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Information on Health is one of many pages contained in this website.   The following are some of these pages.  However, I have been trying to make these pages smaller and have opened up quite a few new pages which have specific topics.  For example, I am now working on putting all my Vitamin D information into one page to make it easier for people to access this information.

FDA Commissioner – Peter Brown – Johnson & Johnson

Dr Mercola on 1 June 2016 provides information on health regarding a recent lawsuit brought by Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, who claims the parties concealed the drug's dangers for financial gain. Peter Brown is an executive in the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, which held hundreds of millions of dollars of Johnson & Johnson stock. The suit charges that:2

"While Defendant Hamburg was FDA Commissioner, her husband, Defendant Brown's annual income, not coincidentally, increased from a reported $10 million in 2008 to an estimated $125 million in 2011 and an estimated $90 million in 2012, due in whole or in part to Defendants' racketeering conspiracy to withhold information about the devastating, life threatening, and deadly effects of Levaquin."

People depend on the FDA to do their job and protect them from pharmaceutical manufacturers and the like not to exploit them to make profits!    This is a very good reason to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and instead finding healthy alternatives to keep you healthy and safe.  Click this link to learn about what I use.

So called “Healthy” products

News Target on 14 January 2016 provides a list of the 10 ten so-called “healthy” foods that contain hidden chemicals:

  • Diet Sodas
  • Soy cheese products
  • Diet yoghurts
  • Sausages and canned meat products
  • Refined Breakfast cereals
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Sugar-free foods
  • Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Bacon and other processed foods.


Click this link to read about each of these categories.

Coconut Oil

Hear what Dr. Jaime Schehr has to say about coconut oil

Healing a spider bite with an antioxidant!

Click this link to learn what they did.

Sugar Consumption

Hooray!!   In March 2015 it has finally hit the headlines that sugar is harmful for our health!   The WHO in week commencing 13 March 2015 has lowered the daily recommended intake of sugar by half, making it currently 6 teaspoons or approximately 25 grams.  Most processed food easily surpasses this amount.  Prevent Disease say that sugar is one of the staple ingredients.


Did you know that one teaspoon of sugar is enough to take down your immune system for a couple of hours?   Do you think that the WHO has gone far enough?   I certainly don’t.

Interestingly enough on Australian television this past 10 days a Dr Rochford has spoken out on cereals and their harm and then on diet sodas and how they are in fact increasing the obesity crisis rather than diminishing it.   I have waited many long years to see these two announcements made!   This sort of information on health is long overdue!

Sugar and Mental Health

On 20 March 2015 Prevent Disease provides information on health and the reality that sugar consumption and mental health is real.   Most people do not even realize the amount of sugar that they consume.   If you like a glass of wine with tea – it contains sugar!   If you drink sodas!   If you eat prepackaged foods they are laden with sugar and salt.    Click this link to read the article.

Neurodegenerative Conditions    
Autism, Alzeheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, Non situational depression, etc

Prevent Disease on 26 February 2015 brings information on the synergistic destruction of vaccines and genetically modified foods help to fuel neurodegenerative conditions.  


Continually through this website I ask people to understand and research what they are:



This article is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of chief mechanisms related to how consumption of Monsanto’s RoundUp, by way of consuming genetically modified corn, soy, canola oil, sugar beets, or any other “RoundUp ready” crop, as well as vaccines may fuel microglial activation, a leading factor in all neurodegenerative conditions.    Please take the time to read.

Information on Health is Marilyn Vine's vehicle in providing this information to others so that they may benefit as well.

Dark Side of Wheat

Wheat has been a controversial topic for quite some time and in particular genetically modified wheat which has been banned in several European countries I believe.    Sayer Ji has produced a book called “Dark Side of Wheat” and you can purchase this book here and learn what he has uncovered. 


Five or six years ago my friend and I kept telling our General Practitioner that gluten passes through the mucosa and into the gut.   Because at this stage no scientific evidence existed he did not take this on board even though the alternative therapies were in line with this.   One sunny Saturday morning he bounded up my front steps and said “guess what gluten passes through the mucosa they have not released a study to verify this”.    My reaction was to say – Isabelle and I have been telling you this for three years!


YouTube dated 11 January 2013 is on Morgellons and Spirochetes.  Spirochetes have been detected in Morgellons patient samples, but they are not identified yet.   This YouTube has been removed

Many of you may not be aware, but Morgellons is believed to be a disease that has been caused by the aerial spraying or chemtrails.   It is a most debilitating disease and people have had horrendous things happen to them.   Below are different links which will provide an insight into this insidious disease.

