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Immunization Information: When I first started this Healthymoneyvine website in January 2008 I would never have thought that I would have so much vaccination information contained therein!

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Higher rates of vaccination
Higher mortality rate!


VacTruth on 28 July 2017 published this article “How Do US Vaccine Rates, Policies and Children’s Health Compare to Other Countries?”.  Here is an excerpt from this immunization information:


“The United States has higher vaccination rates than any other country. The US also has very high infant mortality rates. American children experience epidemic levels of chronic diseases including autism, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, autoimmune disorders, asthma, epilepsy and allergies. [1, 2]”


Click this link to read the full immunization information article and then make your own connection.

World Health Organization 
Vaccine Adverse Events and Death

Activist Post dated 7 July 2017 has published this article “The World Health Organization’s Faux Pas About Vaccine Adverse Events And Deaths”.  Here is an excerpt from this article and I believe you should read it to then make a decision with regards to the World Health Organization’s regards for our health.


“It appears more vaccinees are experiencing post-vaccination damage.  However, mandatory vaccine reporting may not be submitted to VAERS with subsequent filings to the Vaccine Court.  However, there is a most significant data bank, which emerges from Page 5 of the HRSA reports, insofar as DEATHS are recorded as filed and attributed to vaccines and their adverse events.  I encourage readers to check out Page 5 to understand the gravity of what’s going on within the World Health Organization stating vaccines cannot cause death!”

European Union Court Ruling

Activist Post dated 24 June 2017 provides an article dated “Stop The Fake News Network Presses: Vaccines Can Be Blamed For Illnesses And Diseases”.  Here is an excerpt from this article (click here to read full article):


“The European Union Court (EUC) recently (June 21, 2017) sent a mammoth gaff into the side of Big Pharma’s most sacred cows, Vaccines!


Independent journalist Jefferey Jaxen published his report on the EUC’s ruling in his article “Landmark Decision: Top EU Court Rules Vaccines Can Be Blamed For Illness & Disease,” which I encourage you to read, as I don’t want to take any of his ‘journalistic thunder’ away from his work.”

420% higher risk of ADHD in vaccinated kids!

NaturalNews dated 22 May 2017 released a report “Confirmed science shows that vaccinated children have 420% higher risk of ADHD compared to non-vaccinated kids”.  An excerpt from the report:


“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies have stubbornly refused to promote such uncomplicated, straight-forward scientific analyses – no points for figuring out why – but a group of scientists from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University has nonetheless risen to the challenge. For those who have been warning parents about the dangers of vaccines for years, like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the scientists’ findings are not the least bit surprising.


The study, which was published recently in the Journal of Translational Science, sought to do two things: Firstly, the scientists wanted to compare a broad range of health outcomes for vaccinated and unvaccinated children; and secondly, they wanted to determine whether there was an association between vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) which remained significant after adjusting for other factors.”’’


Make sure you click the link above and read the full immunization information report.

Once again showing it may be the country to live in!

NaturalNews dated 16 May 2017 just published this article “Sweden outlaws coercive mandatory vaccines laws, citing violations of the Swedish Constitution”.  An excerpt from the article:


“It would seem that Sweden’s Parliament truly cares about doing what is best for its people. Rather than bowing to pressure by pharmaceutical companies or the scare-tactics of the mainstream media, the Swedish government recently adopted a decision to refuse to enforce the compulsory or mandatory vaccination of its citizens. Such a mandate, they noted, would violate the country’s Constitution.


Other factors also influenced the decision. For one thing, many people had called politicians or the Parliament directly to express their outrage at the concept of forced vaccinations. The text of one of the motions related to the decision noted that Parliamentary politicians had observed “massive resistance to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccination.”


In my opinion (Marilyn Vine) the Swedish Government appears to have the best interests of its people at heart and are prepared to stand up to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the proponents of One World Order.    When are the US and Australian Governments going to have the gumption to do the same for its people?    May be us Australians should be letting our politicians know about this!!!

