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My name is Marilyn Vine and health nutrition and home business is my vehicle in being able to pass information on to others.  

It has been designed to:


As Albert Enstein (1879-1955) said:

The right to search for truth implies also a duty;

one must not conceal any part of what one has recognised to be true.”



Your body comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Extend your guarantee 

Read my story below and you will understand that I am doing my utmost to extend my lifetime guarantee not just for a long life but for a healthy one!  

Long life with no health is no life at all!

I had a health crisis in 1995/6 and when I recovered, with the help of natural therapies, I made a commitment that I would never be that sick again!

I started reading, researching and learned to be very selective in the companies that I dealt with and the products that they provided.   I learned about harmful ingredients in food, supplements, personal care and household products.  

I learned that a lot of the products sold in health food stores, chemist shops and supermarkets as “health products” were actually being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies under another name and that some of these products contained toxins or harmful ingredients and that more often than not they were manufactured using synthetic ingredients instead of the natural herb, etc.  I learned that often the synthetic version did not actually do the same job and in some instances, for example Vitamin E, can in fact be harmful.


Home Page is continued at this link.       Please check this page out to obtain an understanding on how to help you, gain longevity with good health!

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Home Based Business and Health and Nutrition Continued
Marilyn Vine’s Home Based Business continues the Home Page and shows home business opportunities to work from home, nutritional supplements, healthy coffee, essential oils, non transdermal patches
Sisel Opportunity around the World
Tom Mower’s SISEL opportunity launched in 2006 and has grown exponentially with countries opened and products available and a globally seamless compensation plan.
Sisel Products
Sisel products-Fucoidan, resveratrol, lutein, astaxanthin, CoQ10, fulvic acid, telomere lengthening ingredients, weight loss coffee and good home business for stay at home Moms.
Fucoidan an amazing seaweed
Fucoidan the slimy constituent of sea vegetables and its ability to cause apoptosis and angiogenesis and an amazing product called FuCoyDon from Sisel International.
Resveratrol a most amazing molecule
Marilyn Vine’s Resveratrol page on this most amazing molecule, prostate cancer and Sisel’s amazing Eternity™ supplement to assist you in improving your health.
Marilyn Vine brings information on astaxanthin, the super nutrient which has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and help with so many aspects of health.
Magnesium Information – Most Important Mineral in the Body
Marilyn Vines Magnesium Information page brings information on L-threonate, reversing Alzheimer’s in mice and magnesium being the most important mineral in the body.
Chaga Information - Medicinal Mushroom
Chaga information: medicinal mushroom used in Baltic countries to cleanse, disinfect for stomach diseases. liver and heart ailments, worms and contains Beta Glucon enabling our bodies to fight cancer.
Young Living Essential Oils
Marilyn Vines Young Living Essential Oils page covers Thieves EO, Frankincense Sacra from Omani and many other oils, Zeaxanthin and Lutein for vision, Raindrop Technique.
Wolfberry page has information on skin cancer, vision, gall bladder and other nutritional benefits
Best Way to Lose Weight
Marilyn Vine’s best way to lose weight page covers Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge, Triangle of Life, LifeWave AEON and SP6 patches.
Links to Weight Loss and Fitness
Marilyn Vines links to weight loss and fitness provides info on drinking coffee while losing weight, ultimate body sculpting challenge, cactus that can help with weight loss suppression and much more
Glutathione – Master Antioxidant
Marilyn Vine is excited to bring glutathione information and how to stimulate your own body to make more of this master antioxidant
Alkaline Diet - Disease and Nutrition
Marilyn Vines Alkaline Diet Information page has information to maintain optimal health, our pH levels, balanced diet and staying free of cance
Buying Gold
Marilyn Vine brings you the opportunity of buying gold and buying silver, storing in a safe facility and the ability to resell both the gold and silver
EMF – Electromagnetic Fields and your Health
Marilyn Vine’s page has information on EMF, Smart Meters and health hazards with mobile phones etc and a powerful antioxidant, SpectraMaxx to help combat the effects.