The Truth : All you need to know : This is a Bio-Tech Weapon of Fear : How to recognize it : How to get it out of your system : Stay well away from your doctors:

I recently read an article where the people in a Shire in America demanded that the executive of their Shire do something to get the chemtrailing stopped.  

We need more people speaking out and demanding that this barbaric practice cease forthwith.

Information on Health covers Cholesterol and Trans Fats

Dr Mercola on 11 May 2014 brings an extremely important interview with Dr Fred Kummerow who has been researching heart disease, cholesterol and trans fats for 6 decades.  Yes six decades!   He has had his funding reduced due to the fact that he has shown that the information being disseminated to us is contrary to his findings.   Please take the time to listen to Dr Kummerow on the YouTube below as I believe it will give you a greater understanding of how to protect the health of you and your family.

This is an excerpt from Dr Mercola’s Article:

Consumption of trans fat, which for decades was touted as a healthier alternative to saturated animal fat, radically increased in the mid-1950s.

And according to Dr. Kummerow, rates of sudden death from heart disease have faithfully risen right along with trans fat consumption. Fortunately, the science showing trans fats to be FAR more harmful than saturated fat is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves.

Not surprisingly, considering his long history in this field, Dr. Kummerow may have played an instrumental role in getting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to finally address this health hazard. In 2009, Dr. Kummerow filed a citizen petition with the FDA calling for a ban on synthetic trans fats. In the petition, he noted that:

"Trans fat leads to the reduction of prostacyclin that is needed to prevent blood clots in the arteries. A blood clot in any of the coronary arteries can result in sudden death.”

The FDA is required to respond to such petitions within 180 days, but nearly four years later, it still had not responded. So, last year he filed a lawsuit against the agency.1 Interestingly enough, it wasn't long thereafter that the FDA announced it was considering removing partially hydrogenated oils—the primary source of trans fats—from the list of "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) ingredients.

The agency gave the industry a total of 120 days to comment on the proposal. The FDA noted that there are 30,000 items in the American diet that contain trans fats. That should give you an indication of just how prevalent these dangerous fats are!”

Dr Kummerow goes on to say:

Balancing your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is also key for heart health, as these fatty acids help build the cells in your arteries that make the prostacyclin that keeps your blood flowing smoothly. Omega-3 deficiency can cause or contribute to very serious health problems, both mental and physical, and may be a significant underlying factor of up to 96,000 premature deaths each year. For more information about omega-3s and the best sources of this fat, please review this previous article. Besides animal-based omega-3 fats, other sources of healthful fats to add to your diet include:

  • Avocados
  • Butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk
  • Raw dairy
  • Organic pastured egg yolks
  • Coconuts and coconut oil
  • Unheated organic nut oils
  • Raw nuts such as almonds, pecans, macadamia and seeds
  • Grass-fed meats.

Marilyn’s warning on almonds – please ensure that your almonds are not showing signs of mold.  If they are then don’t buy them!

Listen to the YouTube as I believe this is most important information on health.

Shocking new revelations

15 July 2010:  Normally when I include information from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger from NaturalNews, I put a little bit about the article and then give you the link to Mike’s website article.    This time I felt that the revelations contained in the article were so shocking that I have decided to turn his article into a pdf file for inclusion in Information on Health.  The reason I have done this is that as I read the document I highlighted several places with yellow highlighter.

This article gives me grave cause for concern especially when I read about the nanoparticles being in machinery that is producing our foods and the nanoparticles carrying over into the food we are consuming!

Please take the time to read what BigPharma have in store for us! 

Cancer Report – One of the Most Honest I have Read!

Information on Health page is very pleased to bring you the latest report by Mike Adams the Health Ranger from NaturalNews in July 2010.   This report is totally unbiased and not corrupted by financial influence of pharmaceutical companies.  Many women will probably be very upset when they read this document but I believe IT IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY MAN AND WOMAN!    Women with regard to breast cancer and men with regard to prostate.   It is also very important for people with dark skins to read this report and find out the reason why dark skinned people suffer more cancer than light skinned.   Please take the time to read  

Personal Care Ingredients and their hidden dangers

Health Information brings you a report from Dr Mercola dated 13 July 2010 with regard to many of the toxic chemicals contained in your shampoos and skincare products that you are likely to use on a daily basis.  Some of you will be aware of the inherent dangers of these ingredients and may look for products that are labeled as being “natural”.    I was lucky enough to hear Peter Taubert of South Australia speak many years ago and became aware that the word natural didn’t mean a thing!   Dr Mercola tells us that a report was released 14 March 2008 by the OCA wherein they had found at least one toxic ingredient (cancer linked) in 40% of the products they tested as “natural”.    Read the report


For information on hair care products click this linkIf you require additional information please contact me at or in the email link at the bottom of the page.

