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Coca Cola fighting implementation of sugar tax

I didn’t know what to call this page and finally decided to call it Health Info P4!


Marilyn Vine receives so much information with regard to such a myriad of issues that at times it is difficult to know what to post on the website and what to leave out.   Because of the large number of similar pages that I have on this website with regard to wonderful information on health and not so good health information it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to call the pages and thus this page was born!   So many other pages have evolved since this time.

Is there a problem with the UK’s self administered abortion pill?

News Target dated 10 August 2020 published this health info articleUK’s self-administered abortion pill program is killing women, leaked email indicates”.


A leaked email from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service indicates that the British government’s self-administration abortion pill program is having a dramatic ill-effect on women, even leading to death in some cases.


“The email cites 13 incidents which have seriously affected women’s health. Is this the tip of an iceberg? The leaked email was sent from the Regional Chief Midwife from one region in England. What is happening in the rest of the country?” Antonia Tully, a spokeswoman for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) noted in a statement.

Benefits of Sulforaphane

Dr Mercola dated 23 May 2019 published this health info articleHow Sulforaphane in Broccoli May Benefit Those With Schizophrenia, Autism and Alzheimer’s”.   Here is his story at a glance:

  • Compounds in broccoli have been shown to benefit your heart and brain, boosting detoxification and helping prevent and/or treat high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even autism. Now, researchers report sulforaphane may also be helpful in the treatment of schizophrenia.
  • One study found 30 mg of sulforaphane per day for eight weeks improved cognitive function in schizophrenic patients.
  • A series of three studies suggests sulforaphane may also benefit patients with schizophrenia by helping to rebalance the glutamate levels in their brain.
  • Another series of studies suggests sulforaphane might benefit those with autism, primarily by upregulating genes that protect against oxidative stress, inflammation and DNA damage, all of which are prominent and possibly mechanistic characteristics of autism spectrum disorder.
  • Sulforaphane may also be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, inhibiting the generation and accumulation of amyloid-beta and alleviating several pathological changes associated with Alzheimer's, including oxidative stress and neuroinflammation.

Sterilizing babies, young girls and women

5G/Wifi - Agenda 21 - The Sterilization Agenda to Sterilize Women by Electrocuting Their Eggs

Are supplements under threat?

NaturalHealth Newsletter dated 8 August 2018 has published this health info articleWill Supplements Be Regulated Along with Drugs?”   This is a scary thought!   Here is an excerpt from this article:


It’s music to the ears of the FDA—but terrible for consumers. We need to tell the administration: supplements under the law are food, not drugs! Action Alert!


As we’ve been telling you, the Trump administration has proposed merging the food safety duties of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into a new Federal Food Safety Program under the USDA. This move is part of a larger restructuring of the federal government. Supplements, along with drugs, devices, biologics, tobacco, and cosmetics, would be regulated by the renamed “Federal Drug Administration.” Because drug companies will exercise overwhelming influence over the new Federal Drug Administration, the longstanding FDA project of eliminating supplements or turning them into drugs may become unstoppable.


Recent developments suggest that this plan is moving forward. First, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has introduced S. 3137, the “Reforming Government Act of 2018” that would make it possible for President Trump to start the process with Congress for implementing the government reorganization plan. Congressional committees are conducting hearings on the plan: The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has held a hearing, along with the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.”

Wrong flu jab vaccine in circulation!!!!!

News Target dated 12 January 2018 published this health info article “Health officials ADMIT: The flu jab does NOT work; vaccine in circulation targets wrong strain (as is usually the case)”. 


Australian officials reporting on TV in January 2018 are urging people and especially children to be vaccinated for the flu!      Why are they doing this when reports like this are continually being received?  The reporting suggested that we are putting our baby’s lives at risk by not vaccinating!




The article goes on to say:


Albert Einstein is broadly credited with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. By that definition, the entire healthcare profession of most of the developed world is insane. Why else would they continue to insist, year after year, that people be vaccinated against the flu, when year after year, the vaccine proves to be ineffective?


The U.K.’s Daily Mail recently reported that this year’s flu vaccine (unsurprisingly) is targeted at the wrong strains, and that the thousands of people who have already received the shot have wasted their own time and the government’s money.

U.S. publications, including The New York Times, are reporting that we are experiencing the same problem on this side of the pond.”

