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Working from Home Page enables Marilyn Vine to provide access to a great network marketing opportunity with direct sales and the ability for “stay at home moms” to operate their own network marketing business and be available at the same time to care for their families.


I have many powerful reasons for using Sisel International’s products.  


My main reason being how, in the past, using Tom Mower Sr’s products helped to save my life and restore my health way back in 1996.   I know that he has brought the same strengths into the Sisel products and for this I am grateful.  When you read articles like the following one then you too will understand.


What does it stand for?

  • Science: Each and every product produced by the Mowers is based upon solid science. That’s why we always say, “Trust Sisel, trust the science.”
  • Innovation:  Every product SISEL formulates has to be innovative. SISEL doesn’t dwell in the past, but have committed their R&D to making products that will improve the future of all people.
  • Success: SISEL have designed and implemented one of the best compensation plans ever known in the history of direct sales. SISEL firmly believes that they will provide their Distributors with everything they need to become incredibly successful financially.
  • Energy: SISEL’s compensation plan combined with their amazing science-based products work together to produce the energetic inertia required to propel their products and people to the top of the MLM business.
  • Longevity: SISEL strongly believe in longevity – both in our products and in our people. They have formulated some of the very best products that will work to keep consumers feeling younger, longer.  They also strive to continually update their product lines so that the SISEL name is always at the cutting-edge of innovation and formulation.


Working from home believes that when you put it all together, you have a company positioned for the future, based on science with unlimited earning possibilities.




Marilyn Vine’s ID is 10146519 and I will be both your enrolling sponsor and your placement.      What is holding you back from joining this great opportunity?

Working from home in a billion dollar industry

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Power of Nitric Oxide

Sisel advise that 4-Restore provides the following great benefits:

  • Powerful libido BOOSTER for both men AND women
  • Promotes the good testosterone level while suppressing the bad DHT
  • Powerful energy booster for enhancing performance and endurance
  • Powerful support for strong and healthy blood vessels
  • Powerful support for vibrant optimal heart health
  • Great for suppressing type 2 diabetes
  • Great relief for migraine headaches.

To learn more click this link or to purchase this product, click this link.

Powerful reason to use supplements and Sisel Products

Once again all I can urge you to do is take care of yourself and if you don’t have the time to do the research, but are prepared to take advantage of what I have found for myself, i.e. Sisel Products, then click this link.   Click on the contact information to see my contact details.

“Corporate-dictated malfeasance at our federal agencies has resulted in food and agriculture systems that are knowingly killing people and the earth we live on”

Once again all I can urge you to do is take care of yourself and if you don’t have the time to do the research, but are prepared to take advantage of what I have found for myself, i.e. Sisel Products, then click this link.   Click on the contact information to see my contact details.


The following further enforces my reasons for working from home with Sisel International.

Synthetic Multi-Vitamins

Before I continue I would like to cover the harm of using synthetic vitamins and minerals.


This article is one of the most important reasons that I try and avoid chemists and health food shops!   I learned a long while ago that the products sold in these establishments are not always what they appear to be and that they can be causing more harm than good, particularly if you are buying a synthetic form of Vitamin E!  I researched the home based business opportunities that I participate in with regards to their products and have them tested whenever I can by independent people who have nothing to gain from the results.    Please read the article from NaturalNews dated 7 August 2012 which I am sure will give you an understanding of why I love the Sisel Products so much

Toxins in the Food Chain

Dr Eldon Dahl on 19 November 2014 in a Prevent Disease article talks about the necessity for supplements.  He asks the following questions:


Do we not get all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat?

If we eat a regular, balanced diet, is that not enough to keep our bodies healthy and fit?”


He says that if you were to ask those questions prior to the turn of the 20th century, or even into the first quarter of the 20th century, the answer would have been yes. But today, given the fact that we do not have pure food anymore, the answer is no!”


Marilyn believes that this is a very important article to read as he clearly points out all the pitfalls in the foods that we are eating.   If you do not know very much about the glyphosate that he speaks of then click this link to learn more.  Marilyn uses a product called Body Shield™ to assist in the removal of heavy metals

Sisel Safe provides me with

Working from Home

Click this link to find out more about these great products and the ability to be working from home.   A Godsend for young Mums and also for people who are retired and still retain the vigour of their youth and wish to do something useful with their time.


Marilyn supplements her diet on a daily basis with age reversing products and dietary supplements.   If you would like to learn more about what she does then email 


Please click this link to read the full information Dr Dahl provides.


Marilyn Vine once again invites you to join her in this amazing network marketing opportunity – the one that you can actually be working from home to do – or go on the road and do meetings and presentations.    We all know that the effort we put in will relate to the rewards we receive.


Please share this working from home opportunity with your friends and family.

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