Eye Disease and Blindness

Information on Health brings you a report from NaturalNews dated 14 July 2010 with regard to the antioxidant Resveratrol and the possibility of it helping people who suffer from eye disorders.  To read more about this amazing ingredient click this link.  

Discrediting Environmental Working Group

Information on Health page received on 16 July 2010 advice from Environmental Working Group (EWG) that a campaign was going to be launched against them by the pesticide industry and agribusiness.   This campaign is going to be aimed at discrediting information provided by EWG with regard to the levels of toxins and pesticides contained in the everyday fruit and vegetables that we consume.    Please take the time to listen to the video with Dr Andrew Weil who is known in the natural health and wellness field as a medical expert in this regard.  EWG Shoppers Guide to Fruit and Vegetables and EWG Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetables.  Then download the two reports that this campaign is to discredit.   The Shoppers Guide to Fruit and Vegetables and the two reports have all disappeared.

United States FDA allowing unsafe drugs to be given to livestock!

Information on Health: Any of the followers of who are in the slightest health conscious will be well aware that whatever our livestock is eating is bound to be contained in the meat we eat to varying extent.  They will also be aware that what the animals eat is passed through their bodies and into the environment, i.e. pastures or water ways.  So Information on Health page asks the question:

Why would the FDA allow the continued use of a livestock drug which is so dangerous that it has been banned in 160 countries?

It has been banned in Europe, China and Taiwan!

Aspersions are cast (and with some justification) on the safety and efficacy of products coming out of China and here we have countries like China and Taiwan banning dangerous drugs and the savior of us all, the United States of America, continuing to use them!   Read the article

Again - United States involvement in non disclosure

Information on Health page brings you more news on the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture with regard to their opinion on GM foods.    They are trying to tell us that there is no difference between natural foods and GM foods!    I wonder at times how the people on these committees can sleep at night!

There is so much evidence out in the public arena testifying as to the harm that GM foods are causing both to humans and livestock alike.   Many people like myself strive hard to purchase good quality unadulterated food.   It is becoming increasingly difficult to do this when countries like the United States are trying to enforce a worldwide ban on the ability of manufacturers to show on their labels whether their product is free of GM foods.

I will place three links here.   The first with regard to the article I am writing about today.  The second one with regard to the US trying to enforce this ban worldwide and the third link is in regard to doctors issuing warnings to patients not to eat GM foods.

Puberty being reached at earlier ages like 10, 9 and 8 year olds!

Information on Health page brings you advice from Dr Mercola dated 10 July 2010 with regard to the onset of early puberty in children of the world.   All parents should take five minutes to read what he has to say and wherever possible take the precautions that he is suggesting.   Mentally our children are not able to cope with this early puberty and it can cause them much distress and harm.  

Good News for People who are Insulin Resistant

Information on Health page has pleasure in bringing you an article from NaturalNews advising of a study that was undertaken.  In this study it was found that two of the four control groups had better insulin resistant reactions.   Read the article to find out what happened. This link is no longer available.  Then click on this link and read about a very powerful antioxidant.

Is Mankind’s Future Threatened

Information on Health page brings an article from NaturalNews dated 12 July 2010 with regard to widespread male infertility sweeping the globe.   I have known since July 2003 about a common ingredient in shampoo which was thought to cause infertility in boys whilst they were still in the womb.  This was being caused just by the mother washing her hair!    If anyone would like more details with regard to this article please email in the contact form below.  In the meantime read what the latest science is telling us.    Click this link to purchase a safe shampoo.  Also check out the other bath and hair care products available.  

GM Foods – Victory for the people of India

Information on Health page is delighted to bring you another NaturalNews item dated 12 July 2010 with regard to the Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh of India, making the decision that no more GM crops would be introduced into India until such time as studies could confirm that no harm will be caused by these GM crops.   If the Environment Minister holds his ground against the pressure that will be exerted on him from outside influences, then I personally believe that India will no longer entertain the idea of GM crops as more and more adverse information is being received. 

To read more information on GMO Foods

I trust you have found the foregoing articles in Information on Health of interest and if you would like more information on health items contained in this page or any other page of website then please contact me in the email form below.


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