Coca Cola

Dr Mercola dated 12 April 2017 provides a YouTube and article on how Coca Cola operates to try and stop the sugar tax from being implemented.    Mercola’s story at a glance and then click on the YouTube:

  • At least 10 countries have implemented or are working toward implementing taxes on soda in an effort to reduce consumption and improve public health
  • A British Channel 4 documentary reveals how Coca-Cola Co. is fighting the implementation of health and environmental policies that might impact the company’s bottom line
  • Soda industry works against public health in a coordinated and comprehensive fashion, using tobacco-industry tactics such as message coordination, developing close ties with influential experts, debunking and manipulating science, astroturfing and lobbying

Click this link to read the Health Information article.    Please note that the YouTube has been removed

Cholera in Haiti

19 August 2016 by By EDITH M. LEDERER The Associated Press stated:


“UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations is saying for the first time that it was involved in the introduction of cholera to Haiti and needs to do "much more" to end the suffering of those affected, estimated at more than 800,000 people.”

Zika Aerial Pesticide Spraying

NaturalNews dated 18 August 2016 provides information on a 60% increase in autism linked to Zika Pesticide spraying

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)

The type of Agency looking after Australia and New Zealand’s health!!!!!   An Agency we really don’t need!

The Government Departments designed to protect you!

Dr Mercola on 12 July 2016 brings information on a CDC Executive who has resigned after being caught colluding with Coca Cola to salvage the soda market!     Please click the link to read the article and don’t forget to listen to the YouTube.

Are Natural Medicines being targeted?

The Pulse of Natural Health Medicine published an article on 19 July 2016 “Secretive Trade Group Moving Against Natural Medicine?”   This is important information to read and something that we should all be aware of and to take action when we can if we see this trend continuing.    Our health depends on it!

McDonald’s Fries

Listen to Michael Pollan reveal the secret behind Mickey D french fries' uniform unblemished appearance, and it's not appealing at all.

In the YouTube video below, Pollan describes the process:

McDonald’s six year down the track

NaturalNews on 30 April 2016 provides information on McDonald’s Meal purchased in 2010!  Here is an excerpt:


Lovdahl says that the meal was sitting in the office building where she works the entire time. The reason why was to prove a point.

On her Facebook page, she wrote, "We did this experiment to show our patients how unhealthy this 'food' is. Especially for our growing children!! There are so many chemicals in this food! Choose real food! Apples, bananas, carrots, celery....those are real fast food."


Read the article.

Is the word “prevention” a bit of a misnomer?

GreenMedia on 8 April 2016 have written an article on this which questions whether in some cases “prevention” can actually lead to illness.   Click this link to read a very interesting and informative article.

Public Health
Human Population Erosion

5 February 2016:  The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives (Human Population Erosion)?

Editors Note: ( Ralph Turchiano) – Very controversial and hypothetical,  yet confirmed as a high impact published study. There are two links here to the study, one being the PDF file here and the other to the the study in the Journal Epidemiology: Open Access. It is being posted here due to its impact, the validity of the sources is purely up to the reader.


Medicine and public health are compromised by the highest echelons of science, industry and public administration for the geopolitical objectives of international cohabitation, preservation of resources, environmental conservation and decarbonization, all of which hinge on depopulation. Under the cover of reproductive health involuntary sterilizations are implemented throughout the developing world through adulterated vaccines while in the developed world flu immunization programs weaken the immune systems of the old and civil servants to shorten lifespans and spare governments from meeting insolvent health care and pension plan obligations in the last stage of the demographic transition. Endocrine disruptors inserted in the basic elements of life to presumably prevent caries chronically subvert the human reproductive system to lower the total fertility rate of every country to replacement level. In the name of sustainable development, experimental carbon capture and sequestration methods as well as solar radiation management methods double as weapons against longevity by subjecting billions to unnaturally high exposure levels of heavy metals so the world’s decarbonization goals are tackled from two directions, by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increasing morbidity and mortality among the general population to proactively lower future emissions. Poverty and hunger are used as fronts for the deployment of GMO crops that purportedly increase yields, improve nutrition and require fewer fertilizers and pesticides, but that in fact misuse the latest bioengineering advances to cause subfertility, immune deficiencies and crop failures and thus lower the population by limiting births and increasing deaths. Unless stopped, this engineered genocide will damage the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity and cause population collapse within 20 years, time during which the incidence and severity of NCDs will grow exponentially irrespective of health system investments and medical breakthroughs. Only a political solution can restore our health as individuals and as a civilization.

