Health Nutrition and Home Business Changing the World

Health Nutrition and Home Business

Hello, I am Marilyn Vine


I came here to help change the world

Health Nutrition and Home Business is my Vehicle


Since 1997 I have a passion for discovering how to be fit, healthy and happy in today’s world.  What a wonderful journey it has been so far!


The best part of it is meeting you today, because you stumbled across this page for a reason.   I can imagine you too are seeking the answers and the knowledge.  I won’t pretend I can solve all your problems, but I can promise you three things:


  1. Plenty of information.  Over 100 pages on this website have a lot of answers, facts and information you will find useful.
  2. Second to none wellbeing products.  I personally researched multiple brands and products and am confident that the ones recommended on this website are some of the best you can ever find.
  3. Real no-nonsense, no-hype opportunity to make money from home.

The right to search for truth implies also a duty;

one must not conceal any part of what one has recognised to be true.”

Albert Enstein  1879-1955


Health Nutrition and Home Business:  Today, 7 October 2015, I read an article on changing the world and it had a profound effect on me.   Over the years I have read and learned so many things – things in relation to health – and my passion and desire has been to help as many people as possible to obtain theirs and overcome the obstacles that are put in our way.


Today I finally understood myself and why at times I feel absolutely driven to do something about it, i.e. to provide amazing information to enrich or save a life or just to do something to prevent what I believe is causing harm to mankind and our environment.   I have spent many long hours writing to the Australian Government, in particular, to try and get them to change their thinking, policies or even legislation when I personally believe their actions are harmful to the Australian people.    I put long hours in on this website so that I can share what I have learned as widely as possible.   


Informed people make informed choices!


This article simply said that if you learn something either good or bad and you do nothing with the information that the status quo remains and in fact you can even magnify the effects of what you have read by doing nothing!

Today I realized why I was put on this earth


I came here to help change the world!


  • Will you join me in doing this by sharing the contents of this website?
  • By speaking up when you know that it is wrong?
  • By even taking the smallest action to make this World a better place for ourselves and future generations?


I too believe in Angels

Dane Wigington and
Health Nutrition and Home Business

Dane is another person who is working very hard to save our world and to help people understand what is happening.  Today, 10 July 2016 I received another article from Dale on this very subject.  Please click the link to read the full article and make sure you watch the YouTube.   In the meantime here is an excerpt:


“How much longer can life on Earth survive the onslaught of the human race? How much longer will the majority of global populations stay on the sidelines while the few wage the all important battle to expose the truth for the benefit of the whole and the greater good? This equation must change, it is changing, but every single one of us is indispensable on the frontline. Reaching a critical mass of overall awareness is the great imperative; this is especially true in regard to the ranks of the US military and law enforcement. We must all continue to sound the alarm by sharing credible data wherever and whenever possible, time is not on our side.”

I would love to learn what you have done.  Contact me at

I have learned a great many things with regards to health over the years and been taught to share this information with others and I achieve this by posting worldwide information on this Health Nutrition and Home Business website.   A great deal of this information is suppressed by mainstream media. 


People like myself, Dr Mercola, Chris Woollams, Mike Adams the Health Ranger of NaturalNews and many others do the same thus enabling individuals, like you, to make informed decisions.    All I can do is enable you to be aware that there is more information available than purely pharmaceutical/ governmental/ international agencies such as the World Health Organisation, United Nations, etc. and then the choice is YOURS and yours alone!

Margaret Mead

I totally agree with Margaret Mead

I am always looking for like-minded people, who share my dream of health nutrition and home business, to join with me and travel down this wonderful journey called “life”.


Are you one of these people?


If you are then please contact me on

and let me know how I can assist you.


The past 20 or so years (as at 2016) has led me down a path of achieving good health and enabling others to do the same.  During this journey I have learned of harmful toxins in:

  • Food.
  • Products used personally, both in our homes and place of work.
  • Water quality and all the poisons that are added to it in the name of “keeping you safe”!
  • Vaccination, what it does and what you are not told by health officials.
  • Cooking with Teflon and eating foods containing Aspartame and Neotame.
  • Genetically modified foods and the harm that is being experienced by people, animals and the environment.
  • Companies that are notorious for the harm they cause both people and our environment.