Massachusetts Attorney says it’s “okay”

Immunization Information:  NaturalNews dated 17 May 2017 brings further information on the Boston Herald Staff threat in an article entitled “Massachusetts Attorney General says it’s okay for mainstream media to publish death threats against “anti-vaxxers”.    Click this link to read the article and learn about the protest being organized.     There is something badly wrong when law enforcement condone killing or harming other individuals.    Has sanity left Massachusetts?

Boston Herald Staff out of Control

Marilyn Vine from Australia finds the story that is unfolding with the Boston Herald Staff almost unbelievable.   NaturalNews dated 11 May 2017 published an article entitled “Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations”. 

An excerpt from this immunization information article:


“In the latest lunatic, insane example of “vaccine rage” now being pushed by the criminal vaccine industry and its corporate-run media prostitutes, the Boston Herald’s entire editorial staff has openly called for what are essentially government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, naturopaths, chiropractors and journalists who question the safety of injecting children with mercury, a brain-damaging toxin still found in flu shot vaccines administered to children and expectant mothers.


Expressing any concern at all about the toxic, brain-damaging ingredients in vaccines “ought to be a hanging offense,” says the entire Boston Herald editorial staff in this shockingly violent article which espouses the murder of naturopathic physicians and scientists such as myself. According to the Boston herald, we should all be hanged to death after being identified and rounded up.”


Please click this link to read the entire immunization information article and Also, share this list of contact details for the Boston FBI, Boston Police, Massachusetts Attorney General and the Boston Herald.

Also click this link to see what is happening within the holistic medicine field and its doctors.  At this stage these are the only health professionals that I have become aware of and I am sure that there are many more who will have fallen under the radar.


Where has our freedom of choice and freedom of speech disappeared to!

Study published on Vaccinated versus Non-Vaccinated

Activist Post dated 9 November 2017 brings good immunization information news in the way of a Peer Review Study released on “First Vaccinated Versus Nonvaccinated”.  An excerpt from the study:

“Although short-term immunologic and safety testing is performed on vaccines prior to their approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the long-term effects of individual vaccines and of the vaccination program itself remain unknown [8]. Vaccines are acknowledged to carry risks of severe acute and chronic adverse effects, such as neurological complications and even death [9], but such risks are considered so rare that the vaccination program is believed to be safe and effective for virtually all children [10]. [CJF emphasis]

[Please refer to online article for embedded reference numbers.]” 


Marilyn Vine urges you to read this full immunization information article by clicking this link.   I believe that this is the first time any comparison between vaccinated and non vaccinated children has been allowed to surface for the general public to read and make their own decisions.

Take Action to End the Autism Epidemic and Implement Comprehensive Reforms of Vaccine Safety Policies


Click this link to add your name to the petition





Listen to Mike Adams from NaturalNews dated 2 April 2017 warn us about how the vaccine industry is more than likely to create a false flag epidemic so that harsher directives can be implemented with regards to mandatory vaccination

Virologists working for Merck even filed a False Claims Act with the federal government, describing how they were forced to falsify vaccine clinical trial results to trick the FDA into approving vaccines that they said would contribute to the spread of infectious disease.

It’s the perfect racket: Create a product that spreads disease while convincing the entire world that your product is the only solution to stopping the spread of disease. Every outbreak earns you more money and prestige while the government grants you absolute legal protection from all lawsuits, meaning you can place literally anything into a vaccine — live viruses, heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, etc. — and face no financial or legal repercussions whatsoever. (RELATED: Follow the latest breaking news on vaccines at”


To read the full article click this link.


CDC list of excipients in vaccines.  Read below about African Green Monkey kidney cells being put into vaccines.

How Vaccines are Really Made

ACAM is a live vaccinia virus that can be transmitted to persons who have close contact with the vaccine and the same as those stated for vaccines (5.10).   Immunization Information provides access to this YouTube.

CDC Confirmed

African Green Monkey Kidney Cells used in vaccines


Immunization Information brings an article from News Target dated 28 March 2017 confirming that African Green Monkey Kidney Cells are used in vaccines across the United States and Marilyn says – what other countries does this occur in as well.    The article goes on to say:

On the 6th of March this year, Natural News broke a story revealing some of the startling (and downright disgusting) ingredients found in many vaccines. Readers were understandably shocked to find that the list included such things as fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses and African Green Monkey cells, igniting a storm of debate. The article also made it clear that these ingredients are no secret, and that in fact, the CDC openly reveals this information on their website.