Heart Health and CoQ10
Marilyn Vine has found a beneficial form of CoQ10 for heart health and provides information on a cardiologist speaking out about saturated fats
Ph Balance, Vitamin Supplements, and a Healthy Life Style
Marilyn Vine brings information on ph balance, vitamin supplements, healthy food choices and a healthy life style
Home Based Business Opportunities - Network Marketing Companies – Direct Selling
Marilyn Vines direct selling home based business opportunities earning passive income from Sisel International, Young Living EO, LifeWave Patches and buying gold.
LifeWave Patches - Alternative medicine using acupressure.
Alternative medicine using acupressure and homeopathy by way of non transdermal Lifewave Patches. Unique one of a kind product, AEON, fabulous new anti aging technology!
Anti Aging, Age Reversal and Skin Care
Marilyn Vine’s anti aging page covers the telomeres, Sisel skin care, LifeWave patches’ age reversing abilities, essential oil skin care
Health and longevity
Marilyn Vine’s Health and Longevity page is about age management using cellular regeneration. New technology on telomeres and vitamin and mineral supplementation.
Create a Website
Marilyn Vine in Healthmoneyvine provides advice on how to create a website.
Magnetic Products
Marilyn Vine brings information on how magnetic products work, water purifiers, oxygenators, sleep systems, sport products, inner soles and much much more
Creating a Website
Marilyn Vine bringing you information on creating a website using SBI and providing the opportunity to do multi level marketing and giving you the opportunity of early retirement.
Credence Publications, Health Articles, Alternative Medicine
Credence Publications, health articles, vitamin supplements, vitamin D, alternative medicine
Vitamin D and your Health
Marilyn Vines Vitamin D Page for your Health covers numerous studies showing the benefits including lowering the risk of colon cancer
Information on Vitamin D
Marilyn Vine’s information on Vitamin D is a continuation of a vast amount of information already contained in Vitamin D P1.
Nutritional Supplements
Healthy food choices and nutritional supplements go hand in hand. Information on some calcium supplements containing lead and its danger.
Oral Health
Marilyn Vine brings you information on oral health, mouthwash, fluoridation and the Australian Health Care still not covering dental health.
Shopping online nutritional supplements, weight loss coffee and essential oils
Shopping online for quality nutritional supplements, weight loss coffee, products that may remove radiation from the body and food grade essential oils.
Internet Business, Network Marketing and Work from Home
internet business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, work from home
Probiotics and Prebiotics
Marilyn Vine uses probiotics and prebiotics which equals a synbiotic for yeast overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease
Skin Care Products
Marilyn Vine provides access to skin care products and male pattern baldness using safe products and essential oils.
Improve the Health of Your Hair
Marilyn Vine brings you information on how to improve the health of your hair, hair products utilizing essential oils and how to deal with lice naturally.
Household Products – Alternative Options
Marilyn Vine’s Household Products page provides information on harmful ingredients and alternatives to using these products for e.g. that contain Triclosan.
Minerals Information and Essential Wellbeing
Marilyn Vines Minerals information page - Sisel’s Triangle of Life, organic fulvic acid, fluoride inhibiting magnesium absorption, synthetic and natural supplements and body’s ability to heal itself.
Vitamin Supplements
Marilyn Vines Vitamin Supplements page covers the importance of vitamins, macular degeneration, etc
Information on Toxins
Marilyn Vine brings you information on toxins, Agent Orange, Dow AgroSciences plans and urges you to use organic and safe personal care. Check it out!
Marilyn Vine Toxins Page is a continuation of this subject and covers Agent Orange, Ractopamine link to reproductive function, 18,000 babies dead, consequences of gas fracking.
Radiation Levels
Marilyn Vine’s Radiation Levels page is designed to bring you the latest on the West Coast of America, radioactive procedures, irradiated food and body scanners
Links to Health
Marilyn Vines Links to Health provides information on health products such as Sisel, LifeWave, Young Living Essential Oils and many others.
Current health news; living a healthy life!
Marilyn Vines Current Health News covers the saga of the FDA and Rawesome Foods, baby formula from China, diabetes, medicine’s dirty little secrets and lots, lots more!
Health Awareness