Because I am now aware of the challenges that we all face on our journey through life, I have undertaken a great deal of research.  In so doing I found home based business opportunities to provide good quality products which enable me to achieve my own personal goal of health nutrition and home business.


If you are interested in the opportunities I have found please do not hesitate to contact me on

Health Nutrition & Home Business
Changing the World

My Health Nutrition and Home Business gives you:


  • The ability to work from home.
  • Be your own boss.   
  • Work the hours that suit you and your family. 
  • Work as often or as little as you want.
  • Be rewarded for the amount of work or effort you put in.
  • Access the products you desire to maintain your health and keep yourself safe.


The home based business opportunities that I am involved with are all multinational and globally seamless.  This is the way of the world today!  Just search my menu bar to find the opportunities or products that may interest you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Health Nutrition and Home Business website

Don't forget to bookmark this website!

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Home Based Business and Health and Nutrition Continued
Marilyn Vine’s Home Based Business continues the Home Page and shows home business opportunities to work from home, nutritional supplements, healthy coffee, essential oils, non transdermal patches
Home Based Opportunity and Health and Nutrition Continued
Marilyn Vine’s Home Based Opportunity is a continuation of Home P1 and P2 – seeking like-minded people to share fabulous dietary products, personal and home care and globally seamless compensation.
Work from Home in Network Marketing with SISEL
Work from home is a great way for stay at home moms to do network marketing with Sisel International and Marilyn Vine an Independent Sisel Brand Partner.
Working from home with Sisel International
Marilyn Vines working from home: Sisel Safe Policy, possibilities for testosterone levels, Type 2 diabetes, libido booster, migraine headaches all with network marketing for you to work from home
Sisel Products – home based business with Sisel Safe™ utilizing the Internet
Sisel products: Sisel Safe™ Guarantee, home based business & for mom’s to work from home with anti aging products, natural supplements, personal care products, etc.
Sisel Opportunity – Globally seamless
SISEL opportunity: globally seamless network marketing, work from home, Sisel Safe products; healthy coffee; amazing compensation. Avoid inferior products from Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC
Skin Care Products
Marilyn Vines Skin Care products: Sisel’s Timeless Skin Renewal System, Sisel Safe Promise, psoriasis, work from home, marvelous range of potentially no harmful ingredients, antimicrobial soaps
Drink Healthy coffee and tea while you work from home
Drink healthy coffee and tea while you work from home and enjoy weight loss and receive healthy ingredients like Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, Chaga and Gotu Kola
Healthy Coffee Recipes
Marilyn Vine’s coffee recipes provides health benefits while drinking specially formulated healthy coffee, earn money, able to work from home in a home based business. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!
Home Based Business Opportunities – the choices Marilyn Vine has made
Marilyn Vines home based business opportunities covers Essential Oils, Sisel International, LifeWave Patches, ability to work from home and ideal opportunity for stay at home mom.
Best Way to Lose Weight – Responsible Weight Loss
Marilyn Vines best way to lose weight: billion dollar network marketing industry to work from home, weight management shakes in Vanilla & Chocolate enabling responsible weight loss management
Drinking Water – Hydrogen infused water
Drinking water: SISEL’s SupraH2 hydrogen infused water, anti aging, cell hydration & detoxification, importance of alkaline water, PubMed studies, cardiologist on water, farm pesticides in water
Telomeres Information and Longevity
Marilyn Vine’s page provides telomeres information on how the length can impact on your longevity, chromosomes, DNA replication. Check out TS-X