Well, that was just too much for some in the mainstream media to accept. There was an immediate backlash against Natural News, with the usual accusations of “fake news” flying fast and furious, and some even claiming that “there’s no way the CDC would approve monkey kidney cells being injected into humans.” (RELATED: Keep an eye on what other facts the mainstream media might be “spinning” at


The truth is, the many revolting ingredients in vaccines are openly revealed on the CDC’s website, including the aforementioned fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses – human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures (strain WI-38) – and African Green Monkey cells – African Green Monkey kidney (Vero) cells. It wouldn’t take the world’s most intrepid reporter to confirm the ingredients on the CDC’s list, so clearly, the media either didn’t bother to check their facts, or worse, chose to flat-out lie about it. According to the CDC’s website, their information is derived from “manufacturers’ package inserts.” And the FDA’s website confirms that the vaccines which contain these ingredients are “licensed for use in the United States.”


Click this link to read the full immunization information article.

2-year-old found dead September 2015

2 days after vaccination

271 new vaccines in pipeline since 2013!

Immunization Information:  GreenMedia on 25 August 2015 advise that big pharma has plans for 271 new vaccines.  The article also goes on to say:


"No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable...for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death." – President Ronald Wilson Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die, become chronically ill with vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders or are otherwise disabled from vaccine injuries. (That law has led directly to an expected reckless, liability-free development of scores of new, over-priced, potential block-buster vaccines, now numbering over 250. The question that must be asked of Big Medicine's practitioners: How will the CDC, the AMA, the AAFP and the American Academy of Pediatrics fit any more potentially neurotoxic vaccines into the current well-baby over-vaccination schedule?)”


I believe this immunization information is an important read – please take the time to click this link.

Impact of Aluminum on the Nervous System

NaturalHealth365 on 24 August 2015 advise:


Vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months, safe limit is 25 mcg

Click this link to read the immunization information on the American vaccine scene and then write to your Australian Federal Minister and Minister Susan Ley, Federal Minister for Health, and ask how much aluminum is in our Australian vaccines.





On the Back of a Tiger
Could be most important YouTube on Vaccination!

Immunization Information:  Prevent Disease on 14 August 2015 presented an article by Barnett Weiss which he considers to the most important documentary on the fallacy of vaccination.   He goes on to say:


“This documentary 'On The Back Of A Tiger', can, among other things, forever destroy the scientific basis of all vaccinations.  The documentary being made, which I am supporting, is the most important project of my professional life of more than 60 years and my over 40 years of struggle to end the horrors of vaccinations. If it receives sufficient distribution through grass root's efforts, it will destroy entirely the scientific basis for vaccinations and change the paradigms in biology, medicine, and education forever, and for the betterment of our progeny.”


“The scientists in this documentary----Gilbert Ling, Mae-Wan Ho, Harold Hillman, and Ray Peat----are each worthy of Nobel Prizes for, in some instances, more than 50 years of cutting edge science ignored by, and often terrifying, the entrenched mainstream orthodoxy.

The film itself is a fine work of art.  It posits the question----what if we don't understand the workings of life as well as we think?

"On the Back of A Tiger" follows a group of pioneering scientists & thinkers as they rewrite the story of life, challenging science & medicine's most sacred cows. From breakthrough ideas on water and the living cell, to radical theories of mind and brain. These ideas have already inspired an intrepid group of health-seekers who share their impressive---though unconventional---stories.”


The article can be found at this link and you can also view the trailer below.   The makers of the documentary On the Back of a Tiger are seeking our help to get this project up and running.  


I personally believe that vaccination is an utter fallacy and just a means of sterilizing and causing depopulation and if we can show the world what we need to do to restore our health and vibrancy then I believe that we should support these two young men in their efforts to get this information out to the world.   This is why to me my Immunization Information Page is so important.


What will you do?

Human Rights and Human Privileges

On 3 August 2015 Barbara Loe Fisher, breaks down the side effects of vaccines and why you should oppose legislation forcing you to take them.   She speaks about Human Rights to Human Privileges.