Marilyn Vines Health Awareness has information on psychotropic drugs, experiments on humans, Institute of Medicine, radiation and breast cancer, Triclosan and thyroid
Health Tips
Marilyn Vines Health Tips page covers powerful healing of manuka honey, Statin drugs, radioactive iodine, pharmaceutical representative speaks out, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and microwaving
Health Information – Things you should be aware of
Marilyn Vine’s Health Information covers Bill Gates, ExxonMobil, IVF babies, Pfizer, Bextra, cancer treatments, food irradiation, excess sugar in processed foods Gary Null on anti-depressants
Information on Health
Marilyn Vines Information on Health page brings information on cancer deception, Chris Woollams, bottled water in plastic bottles and eating hot dogs!
Health Articles
Marilyn Vine’s health articles page covers importance of Vitamins D and C, raw milk proved safe, immunization toxic waste, harm of microwaves, vaccination and much more!
Health News Stories – Joys of Being Healthy
Marilyn Vine brings you health news stories, joys of being healthy, natural therapies, PFOA exposure and the right to know more
Health Issues
Marilyn Vines Health Issues covers gas fracking, superbugs and antibiotics, chemical burdens, skin problems with shampoos and conditioners
Marilyn Vines page covers good quality vitamins and minerals, free ebooks on health and violent behavior
Breaking News
Marilyn Vine’s Breaking News brings the latest on H7N9 bird flu strain, MSG, Monsanto, cancer, autism, mouthwashes, dangers in municipal water supplies, microwaves etc
News of the World
Marilyn Vines News of the World page covers carbond dioxide, Lost Treaty, airport body scanners, HAARP weather system, use of essential oils and importance of glutathione
World News – Including International Climate Change, Banking Sector and More
Marilyns World news: Karen Hudes links to illegalities in the banking sector, HAARP ELF wave propogation, Climate Change, Morgellons, Bayer Aspirin’s and CropScience, NASA, Wikipedia and Dr Horowitz
Free ebook – health warnings and the secrets of mlm
Marilyn brings you free ebook – Health Warnings, Bouncing with Good Health, Inspirational, Motivational and Quotes, EFT plus the secrets of MLM
Marilyn Vine’s pregnancy page covers breastfeeding, using essential oils, infertility, toxins in umbilical cords, home birth vs hospital.
Proctor and Gamble
Why would New Chapter a herbal supplement company sell to Proctor and Gamble who have affiliations with animal testing, Citigroup, JP Morgan-Chase and Lockheed Martin
Genetically Modified Food
Marilyn Vine’s Genetically Modified Food page advises harm caused, countries banning and underhand actions occurring.
Glyphosate – A legacy of Monsanto and GMO’s
Marilyn Vine’s Glyphosate page covers glyphosate and hard water causing thousands of deaths, implications in dementia and Alzheimers.
Aspartame Truth
Aspartame Truth has information on neurotoxins, diet foods increasing weight, AminoSweet, found in chewing gum and now to be put into milk
PFOA Exposure and the PFOA facts!
PFOA exposure, PFOA facts, non-stick coating, perflurooctanoate, perfluorooctanoic and breast cancer, kidney cancer and testicular cancer and now BPS!
Monsanto and Bill Gates
Marilyn Vine’s page provides info on Roundup, Bill Gates connection to Vaccination, Facebooks protection of Monsanto and Michael R Taylor senior advisor to Commissioner FDA.
Codex Alimentarius
Marilyn Vine has found that billions of people will suffer from degenerative diseases due to poor nutrition and limited access to health supplements because of Codex Alimentarius
Fukushima Meltdown and TEPCO
Marilyn Vine’s Fukushima page covers Cesium 137 being dumped in Pacific Ocean, TEPCO’s non disclosure and Japanese under 30-year-olds with radiation symptoms.
BP Oil Spill – Gulf of Mexico
Marilyn Vine brings you information on the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the use of Corexit 9500 which is highly toxic being used, Halliburton and BPs Roles in the spill and the cleanup.
Fluoride Information – learn ramifications of fluoridation
Marilyn Vine provides fluoride information on side effects like dental fluorosis, osteoporosis, thyroid not working, inhibition of magnesium, harm from naturally occurring fluoride
Fluoridated Water Treatment
Fluoridated Water Treatment page brings latest research on fluoride and fluorides inhibition of thyroid and magnesium. Fluoride added to school milk!
Marilyn Vine brings more fluoridation information including the harm for pregnant women drinking fluoride compounds which contain arsenic.
Fluoride – Informative Links
Marilyn Vine brings you more information on fluoride in relation fluoride bombs, effect on the thyroid and possible cancer links, tooth fractures and the gastrointestinal tract.
