as Frankston and Mornington Peninsula, both parts of Greater Melbourne Metro that have been fluoridated since 1977 have such an enormous dental problem?

How come in the recent health debate whereby Prime Minister Rudd has urged the States to all become part of Federal Government in looking after Health did not deem oral health an issue?   Why did none of the States raise this as being an issue?

On 18 April 2010 The Age in Victoria bring us the following dismal story 

Over the years Marilyn Vine has taken a great interest in oral and personal health.  It is a well known fact that under the tongue is the quickest place in your body to absorb things into your bloodstream.  When you know this – why would you use some of the products out in the market place?

I felt so concerned with some of the articles and information that was coming to hand that I took the time to put together a free e-book called Health Warnings.   This book became so large that I had to break it into Part 1 and Part 2.

In Part 1 of Health Warnings I devoted a whole section to Oral Health Care and Fluoridation. The importance was so high that it is Section 2 of Part 1.    Some of the articles shown include:

  • Mouthwash Scare
  • Mouthwash Linked to Oral Cancer, Erosion of Tooth Enamel
  • Milder Listerine Announced Following Cancer Report
  • Mouthwash Danger.
  • Mouthwashes May Harm Children
  • Mouthwashes Pose Hazard to Children
  • Canker Sore Sufferers
  • Is your Toothpaste Really “Natural”
  • Fluoride
  • Recommended that Infants Avoid Ingesting Fluoridated Water
  • Chlorine Link to Defects Verified

Since compiling these Health Warning books I have learned a great deal more about fluoride and oral health care.  I am now the Public Officer of Eurobodalla Fluoride Issues Incorporated.

Also on my own personal website I have the following pages on oral health:

Vitamin D and tooth decay

Here Oral Health brings you an article on how Vitamin D Deficiency underlies tooth decay and advises that malnutrition causes much more than dental disease.


I recently read an article that advises that by countries reducing the legal required daily amount of vitamins and minerals that the body requires - that in a period of ten years it is estimated that 3 billion people will die from nutritionally based diseases! 


What do you think will happen to country’s health systems if this information is correct?   They will never cope!  I find this quite incredible to actually contrive to do this to people of the world!  This is why it is so important that YOU take charge of your own health and make sure that YOU you are doing the right thing for both yourself and your family.


In case you think this is an exaggeration I suggest you click into the link and read what is happening in some of Britain’s hospitals and the amount of deaths that are being attributed to malnutrition.   Personally I don’t just think that the people are dying from the malnutrition in the hospitals but I believe that the people were badly malnourished to start with otherwise they would not have been sick and ended up in hospital.   In an article above it was stated that the people most deficient in Glutathione were the people in hospital!  I believe that the hospital was just their last scenario!  So now - WHAT STEPS ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY?   Read the article and click on these two links for more information on the master antioxidant glutathione and information on Vitamin D.


Dr Russell Blaylock advises that the people he sees with Parkinson’s disease are generally glutathione deficient.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Tooth Decay

Orthomolecular Medicine advises on 19 February 2009:

Cavities and gum diseases are not often regarded as serious diseases, yet they are epidemic throughout our society, from the youngest of children to the oldest of senior citizens. Research more than suggests that the same good nutrition that prevents cavities and gum diseases may also prevent other illnesses.

Dental caries and gum pathology are frequently associated with serious chronic health problems. Multiple independent studies published after 1990 document this. Cavities are associated with poor mental health [1-4]. Elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's disease had an average of 7.8 teeth with fillings vs. an average of only 2.7 fillings for elderly individuals without dementia [1]. It is likely that the toxic heavy metal mercury, which makes up half of every amalgam filling, is a contributing factor. ”

Read the full article by clicking on this link.

Quality Toothpaste

In the meantime I have found some very good toothpastes containing an exclusive formula of all-natural, plant-derived ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and ionic trace minerals.  These toothpastes use gentle, odour-absorbing baking soda and a unique blend of essential oils that are known to be anti microbial and extremely protective of your health.

There are three different options and also dental floss and mouthwash all using essential oils and natural ingredients.  

I believe these products are extremely good oral health products.    Recently I read a testimonial from a Mom who had taken her son to get braces off his teeth.  He had the braces on for 2 ½ years.  The staff at the Orthodonist were dumbfo0und because his teeth are darker under where the braces were than the rest of his teeth.  Normally the teeth get yellower and the part under the braces stay whiter.   I guess that is a pretty good testimonial to the power of the oral health products.

I have read many times that a good tip is to put baking soda on your toothbrush every now and then to keep your teeth white well I guess the baking soda in the list of ingredients is surely doing its job!

Click on the link to learn more about these products.

I trust you have found the information in Oral Health enlightening and also giving you access to quality products to use.

If you would like additional information please do not hesitate to contact me in the email form shown below.  

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