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Importance of network

The importance of network!   What a wise old man Plato was to have recognized back in his day the amount of misinformation being provided.   All I can say is thank you for the internet giving us instant access to information from many varied sources enabling us to do research and verify or dismiss information in the normal media channels.

How do you feel about network marketing?

Some people love this opportunity and belong to multiple companies.

Then you have those that loathe the system and hate it with a passion.

BUT most informed/knowledgeable people love quality products that are potentially safe and actually do what they are supposed to do!      Are you one of these people?    If so then please read on otherwise don’t waste your time.

I belong to three different network marketing opportunities – all globally seamless – that provide me with all the nutritional supplements that my body requires, safe personal care and household products and an amazing array of essential oils and patches that work on the acupuncture meridians of the body.    

Please use this link to email if you would like to learn more.

Remuneration from Network

For the people, who love this opportunity and found MLM’s that have:

  • Quality products
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Good compensation plan, i.e. good for the distributors and not just the company
  • Are prepared to put the time and effort in, then


financial remuneration can be their reward.  This remuneration is over and above any benefits derived from using quality products such as dietary supplements, safe personal care and household products.   For Marilyn Vine this is an extremely important aspect of why I do MLM. marketing.

In a regular job you work for so many hours per day or week and get paid for the hours you have worked.  This can have an impact on your earning capacity and quite frankly there are many people in the work force today who hate what they are doing!  Even when you retire from the conventional work force you can network and earn a passive income.   Click this link to find out what I do.

Internet Marketing and Ability to Work from Home

Today like no other time in history we have the world at our feet with the touch of a button!

It is so easy to have globally seamless marketing opportunities – distance is no obstacle – country time differences may present a problem, but is easily overcome with Skype, social media, emails and apps. 

In good economic times, people are less interested in career alternatives but they can easily afford to buy more consumer goods.


In bad times, they crave new business opportunities to help ease the financial burden.


A good question

Another name that it goes by
Direct Selling

Marilyn Vine believes that this short YouTube on Direct Selling and the enthusiasm shown by the presenters, sums up how she too feels about her direct selling business.

John Milton Fogg

Here is John Milton Fogg’s YouTube called The time for network marketing is now!

Is it a pyramid scheme?

Uninformed people often try to tell you that what you are offering is a pyramid scheme and that these are illegal.  Listen to the YouTube which I believe sums it up beautifully.

How network marketing works

Find a company that meets the above criteria.   For me the companies I am involved with meet this criteria and probably much more!


One of the positive side effects of building a network marketing business has been the number of beautiful people that I have met and now have strong friendships with.


As mentioned above, whatever effort you are prepared to expend will quantify what financial remuneration will follow.

Downturn in the Economy

Many of us during our lifetimes have encountered downturns in the economy of the country we reside in.  When you are in an MLM company providing things like shampoos, deodorants, etc then these are what most people consider to be the necessities of life and even though the economy is down, they will still continue to buy these products.   Therefore, your network marketing or home based business opportunity will survive and you will continue to earn. 


Of course, this is based on the premise that the company you have chosen is financially viable and in a position to keep supplying products and to pay you.   This is why it is so important to qualify who you work with.

History tells us that during difficult economic times that network marketing has shown exceptional growth and perhaps some of this growth relates to the ability of people to purchase what they consider “the necessities of life”.

History of MLM Opportunities

I understand that these opportunities date back to the 1930’s when the great depression was upon us.  Some of these early companies were Wachter’s, Nutrilite, Shaklee, Neolife, Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife.  I believe that Herbalife in the 1990’s went into hyper growth during that recession and became a billion dollar company.


What does this tell us?   When recessions hit, people begin to look for alternative sources of income.


People begin to realize that the security a paid job was supposed to be giving them does not exist. The phrase economic downsizing begins to creep into their minds. They become concerned that they may get fired at any time.  For many people the thought of trying to replace their existing job would not be an easy thing to do especially if they are getting on in age.   Even during good times – age can be a barrier.

Marilyn trusts that the foregoing information has allayed any of your concerns or fears in relation to network marketing and looks forward to you contacting her in the form below.


Whatever decision you make in your life may I take this opportunity to wish you well.


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