Freedom of choice and the impact on our health!
Marilyn Vine finds disturbing the lack of freedom of choice, attacks on natural supplements, FDA controlling what we eat and now NDAA and the Bill of Rights.
Healthy Money Healthy Diet, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Alternative medicine
Healthy money enabling a healthy diet using amazing anti-aging, age-reversing solutions and avoiding sodium laurel sulfate
Motivational and Inspirational
Marilyn Vine has great delight in bringing you Inspirational page with amazing photos from the New Zealand Hobbit, items that have delighted me and tickled my fancy and made me laugh.
Motivational and Inspirational
Marilyn Vine has great delight in bringing you her Motivational page. I have found the Hoóponopono Prayer to be an important part of my life.
Retirement Income
Marilyn Vine brings you information on retirement income and home based business opportunities to supplement your pension and give you the lifestyle you desire
Make Money online, Internet Business, Financial Health
Make Money online, through Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Home Business
Links to Home Based Business
Marilyn Vines Healthymoneyvine website brings you links to home based business that gives access to LifeWave Patches, Young Living Essential Oils, opportunity of buying gold and buying silver all wh
Healthy Money Vine Blog
Healthy Money Vine Blog is all about current health issues, and articles on Tom Mowers business, sisel. Come and view all the topics on things like Dental Health care and issues on arthritis.
Links to Personal Development
Marilyn Vines Healthymoneyvine Links to Personal Development will enable you to find information on self improvement, personal development, etc.
Buying Ideas; news and reviews, value of money
Buying ideas news and reviews, value of money, horoscope readings
My store has Amazon and so much more
My store has Amazon books, mp3 music, dietary supplements, mineralized cosmetics online and so much more!
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Natural Fertilizer
Marilyn Vine’s Natural Fertilizer page brings information on micro biology and many other natural alternatives to genetically modified foods.
cancer prevention
Marilyn Vines Cancer Prevention is dedicated to Chris Woollams of CANCERactive and provides information on website and books that are written in layman language and easy to understand.
Cancer Information
Cancer information for prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and Gardasil for cervical cancer.
Information on Cancer
Information on Cancer page brings new information on Avastin, Stanislaw Burzynski and his work with antineoplastons, more information on mammograms, etc.
Alternative Cancer Treatments and Information
Marilyn Vines Alternative Cancer Treatments Page brings info on Glioblastoma and garlic, arsenic causing cancer, benefits of broccoli and so much more
International Tidbits
Marilyn Vines International Tidbits page blows the cover on what America really is, Obama’s birth certificate, climate change, population control, DNA manipulation
Immunization Inform
Marilyn Vine’s Immunization Page has info on narcolepsy in children, truth on measles vaccine information on the activities of Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates.
Immunizations – September 2011 to January 2012
Marilyn Vine’s Immunizations Page has in on Brian Deer, Godley and the British Medical Journal and the top ten vaccine articles for 2011.
Immunization Information
Marilyn Vine’s Immunization Information Page provides information on narcolepsy, Dtap vaccine and seizures, the role of UNICEF and WHO.
Gardasil Vaccine
Marilyn Vine brings you information on Gardasil Vaccine for cervical cancer that covers adverse reactions. Information from SaneVax on article in Journal of Internal Medicine.
Gardasil Vaccine Information
Marilyn Vine’s Gardasil Vaccine information page covers adverse reactions, to be used to prevent anal cancer.
Vaccine Side Effects and Allergic Reactions
Marilyn Vine brings you information on vaccine side effects, CDC Immunizations, effects of vaccines on soldiers
Swine Flu
Swine Flu page shares information on Australia and the vaccine against pregnancy and World Health organization helping people
Swine Flu Information
Swine Flu Information page shares articles on narcolepsy, doctors questioning validity of vaccination and much more.
Information on Swine Flu
Information on Swine Flu page covers taking responsibility for your own health, using our organic essential oils, mass vaccinations and Baxter Laboratories and World Health Organization
Vaccination Information
Marilyn Vine’s Vaccination Information page brings 10 facts that the CDC knows but hides, mercury and autism and much much more.