Fucoidan an amazing seaweed - FuCoyDon containing the F, U and G molecules
Fucoidan the slimy constituent of sea vegetables and its ability to cause apoptosis and angiogenesis and an amazing product called FuCoyDon from Sisel International.
Resveratrol a most amazing molecule
Marilyn Vine’s Resveratrol page: miracle molecule, grape polyphenols & a high fat diet, grape seed extract lowering blood pressure, helping with prostate cancer, Sisel International’s Eternity.
Marilyn Vine brings information on astaxanthin, the super nutrient which has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and help with so many aspects of health.
Chaga Information - Medicinal Mushroom
Chaga information: medicinal mushroom used in Baltic countries to cleanse, disinfect for stomach diseases. liver and heart ailments, worms and contains Beta Glucon enabling our bodies to fight cancer.
Turmeric Information – World’s Most Important Herbal Compound
Marilyn Vines Turmeric Information page covers many aspects of this very powerful spice with its many therapeutic properties including helping with anxiety disorders and cholesterol.
Oral Health
Marilyn Vines Oral Health page covers: safe oral products, bad breath, quality mouthwash, fluoridation, man from poorest city with fabulous teeth, Australian Health Care not covering dental health.
Improve the Health of Your Hair
Marilyn Vine brings you information on how to improve the health of your hair, hair products utilizing essential oils and how to deal with lice naturally.
Young Living Essential Oils
Marilyn Vines Young Living Essential Oils - Rosemary for memory loss, Frankincense and Sacra Frankincense, Oregano and other oils used in Raindrop Technique, Thieves using formula from bubonic plague.
Mold Removal using Essential Oils
Marilyn Vine’s mold removal page is designed to bring awareness to mycotoxins contained in toxic mold and using eco friendly Essential Oils, including Clove Oil, for mold remediation.
Magnesium Information – Most Important Mineral in the Body
Marilyn Vines Magnesium Information: L-threonate, heart attack and failure, reversing Alzheimer’s in mice, most important mineral in the body, Sisel’s Brain Vitality and Calcium K2, mineral deficiency
Anti Aging, Age Reversal and Skin Care
Marilyn Vine’s Anti aging page with information on Sisel’s skin care range with Sisel Safe® Promise (free from harmful ingred). Info on brands with high mercury levels (20,000 x’s safe level).
Heart Health and CoQ10
Marilyn Vine has found a beneficial form of CoQ10 for heart health and provides information on a cardiologist speaking out about saturated fats
Household Products – Safe Alternative Options
Marilyn Vines Household Products; benefit of green cleaning, products containing Triclosan, –alternative choices for laundry detergent, etc using Sisel Safe products and have ability to work from home
Links to Weight Loss and Fitness
Marilyn Vines links to weight loss and fitness provides info on drinking coffee while losing weight, ultimate body sculpting challenge, cactus that can help with weight loss suppression and much more
Vitamin Supplements – Assisting in maintaining your health
Marilyn Vines Vitamin Supplements page: kidney stones & Vitamin C, Vitamin K expanding life expectancy, no deaths from supplements, dietary antioxidants & age-related macular degeneration.
Dietary Supplements – Natural vs synthetic, Opoids & Opiates
Dietary supplements: longevity home based business, Opoids & arrests, vitamin B 12 & supplements, health sabotaged, foods the experts won’t eat, children’s vitamins, being nutritionally deficient
Nutritional Supplements and Healthy Food Choices
Healthy food choices: information on nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, trace minerals all essential to good health. Ability to work from home using multi level network marketing
Minerals Information and Essential Wellbeing
Marilyn Vines Minerals information page: Sisel’s Triangle of Life, organic fulvic acid, fluoride inhibiting magnesium absorption, synthetic and natural supplements, body’s ability to heal itself.
Information on Vitamin D – Importance in maintaining a healthy body
Marilyn Vine’s information on Vitamin D covers bone fractures, skin cancers, cognitive function, mushrooms for breast cancer Shitake contains D2, D3 & Dv