Citation: Galalae KM (2015) The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives. Epidemiology (sunnyvale) 5:208. doi:10.4172/2161-1165.1000208

Morgellons Disease

What do these all have in common?   Information being found believes that Morgellons Disease is coming from chemtrail spraying.    Watch the YouTube and learn about strangulation and what you can do to help yourself if you get in this dire situation.  This is not the first time I have heard of this occurring.


We are told on the YouTube:


“Uploaded on Jun 21, 2011

There are polymers introduced into Morgellons victims which may set up a system of fibers that contract to create a choking feeling. Multiple people are experiencing choking and there have been some deaths from suffocation which results in a coma and then death. The tapes may have glass, metal or polymer nanomaterials. The 3-D porous scaffolds have a deeper shape. The tapes are 2-D because they are flat and have width and length.”

44,000 died from drug overdose in 2013!

No this doesn’t mean social drugsbut means pharmaceutical drugs!   I have been reading that iatrogenic death is much higher than heart or cancer.   Natural Society on 21 June has written an article on this subject.  Click here to read the article.


Health Info asks -f you are interested in using nutritional dietary supplements that may help you avoid using these pharmaceutical drugs by helping to maintain your health then click this link and email me.

Belly Fat, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Do you consume diet sodas?     If you do then please take the time to read the NaturalNews article dated 19 June 2015 with regards to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in which 749 people were followed for nine years based on soda consumption, both diet and regular.   Click this link to read the article.

South Carolina Church Massacre

On 18 June 2015 NaturalNews provides yet more information on psychiatric drugs being involved in a massacre!


This appears to be an ongoing saga in America.   All the American Government appears to be concerned about is the fact that a gun was involved and trying to bring in gun laws to remove them from the people.




BUT what about the Government doing something with regards to the numerous incidents of people being on psychiatric drugs.  WHAT ARE THEY DOING to prevent this from happening? 


Ask your Senators?   I am sure they won’t have an answer for you but if enough of you raise the question in this forthcoming election then maybe things just might change.


In the meantime read the article


Other Health pages on this website that you might care to visit.


On 14 July 2010 I received the following information

Are you dying from second hand cancer treatments?

Mike Adams from NaturalNews on 13 July 2010 brings health information on pharmacists who are dispensing chemotherapy drugs and are in fact dying from the effects of the drugs themselves!   When you go on to read the article you will find that it is also affecting nurses and other members of the community who are administering these drugs!


Mike Adams asks the following question:


If these chemicals are so dangerous to the doctors, nurses and pharmacists dispensing them, how can they be considered "safe enough" to inject into patients who are already dying from cancer?


A very good question!    One that if you are unfortunate enough to have cancer that I believe you need to thoroughly investigate before you allow yourself to be treated with chemotherapy.  This research is so important that I urge you to visit this website and search out all relevant data.   This is a website I have put in place for Chris Woollams, who has the charity website  helping people to overcome and avoid getting cancer in the first place.

Big Pharma encoding pills with tracking devices

NaturalNews on 15 July 2010 brings a most disturbing article from Mike Adams with regards to the shenanigans that Big Pharma are up to now.


NaturalNews advise:


“(NaturalNews) This article has been removed because the company it was originally about has changed their story and refused to respond to our inquiries about their nanotechnology. As a result, we can no longer quote sources for this story, so we've pulled it. “


But guess what – I actually saved it and turned it into a pdf file so that you can read what they are up to.

Health Info P4
brings one of the most honest cancer reports I have read

Health Information page 4 is very pleased to bring you the latest report by Mike Adams the Health Ranger from NaturalNews in July 2010.   This report is totally unbiased and not corrupted by financial influence of pharmaceutical companies.  Many women will probably be very upset when they read this document but I believe IT IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY MAN AND WOMANWomen with regard to breast cancer and men with regard to prostate.   It is also very important for people with dark skins to read this report and find out the reason why dark skinned people suffer more cancer than light skinned.


If anyone is interested in using essential oils – I have some protocols on how you may assist in keeping your breasts healthy.    Please contact me at or in the form below.

The dangers of eating hotdogs

Health Information brings you a report from Orthomolecular Medicine dated 2 July 2010 with regard to the dangers of eating hot dogs.