Help Immunization Information Page spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family.

How Human Rights Turned Into Human Privileges

Information you should read to get an understanding of what is happening

GreenMedia on 24 April 2015 provides this article, an article that I believe puts so much into perspective.   Our war on people not wishing to be vaccinated and yet we are doing nothing to stop the rise of superbugs which have come about by the overuse of antibiotics by doctors and veterinarians in treating both humans and animals.   Why is there no war dealing with this?    This is a much greater crisis than a non-vaccinated child can cause society.    Three Hundred Million deaths from this cause alone estimated by 2050.   Please read the article and get an understanding and share this immunization information with your friends.

Ineffective Whooping Cough Vaccine

NaturalNews reports on 11 June 2015:


a whooping cough outbreak has reportedly occurred at a public school in the coastal town of Salinas, where 99.5 percent of students were vaccinated in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

Reports indicate that all four of the children so far diagnosed with whooping cough, also known as pertussis, . Meanwhile, not a single unvaccinated student came down with the disease, according to reports, suggesting once again that the pertussis vaccine doesn't work.”

Immunization Information Page finds that these statistics are incredible.

Please click this link to read the article.

African American Community rallying

NaturalNews on 11 June 2015 provides information on the African American people speaking out about the proposed bill SB277

Listen to the YouTube and learn that 500 Million people plan to march in protest at this bill in one State and another 1 million in another State.     Click this link to read the full story.

Efficacy data from 50 years ago!

NaturalNews on 14 June 2015 advise that Merck’s efficacy data on the Mump’s vaccine is 50 years old!  When one considers the massive advancement in technology today for Merck to be using 50 year-old-data is nothing short of ludicrous!   Click the link and read what is actually going on.

Again Immunization Information Page finds this an incredible situation.

Did the vaccination movement trigger the latest measles outbreak?

That is a very good question.  NaturalNews on 5 February 2015 provides information on:


“Numerous published studies reveal how live-virus vaccines like MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) actually shed these diseases for many weeks or even months following vaccination, potentially infecting others, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. This means that any child who was recently given an MMR vaccine is a walking disease-spreader, a truth that the media is refusing to report as even just a possibility in this case.”


Click this link to learn more.

CDC report     
No deaths from measles

NaturalNews on 5 February 2015 advise that the CDC reports no deaths from measles in the last 10 years but 108 deaths reported from measles vaccination!    Click this link to read more.   Immunization Information believes that this is very important information when considering getting a measles vaccination.

Human cancer tumor to be used in vaccines

VacTruth on 30 November 2014 provides information from the Minutes of an FDA Meeting held in September 2012 where a discussion took place with regards to using human cancer tumors in vaccines as “This method is cheaper and faster than breeding animals for the culture media – and human cancer tumors are readily available.” 


This is a shocking article and one that anyone considering immunization information should take into account before embarking on this journey.   The following are a few excerpts from the VacTruth article which have been taken from the FDA Minutes.   Much more information is available in this article than shown here.   Please read this article.   Make sure you read the section covering “Plan to hide information and omit it from package inserts.”


Some of the incredible statements from the meeting are quoted directly. A more detailed account is given in this article, with statements directly quoted from the meeting in italics.

The vaccines may cause tumors in recipients

“We have really identified three major factors that could potentially convey risk from tumor derived cells.  And these include the cells themselves … and if they were tumor-derived cells then maybe they themselves could form tumors in a vaccine recipient.” (Dr. K)

A fact: tumor cell lines can cause tumors

“What I think is qualitatively different about the tumor cell lines is the fact that they can cause tumors.” (Dr.L)

Tumors may occur decades after vaccinations

“But certainly, if you are going to address this question about tumor risk of vaccines made in tumor cell lines, it’s going to have to be a decade’s question.” (Dr.C)

FDA is there to help vaccine manufacturers

“… but we are here to consider the issues that we would like to advise the agency to consider in helping the company continue the manufacturing process, what should they be concerned about, what should they be watching for.” (Dr. D, leader of the meeting)