Vitamin D and your Health
Marilyn Vines Vitamin D Page for your Health covers numerous studies showing the benefits including lowering the risk of colon cancer
Glutathione – Master Antioxidant
Marilyn Vine is excited to provide glutathione information and how to assist in stimulating your own body to make more of this master antioxidant.
Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health
Marilyn Vines Alkaline Diet page on maintaining optimal health, info on candida albicans and fluoridated water plus Vitamin D3, Vitamin K and calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Network Marketing and Work from Home
Network marketing, ability to work from home using internet marketing, social media, with global debt free company SISEL providing fabulous products and great compensation.
Shopping online – Anti Aging products plus nutritional supplements
Shopping online: AGE Pill, nutritional supps, anti aging skincare system, potentially safe personal & home care products all with home based business and ability to work from home, essential oils
Free ebooks – Health, EFT, Fucoidan and secrets of MLM
Marilyn brings you free ebooks – Health Warnings, Bouncing with Good Health, Inspirational, Motivational and Quotes, information on fucoidan and product called FuCoyDon, EFT plus the secrets of MLM
EMF – WiFi – Microwave Radiofrequencies
Marilyn Vine’s EMF page: microwave radiofrequencies, breaking news on electromagnetic frequencies; health hazards & cell phones, wifi etc, smart water meter & powerful antioxidant, SpectraMAXX™
ph Balance, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - a Healthy Life Style
Marilyn Vine brings information on ph balance, vitamin and mineral supplements, healthy food choices and a healthy life style.
Health and longevity
Marilyn Vine’s Health and Longevity page is about age management using cellular regeneration. New technology on telomeres and vitamin and mineral supplementation.
Probiotics and Prebiotics Combined Equals a Synbiotic
Marilyn Vine covers microbiome the new buzz word for gut flora. She uses probiotics and prebiotics which equals a synbiotic for yeast overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease
Microbiome – your good health depends on it
Marilyn Vine’s microbiome: immune system, diet soda, food allergies, diabetes & your gut bacteria and intestinal microflora, Monsanto sued re glyphosate, gut bacteria and cardiovascular disease
Information on Toxins – 200,000 deaths attributed to pesticides world-wide
Marilyn Vines information on toxins: allergic reactions & death, Fluoride & Glyphosate; Autism & Alzheimer’s; Zika Virus & microcephaly, Agent Orange, Dow AgroSciences; toxic umbilical cords, fracking
Marilyn’s Toxins: Agent Orange, Toledo, OH drinking water, Ractopamine & reproduction, 18,000 babies dead, gas fracking, heavy metals in organics & metalloestrogens in foods, toxic underwear, Dicamba
LifeWave Patches - Alternative medicine using acupuncture meridian
Lifewave Patches: utilizing acupuncture meridians for pain relief etc, products for cellphones, ability to work from home with home based business opportunity, YouTubes providing information
Holistic Medicine – Deaths and death threats to doctors
Marilyn Vines holistic medicine: death threats, travesty occurring with deaths & disappearance of holistic doctors; why are they a threat & to whom? Flint water supply poisoning/more murders
Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 2030 and New World Order (NWO)
Codex Alimentarius & Agenda 2030: Agenda 21 Secret Covenant, Dr Greg Damato on Codex Alimentarius; Aldous Huxley_subservience without struggle and New World Order (NOW)
Global Warming - Geoengineering and weather manipulation
Global warming: China on air pollution, manipulation by geoengineering, aerial spraying & chemtrails with toxic heavy metals, Al Gore’s credibility, carbon dioxide, El nino, blizzards, tornadoes
Weather Control P1 - Global Warming up to 1 January 2016
Weather Control to 1 Jan 2016: weather manipulation by stratospheric aerial spraying including HAARP & using airplanes, carbon dioxide, El nino, blizzards, tornadoes, Al Gore YouTubes
Internet Business, Network Marketing and Work from Home