Personal care ingredients and their hidden dangers

Health Information brings you a report from Dr Mercola dated 13 July 2010 with regard to many of the toxic chemicals contained in your shampoos and skincare products that you are likely to use on a daily basis.  Some of you will be aware of the inherent dangers of these ingredients and may look for products that are labeled as being “natural”.    I was lucky enough to hear Peter Taubert of South Australia speak many years ago and became aware that the word natural didn’t mean a thing!   Dr Mercola tells us that a report was released 14 March 2008 by the OCA wherein they had found at least one toxic ingredient (cancer linked) in 40% of the products they tested as “natural”.    Read the report

Eye Disease and Blindness

Health Information brings you a report from NaturalNews dated 14 July 2010 with regard to the antioxidant Resveratrol and the possibility of it helping people who suffer from eye disorders. 


For more information on resveratrol click here.

United States FDA allowing unsafe drugs to be given to livestock!

Any of the followers of who are in the slightest health conscious will be well aware that whatever our livestock is eating is bound to be contained in the meat we eat to varying extent.  They will also be aware that what the animals eat is passed through their bodies and into the environment, i.e. pastures or water ways.  So Health Information page asks the question:


Why would the FDA allow the continued use of a livestock drug which is so dangerous that it has been banned in 160 countries?


It has been banned in Europe, China and Taiwan!


Aspersions are cast (and with some justification) on the safety and efficacy of products coming out of China and here we have countries like China and Taiwan banning dangerous drugs and the savior of us all, the United States of America, continuing to use them!   Read the article

United States involvement in non-disclosure

Health Information page brings you information on the United States Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture with regard to their opinion on GM foods.    They are trying to tell us that there is no difference between natural foods and GM foods!    I wonder at times how the people on these committees can sleep at night!


There is so much evidence out in the public arena testifying as to the harm that GM foods are causing both to humans and livestock alike.   Many people like myself strive hard to purchase good quality unadulterated food.   It is becoming increasingly difficult to do this when countries like the United States are trying to enforce a worldwide ban on the ability of manufacturers to show on their labels whether their product is free of GM foods.


I will place three links here.   The first with regard to the article I am writing about today.  The second one with regard to the US trying to enforce this ban worldwide and the third link is in regard to doctors issuing warnings to patients not to eat GM foods.


Honest labeling of foods opposed by US

US attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling

Avoid GM foods – doctors warn

Puberty being reached at earlier ages 
10, 9 and 8 year olds!

Health Information page brings you information from Dr Mercola dated 10 July 2010 with regard to the onset of early puberty in children of the world.   All parents should take five minutes to read what he has to say and wherever possible take the precautions that he is suggesting.   Mentally our children are not able to cope with this early puberty and it can cause them much distress and harm.   Read the article   

Good news for people who are insulin resistant

Health Information page has pleasure in bringing you an article from NaturalNews advising of a study that was undertaken.  In this study it was found that two of the four control groups had better insulin resistant reactions.   Read the article to find out what happened.  

Then click on this health information link to contact me to find out information on a very powerful antioxidant containing what is termed “The Royal Family of Supplements”.     Unlike other antioxidant drinks on the market this one has concentrated on the four most powerful super fruits and into the bargain contains no preservatives and comes in a liquid form to be easily assimilated.  This in my personal view is a plus, plus, plus!  If you are interested in obtaining this powerful antioxidant then make sure you email me.

Is Mankind’s Future Threatened

Health Information page brings an article from NaturalNews dated 12 July 2010 with regard to widespread male infertility sweeping the globe.   I have known since July 2003 about a common ingredient in shampoo which was thought to cause infertility in boys whilst they were still in the womb.  This was being caused just by the mother washing her hair!    If anyone would like more details with regard to this article please email in the contact form below.  In the meantime read what the latest science is telling us.

GM Foods – Victory for the people of India 

Health Information page is delighted to bring you another NaturalNews item dated 12 July 2010 with regard to the Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh of India, making the decision that no more GM crops would be introduced into India until such time as studies could confirm that no harm will be caused by these GM crops.   If the Environment Minister holds his ground against the pressure that will be exerted on him from outside influences, then I personally believe that India will no longer entertain the idea of GM crops as more and more adverse information is being received. 


For more health information on genetically modified foods and Monsanto please click the links.


I trust you have found the foregoing articles in Health Information of interest and if you would like more information on items contained in this page or any other page of website then please contact me in the email form below or at


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