Doubt regarding test animals for assessing oncogenicity

“I’m not optimistic that we’re going to find animal models to assess oncogenicity of DNA. That’s why I’m feeling that maybe it’s the clearance aspect that we have to deal with, with respect to DNA.” (Dr.P)

Uncertainty about length of time for safety testing

“Are they watching these animals long enough? Should it be longer?” (Dr.D)

“Is it relevant to safety that a cell forms a tumor after a year, a year and a half?” (Dr.P)

Poor testing for prions including mad cow disease

“There are a lot of things to be done in post-licensure. The field of the BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, mad cow disease) is really, in terms of sensitivity, of detection, pretty poor” (Dr.C)

Doctors and the public may say “Oh, my God”!

“How is this group (of vaccines) going to be able to be accepted by the consumers … As soon as you hear “a tumor-derived cell line”, how do you explain that, put the public at ease?” (Dr.B)

“… the practicing medical community and also the lay public. They are going to hear that we are recommending or that the manufacturers are making vaccines with tumorigenic cell lines and say, oh, my God, even if there’s no scientific basis to say, oh, my God.” (Dr.D)

Marilyn Vine considers this the worst immunization information that she has published on this topic!


Immunization Information believes the following two YouTubes are very important.  The first provides you with the scenario protecting the vaccine manufacturers and anyone involved in the vaccination program and the second is equally as important and is presented by Dr Barbara Loe Fisher with regards to our freedom to choose how we want to maintain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.   BOTH THESE IMMUNIZATION INFORMATION YOUTUBES should be watched before making a decision.

Are Kenyan Women being targeted for Population Control?

Green Media on 7 November 2014 have published a most disturbing article with regards to Kenyan women being the target of population control and once again without their knowledge. 


Once again we have a brave doctor, obstetrician/gynaecologist Stephen Karanja approaching the Kenyan Bishops with regards to what he believes to be happening and so what is going to happen now to Dr Karanja?


Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and the Director of Medical Services Nicholas Muraguri have summoned Dr Karanja to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board for disciplinary action.




The Green Media article is a most disturbing article and details the many years of experiments conducted on unsuspecting men and women in an effort to have population control.   Population control is part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s aim and if you were to uncover the truth you would possibly find pressure being exerted on the Kenyan Government to bring Dr Karanja into line so that they can continue down their merry path.


Please take the time to read this article.

Live Virus Vaccines

Dr Mercola on 9 November 2014 advises:


“Live attenuated viral vaccines have the potential to affect the evolution of viruses, which are constantly recombining with each other, because vaccine strain live viruses are released into the environment where further mutations can occur.”


Click this link to read more and then watch the YouTube

Whistle Blower

NaturalNews on 6 October 2014 brings an astounding statement from one of the whistle blowers:

During a conversation with Dr. Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation, Dr. William Thompson admitted that the prospect of injecting pregnant women with the mercury derivative thimerosal is preposterous, as this highly toxic compound is directly associated with causing autism.

Contrary to popular belief, annual flu shots produced in multi-dose vials still contain thimerosal. And the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the agency for which Dr. Thompson works, still promotes them for pregnant women, despite their known dangers.”

Please click this link to learn more about this and for goodness sakes do your own research before you or your family submit to any immunization protocol.    Ebola will be the next one they are promoting – so do your own research, learn how to protect yourself and please take care.

MMR and Correlation with Autism

Immunization Information advises of a lawsuit to be followed with interest!    In September 2014 I heard a doctor on a current affairs program emphatically state that there is no connection with vaccination and autism.  Dr Mercola on 7 October 2014 brings this article on two Merck virologists in 2010 filing a federal lawsuit under the False Claims Act against their former employer.   Also that a senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and CDC co-authors of a widely cited MMR vaccine safety study “omitted statistically significant information” and that “the final study protocol was not followed.”   

I am sure that Dr Mercola will keep us up-to-date with the progression of this trial.

Measles outbreaks in Zhejiang Province in China

GreenMedia on 20 September 2014 brings news of China’s great failure in the Province of Zhejiang in preventing the outbreak of measles.   The World Health Organization has said

"The number of measles cases reported in the first 10 months of 2013 – 26443 – was three times the number reported in the whole of 2012." This is all the more odd considering that since 2009 "...the first dose of measles-virus-containing vaccine has reached more than 90% of the target population." One would expect with increasing measles vaccine uptake there would result in a decrease in measles incidence.”