Internet Business covers network marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, ability to work from home, warnings for children on Facebook. Google Search engine information.
Creating a Website
Marilyn Vine bringing you information on creating a website using SBI and providing the opportunity to do multi level marketing and giving you the opportunity of early retirement.
Create a Website – Work from Home
Marilyn Vines Create a Website has an insight on how to work from home with home based business opportunity and provide people with a raft of opportunities and information on health and related topics
Credence Publications, Health Articles, Alternative Medicine
Credence Publications, health articles, vitamin supplements, vitamin D, alternative medicine
cancer prevention
Marilyn Vines Cancer Prevention is dedicated to Chris Woollams of CANCERactive and provides information on website and books that are written in layman language and easy to understand.
Cancer Information
Cancer information for prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and Gardasil for cervical cancer. Dr Burzynski and Texas Medical Board
Information on Cancer – chemotherapy causing cancer to spread
Information on Cancer: chemotherapy causing cancer to spread; Avastin, Stanislaw Burzynski & his work with antineoplastons, information on mammograms, Nagalase & GcMAF
Alternative Cancer Treatments and Information
Marilyn Vines Alternative Cancer Treatments Page brings info on Glioblastoma & garlic, arsenic causing cancer, benefits of broccoli, 9 supplements to prevent cancer, Charlotte Gerson
Natural Alternative – What are your options?
Marilyn Vine’s Natural Alternative page: provides information on naturopathic doctors, alternative treatments, drug companies purchasing results, Robert Kennedy to investigate vaccines.
Cancer Treatment – People seeking Natural Alternatives
Cancer treatment page providing invaluable information from many sources via YouTube, articles, etc on baking soda, benefit of fucoidan, apoptosis and angiogenesis, read disclaimer on website
Radiation Levels: World Health Organization – Cell Phone possibly carcinogenic
Radiation Levels: WHO possibly carcinogenic to humans; deformed babies, high radiation in Europe from Fukushima, effects of WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, thermography as opposed to mammography
Healthy Money Healthy Diet, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Alternative medicine
Healthy money enabling a healthy diet using amazing anti-aging, age-reversing solutions and avoiding sodium laurel sulfate
Make Money online, Internet Business, Financial Health
Make Money online, through Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Home Business
Standing Rock - Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters – Protecting Human Right
Saga of Standing Rock unfolding as human rights are violated, weather manipulated, essential supplies denied in Cannon Ball all in the name of fracking!
Latest News – International News of interest and concern
Latest News: Pedophilia, Rothschild, US Military Indust. Complex, Dutch ambulance drones, New York Times fake news, Infowars, Donald Trump, Goldman Sachs, Agenda21, EU VAXXED, Soros, Google censorship
Breaking News – Sandy Hook lawsuits launched
Breaking News: pedohilia, Wikileaks & Vault 7; NASA general & chemtrails; New World Order; Qatar-Bataclan theatre; Russian plane & cheap stolen oil; Turkey & Russia, Sandy Hook lawsuits launched, 9/11
International News – Deep State Definition
International News: NASA, Australias shame, Deep State definition, vaccines house of cards, Ebola, Zika virus, Morgellons, medical science fraud, Fake News, child brain development, pedophilia, drones
International Tidbits – News on the globalists agenda and propaganda
International Tidbits: latest news: globalist agenda & propaganda, Syria/Libya/Ukraine, chemtrails; what America really is, climate change, population control, DNA manipulation, stock market crash
News of the World – FBI/CIA involvement in False Flags – A1 technology
News of the World: A1 technology, Ted Gunderson/FBI/CIA/false flags, Hillary Clinton, Monsanto, Ebola, Bill Gates/vaccines, LOST, airport scanners, depopulation via virus, California fraud, OKC bomb
World News – Saudi Arabia – Gaddafi on why JFK killed
World news: Saudi Arabia, Libya & kids killed, Gaddafi & JFK, mind blowing YouTube, Bill Clinton exposẻ, Julian Assange, Allan Jones & Donald Trump on 9/11, NWO & Australia, World beyond War
Links to Health
Marilyn Vines Links to Health has information on nutritional health products from Sisel, & essential oils from Young Living, acupuncture using patches, Treatment Centre for Mesothelioma & Asbestos
Links to Home Based Business
Marilyn Vines links to home based business gives access to Sisel International opportunities, Young Living Essential Oils, Joy to Live with easy ability to purify water all able to work from home.
Current health news; living a healthy life!
Marilyn Vines Current Health News: Pepsi & Coca Cola, medical research, pesticides/fungicides connection to autism, ice cream, radioactive debris, antibiotics, animal deaths, diabetes, dirty secrets
Health Awareness – Preventing disease before it starts
Health Awareness: geo-engineering; prevent disease, Pfizer whistle blower, Ebola, Coca-cola, cancer, beating superbugs, radiation & breast cancer, Triclosan, Lymes disease & vaccine; food weaponized
Health Tips
Marilyn Vines Health Tips page covers powerful healing of manuka honey, Statin drugs, radioactive iodine, pharmaceutical representative speaks out, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and microwaving
Health Information P4 – Coca Cola fighting implementation of sugar tax
Health Information: Coca Cola fighting the sugar tax, Chemtrails & Morgellons causing strangulation, breast cancer deception, animals fed unsafe drugs; killer on psychiatric drugs, cancer treatments
Healthy Alternative – positive and negative information impacting your health
Healthy alternative: tips to enhance your life, fit & fabulous weight loss, info on fucoidan; and a powerful antioxidant, Ebola, the power of turmeric, reversing diabetes, autism and Sulforaphane
Health Information – Things you should be aware of
Marilyn Vines Health Information: Lyme, Bill Gates, ExxonMobil, IVF babies, Pfizer, Bextra, cancer treatments, sugar in food, irradiated food, Gary Null: anti-depressants, Mycotoxins, essential oils
Information on Health
Marilyn Vines Information on Health: nanotechnology, Morgellons, bio tech, cancer deception, heart disease, trans fats, Chris Woollams, bottled water, eating hot dogs, dark side of wheat
Health Articles – FDA treating Homeopathy as a Pharmaceutical Drug
Health Articles: FDA to ban homeopathy, Johnson & Johnson & Motrin; Vitamins, raw milk proved safe, immunization, toxic waste, microwave harm, vaccination, MERS in Saudi Arabia, Clean Food Movement
Health News Stories – Joys of Being Healthy
Marilyn Vines Health News Stories - information that could change your life, natural remedies, PFOA exposure, laboratories working with anthrax and other harmful toxins, right to know more.
Health Issues – Anti Aging, Herbal Remedies and much more
Marilyn Vines Health Issues: anti aging, herbal remedies for parasites, superbugs and antibiotics, chemical burdens, skin problems with shampoos and conditioners and alternatives
Health Problems – How and why do they occur
Health page: Iatrogenic deaths & medical errors; Lyme disease-options; statins, nutritional supplements, root canals; fluorine; birth defects & ocean pollutants; eating live food, home based business.
Side Effect – Information keeping us safe – alternative health benefit
Side Effect page: alternative health benefits with safe products, Pfizer, pharmaceuticals, Bill Gates, Monsanto, infertility, ability to work from home, learn how we are poisoned
News on Health providing information to protect you!
News on health: breaking news on sodas, aspartame, Bill Gates & Golden Rice, autism, aborted fetal cells in research, caramelizing agents in Coke and Pepsi, antibiotics used in farming
Motivational and Inspirational
Marilyn Vine in Inspirational has: photos of The Hobbit from NZ, Smart Cell Phones, Essential Oils, solar power removing carbon emissions, power of prayer, things that have made me laugh
Motivational and Inspirational
Marilyn’s Motivational Page: inspiring quotes, near death experience, mobile phones, happiness & depression, heal your heart & reduce breast cancer, Birds of Paradise from New Guinea, Gibbons & tigers
Changing Lives with Inspirational Information