Immunization Information:  Please click this link to read this entire story.    Obviously what the vaccination pushers want you to believe is not what the actual story is.    This is just another incidence that I have read about – do a search on polio for a similar story.

mystery virus exploding

Immunization Information brings information from NaturalNews dated 9 September 2014 advising of a mystery virus (EV-968) exploding in children who have been vaccinated in the United States.  The article goes on to say:

CNN goes on to report:

"It's worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I've practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I've never seen anything quite like this," said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the hospital's division director for infectious diseases.

What CNN and other media outlets are not reporting, however, is that this outbreak is occurring among vaccinated children.”

Click this link to learn more.

Official Causes of Infant Death Categories

Immunization Information advise that on 4 July 2014 Green Media:

“There are 130 official ways for an infant to die. These official categories of death, sanctioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), are published in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).1-3 When a baby dies, coroners must choose from among these 130 categories.”

The article went on to ask two very important questions:

“Since vaccine-related deaths are officially recognized by the federal government but there is NO official classification for vaccine-related deaths in the ICD, two important questions must be asked:

  1. Are some deaths that are listed within the 130 infant mortality death categories really deaths that are associated with vaccination?
  2. Are some vaccine-related deaths hidden within the death tables?”

Immunization Information page believes they are important questions and one that the US Government should be answering.

Whistleblower confesses to fraudulent data

Immunization Information page brings this story from NaturalNews on 23 August 2014 advises:

“A medical conspiracy of epic proportions stands to bring down the entire vaccine house of cards following the revelation that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) censored key data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. A top CDC researcher-turned-whistleblower has come forward with the truth about a study that the CDC has long claimed proves the safety of MMR, when in fact it actually shows the exact opposite.”

Please click this link to read the full article.

NaturalNews on 21 August 2014 advises that the “CDC refuses to turn over documents to Congress: Evidence linking MMR vaccines to autism intentionally withheld from investigators”.   Click this link to learn more.

Increase in antigens

On 18 April 2014 Dr Sherri Tenpenny released a YouTube enlightening us on the massive increase in chemicals and antigens that we are receiving when we are vaccinated.  Please take the time to listen to this short YouTube.

Immunization Information 
Chinese children impacted with vaccinations

On 26 April 2014 Dr Mercola provides the following information:

China, provides some much needed information about the frequency of vaccine drug reactions among children.”

Please listen to the YouTube and see the children for yourself and then read the article.

I continually say throughout this website – why would you over-ride the body’s natural immune system!   I am not a medically trained person and this is just my own personal gut instinct.   Now we have Dr Suzanne Humphries telling you the same thing.   Please listen to her YouTube it is only 11 minutes long.

Direct link between vaccines and infant mortality

This information is dated 2011 and is as relevant today as it was then.  The article then goes on to say:

“A shocking new study published in a prestigious medical journal has found a direct statistical link between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates in the developed world, suggesting that the increasing number of inoculations being forced upon children by medical authorities, particularly in the United States which administers the highest number of vaccines and also has the highest number of infant deaths, is in fact having a detrimental impact on health.”

Please click this link to read more of this article.   Then watch the YouTube.   Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is viewed as a philanthropist.   He has said again and again that his mission is to vaccinate every child on this planet!    Listen to what he had to say back in July 2011.  Please pass this immunization information on to others.

42% failure rate in Hep B Vaccine

Immunization Information Page believes that if you were to look closely at all the different vaccines available and what they are meant to prevent and if the associations involved with them like, e.g. measles, were to publish the true findings like the Journal of Viral Hepatitis that we would have more stories like the following.  Please click this link to read the full article.

GreenMedInfo on 16 November 2013 brings information published in Journal of Viral Hepatitis revealing

“that conventional hepatitis B vaccine- and hepatitis B immunoglobulin-based treatment for infants of mothers who tested positive for hepatitis B infection is nothing near "95% effective in preventing infection and its chronic consequences" that the World Health Organization (WHO) and a myriad of health organizations around the world claim it to be. [i] To the contrary, researchers were able to detect through highly sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) DNA testing that 42% of the infants still had 'occult' hepatitis B infection, 24 months after initiating treatment at birth, despite the fact that the vaccine reduced the incidence of overt infection.

In the researchers' own words: "The results of this large prospective longitudinal study show that 42% of babies born of HBsAg-positive mothers develop occult HBV infection, which is not prevented by administration of recombinant HBV vaccine to the newborn." [italics added]

This study not only clearly calls into question the standard of care for preventing hepatitis B infection in infants born to infected mothers, but it also challenges core tenets of vaccinology, including hepatitis B vaccine safety and effectiveness.”

Eight infants dead      
5-in-1 vaccine

Immunization Information page brings news from Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) who released a press statement on 12 November 2013 advising that eight infants had died and many more had been seriously injured after they received the 5-in-one (Pentavalent) vaccination.

PUDR was not satisfied with the way that Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in Delhi, headed by Dr. N. K. Arora of INCLEN (International Clinical Epidemiology Network), who had visited the village of Srinagar to investigate what had happened and the conclusions they reached and so they conducted their own investigation. Please read what they found.  They only discovered that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does not license the pentavalent vaccine for use in the USA, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), and the Gates Foundation heavily promotes its use in the developing world. [1]

I was not surprised to learn how WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are pushing these vaccines on the developing world.  Bill Gates mission is to vaccinate every child on the planet and to hell with the consequences!    

Immunization Information brings news on    
New York measles outbreak

Green Media on 6 April 2014 brings information on a measles outbreak in New York.  Guess what ONLY TWO OF EVERY CHILD WHO CONTRACTED MEASLES WAS UNVACCINATED!    So this can only mean that EIGHTEEN OUT OF TWENTY VACCINATED CHILDREN caught the disease.


UNICEF once again     
Immunization Information

Once again Green Media on 27 March 2014 brings information on the campaign being undertaken to discredit people providing information on vaccinations.

Immunization Information page is intended as page to enable you to find other than government information.

Pentavalent Vaccine in India

Immunization Information page brings an article from NaturalNews dated 18 February 2014 speaking about children dying in India from the Pentavalent vaccine, which is a vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B and Hib,    The article goes on to say

“But many others disagree, including Dr. Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician and member of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization. He told reporters that, contrary to what the Indian government is claiming, many of the deaths that have occurred following the administration of pentavalent vaccines show clear signs of a causal relationship.

"The deaths associated with this vaccine have been sporadic... and follows the pattern of anaphylaxis reactions," stated Dr. Puliyel. "[I]f a drug is known to have caused this form of fatal reaction, it is not permissible to give it without doing sensitivity testing... which is not carried out in the case of pentavalent.... Trivialising all these deaths as coincidental amounts to obscuring the real picture."

More Guinea Pigs

Alliance for Natural Health on 26 November 2013 alerts us to the fact that Novartis stands to gain from Princeton meningitis outbreak. Action Alert!   The article goes on to say:

As widely reported in mainstream media, the Princeton University meningitis outbreak has sparked an alliance between the drug company Novartis and government agencies. The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have approved the importation of Novartis’s menengitis vaccine Bexsero into the US despite it not being FDA-approved.

They are doing this even though the Princeton outbreak is not an epidemic, as only seven students have been infected, everyone has recovered, and the disease is not expected to spread off-campus.”

Polio Vaccine

Immunization Information Page brings an article from VacTruth dated 26 November 2013 which has a a very provocative heading:

“Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio”

The article went on to say:

“In the depths of cyberspace lurks a press release written by the CDC, confirming that the OPV, or oral polio vaccination, given to millions of children throughout the developing world, is causing them to develop vaccine-induced polio. Instead of banning the vaccination, as one would expect, the CDC has decided in its wisdom that the best way to tackle the problem is to maintain a high rate of vaccination in all countries!

Yes, that is correct. The CDC recommends maintaining a high rate of vaccination, vaccinating as many children as possible with a vaccine that causes polio.”