Marilyn Vines Changing Lives page: inspirational and motivational info via quotes, poems and sometimes prayers; designed to uplift your soul and bring you pleasure and peace to this world of ours
Pregnancy – Home Births – Breast Feeding – Essential Oils – Flu vaccines
Marilyn Vines pregnancy page: GM baby formula, ultrasounds, breast feeding, essential oils, infertility, toxins in umbilical cords, home birth vs hospital, flu vaccines, baby formula & fluoride
Genetically modified food - GMO
Marilyn Vine’s Genetically Modified Food: GM crops same family as agent orange, countries banning, Chinese Gov won’t issue biosafety certificates, Russia refuses import GM food, India, ban GMO
GMO – European Union in conflict over glyphosate renewal
Marilyn Vines GMO: EU conflict on glyphosate, Genetically Modified crops & agent orange, countries banning, Chinese Gov won’t issue biosafety certificates, Russia refuses import GM food, India
Glyphosate – IARC classifies as a probable carcinogen
Monsanto’s Glyphosate breaking news: cancer warning on Roundup, gluten free food containing glyphosate, linked to fertility, Monsanto patented as antibiotic, linked to autism, kidney deaths
Aspartame Truth – Anxiety and Depression and so much more!
Aspartame Truth: Coca Cola & Diet Coke increasing weight; depression & anxiety, neurotoxic; AminoSweet, Splenda & dioxins, Sucralose; Advantame new FDA approval, Johnson & Johnson, Zero
Wolfberry page has information on skin cancer, vision, gall bladder and other nutritional benefits
PFOA Exposure – PFAS - Dupont
PFOA exposure & osteoarthritis, kidney & testicular cancer & breast cancer; BPA replaced by BPS; Dupont and Teflon; PFOA passes thru umbilical cord; in breast milk & virtually in blood all Americans
Monsanto’s Glyphosate – possible carcinogenic
Marilyn Vines Monsanto & Hillary Clinton connection; collusion law suit re safety, glyphosate & possible carcinogenic, EPA collusion, dicamba, GMO cotton, Bill Gates & Vaccination, ownership of seeds
Proctor and Gamble Purchases New Chapter Nutritionals
Why would New Chapter Nutritionals sell to Proctor and Gamble who has affiliations with Monsanto, JP Morgan, Vanguard, State Street Corporation and others. Also involved in animal testing.
Fukushima – Anti Nuclear campaigner, Dr Helen Caldicott tells it like it is!
Marilyn Vine’s Fukushima: first Chernobyl: 1 million dead - then Fukushima, 80% of babies born in Fallujah malformed, thyroid cancer rising, different radiation levels & consequence for our planet.
BP Oil Spill – Gulf of Mexico – Corexit 9500 – Cleanup workers Sick
Marilyn Vines BP Oil Spill: Gulf of Mexico, ring of oil on sea floor, millions of gallons unaccounted for, Halliburton’s role, highly toxic Corexit 9500, bluefin tuna, cleanup workers sick
Freedom of choice – Informed consent – TPP back on Turnbull’s Agenda
Marilyn’s Freedom of Choice: TPP back in Australia, US State Leg. 2015-17, informed consent, No Jab No Pay, natural supplements, FDA food & NDAA & the Bill of Rights, RFID chip, mind control
YouTube – Artificial Fluoridation
Marilyn Vine’s YouTube on artificial fluoridation compound placed into public water supplies to provide fluoridated water. NHMRC tell us it is “safe and effective”. You decide: what is the truth.
Fluoridated Water - Australian Petitions to Repeal Fluoridation Legislation
Fluoridated Water: Australian Petitions to repeal Fluoridation Legislation, latest research on fluoride and fluorides inhibition of thyroid and magnesium. Fluoride added to school milk!
Fluoridation - calcifying your arteries
Marilyn Vine’s fluoridation information: fluoride used to make batteries. harm to foetus and the arsenic connection, calcification of arteries, Vitamin D and the health of your teeth.
Fluoride – artificial F. and what they are capable of
Marilyn Vine’s Fluoride page covers toothpaste to kill rats & mice, effect on the thyroid and possible cancer links, tooth fractures and the gastrointestinal tract, benefit of oil pulling
Fluoride information – Poison on Tap
Marilyn Vines fluoride information: neurological health, Dr William Hirzy and US Sen Comm, dental fluorosis, osteoporosis, thyroid, inhibition of magnesium, Icelandic Volcano & natural fluoride
Links to Personal Development
Marilyn Vines Healthymoneyvine Links to Personal Development will enable you to find information on self improvement, personal development, etc.
My store for online shopping
My store has information on: Amazon books, mp3 music, nutritional supplements, ability to work from home in home based business with network marketing all with online shopping in my store. Site Map - Generated by
Natural Fertilizer
Marilyn Vine’s Natural Fertilizer on micro biology, other natural alternatives to genetically modified foods, grass fed beef and the harm being done to our environment.
Healthy Money Vine Blog
Healthy Money Vine Blog is all about current health issues, and articles on Tom Mowers business, sisel. Come and view all the topics on things like Dental Health care and issues on arthritis.
Vaccine News – CDC Ignore evidence between DPT vaccine and autism
Marilyn Vines Vaccine News: Bill Gates epidemic preparedness, No Jab No Pay, Nigerian Govt & Pfizer, YouTubes/photos of vaccine damaged children, reaction to Gardasil, Merck & Shingles vaccine
Vaccine under international scrutiny for safety and effectiveness
Marilyn Vines vaccine page: breaking news on South Korea’s failed chicken pox, children with narcolepsy, widen scope of research to avoid fake news, medical profession scrutiny, flu immunizations
Immune System and Immunization
Marilyn Vines immune system page: tetanus vaccine, infertility, population control, antibiotics, vaccines for different virus, flu vaccine. New research into contaminants found including heavy metals
Immunization Information – Boston Herald Staff out of control
Immunization Information: Boston Herald & death squads, false flag epidemic, fake news vaccines, Dtap, virus–EV-968, measles & China, UNICEF, Kenya women, population control, chemicals & cancer tumors
Immunizations – viruses contained in vaccines
Marilyn Vine Immunizations: billionaire Bill Gates & population control; whistle blower reveals CDC knew link with autism & black children; Maurice Hilleman & SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines
Immunization Information – Safe and Effective now under scrutiny
Marilyn Vines Immunization: Zika virus vaccine & your DNA, Disneyland measles, dengue fever, Italian study on safety, UK pneumonia vaccine, Bill Gates depopulation, 6-month dead 13 vaccines in 3 shots
Gardasil Vaccine – Gardasil and Cervarix don’t work!
Gardasil Vaccine: Researcher speaks out, illness including adverse reactions, SaneVax, HPV DNA & Merck’s aluminum adjuvant, Japanese & Columbian girls convulsing, Indiana victory, REGRET in Ireland
Gardasil Vaccine Information
Gardasil Vaccine information: the biggest scandal ever, World Health Organization, Bill Gates & guinea pigs, Polysorbate 80, aluminum, side effects: GBS, encephalitis, paralysis & even death
Vaccination – Cover up and re-emergence of whooping cough
Vaccination: vaccines & cancer, sterilization & world depopulation, VAXXED documentary on autism, Bill Gates Foundation, Fluzone & seizures, learning disabilities, whooping cough re-emergence
Vaccination Information – Things you should know
Marilyn Vine’s Vaccination Information page brings 10 facts that the CDC knows but hides, mercury and autism, seasonal flu shot and much more.
Vaccine Side Effects – Aluminum affecting health and retained in organs
Marilyn Vines Vaccine Side Effects: Suzanne Humphries - how aluminum affects health; effect of live virus vs dead virus vaccines, aluminum retention in organs; Bill Gates YouTube, effects on soldiers
Information on Swine Flu
Information on Swine Flu side effects caused by actions of World Health Organization, swine flu not as bad as predicted, responsible for your health, supplements for quality nutrition, essential oils
Swine Flu Information
Swine Flu Information page: narcolepsy, doctors questioning validity of vaccination; GlaxoSmithKline to pay over $60 million to UK Gov for compensation.
Swine Flu
Swine Flu page shares information on Australia and the vaccine against pregnancy and World Health organization helping people
Buying Gold
Marilyn Vine brings information on buying gold and buying silver
Retirement Income
Marilyn Vine brings you information on retirement income and home based business opportunities to supplement your pension and give you the lifestyle you desire