Flu Vaccines

This is a document from Green Media dated 8 November 2013.  Green Media advise that the information contained in this article with regards to flu vaccinations has come from “peer-reviewed scientific studies” and not from the internet or blog items.   Immunization Information believes this is A must read to understand whether you should or should not get a flu shot!

Merck Virologists say vaccines are designed to fail!

Immunization Information Page provides an article by NaturalNews on 11 November 2013 exposing vaccine fraud.  An excerpt from the article:

“Measles and mumps are making a huge comeback in the United States, but doctors and journalists all make the same critical error in understanding why. They blame "parents who don't vaccinate their kids" as the cause, but the real cause -- as revealed by whistleblowing scientists working for top vaccine manufacturers -- is that measles and mumps vaccines are designed to fail from the start.

Scientific fraud, it turns out, is an inherent part of the vaccine industry.

How do we know? Because whistleblowers who worked in the industry have found the courage to speak out and tell the truth. These people are the Edward Snowdens of the vaccine industry.”

Please read the article to learn how Merck falsified its mump’s vaccine efficacy rates.

2 Children left Paralyzed

VacTruth on 2 November 2013 provides immunization information on the sad fate of two Chinese infants.  One small excerpt from this important article which also provides immunization information that the CDC and WHO confirm that there can be adverse reactions so please make sure you click this link to learn the full story.

In a shocking report, the Global Times reported that an expert from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Wang Yu, has openly admitted that vaccines can cause severe adverse reactions, including swollen organs, epilepsy, and in some instances, the diseases that they were supposed to prevent!

His startling revelations came when newspapers revealed that two small children had become paralyzed after they had received childhood vaccinations. Dr. Wang Yu stated:

“Some recipients experience sudden swelling of the organs, which can be cured with timely treatment. Some, however, develop epilepsy. Others suffer irreversible damage to their bodies, an effect referred to as vaccine sequelae.” [1]

22 Studies linking vaccine to Autism

On 1 October 2013 NaturalNews brings information on a thoroughly researched report recently published by Arjun Walia over at Activist Post reveals that there are at least 22 published scientific studies that show a link between vaccines and autism and that there are many more out there with similar findings.

Click on the link to read the article.

What DNA would you like to be placed into your body?

Immunization Information Page asks you to take the time to listen to Dr Sherry Tenpenny who will enlighten you in this regard!

Is your child falling behind at school?
Does your child have narcolepsy?

Immunization Information Page brings you information from Dr Mercola dated  28 February 2012 which may help to give you an understanding for the reasons behind these questions.   His story at a glance is:

A recent study on the effectiveness of the 2009-2010 season’s H1N1 vaccine provides solid evidence against the effectiveness of vaccinating people, who have underlying health conditions, against the flu because it was found to offer non-significant protection against influenza-related hospital admissions

The fast-tracked pandemic 2009-2010 H1N1 swine flu vaccine used in Europe turned out to be particularly reactive, causing many cases of narcolepsy across Europe. Now, parents, whose children developed narcolepsy following their swine flu vaccination, report their children are beginning to fall behind at school

According to new research published in JAMA, the more children are exposed to per fluorinated compounds (PFCs), the less likely they are to have a good immune response to vaccinations. The finding suggests that these chemicals can affect children’s immune system enough to make them more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Read the full article to learn more

Dtap Vaccine and related seizures

Immunization Information Page brings you news dated 26 February 2012 on a study conducted on the combination tetanus, whooping cough vaccine being linked to seizures in babies.

The study has found that your child may be at an increased risk of having a vaccine induced seizure.  This study has been published in the Journal of the Medical Association. and has identified a clear link between the vaccine and the onset of fever-related seizures. 

SIDS (Cot Death)
Shaken Baby Syndrome

Abusive Parents!

Immunization Information Page brings this article received from VacTruth and written by Christine England dated 14 February 2012 is an extremely important article.    Parents owe a lot to Christine for the painstaking research she is doing in uncovering the truth on the cover-ups, the outright lies, the “specialist witnesses” that have put parents in goal, caused parents to have their children removed from them and so it goes on.

Personally, I worked with a lady in 1980 who had MS.   Dot told me that the only thing that the group of people she was associated with who had MS had in common was that they had all received an adverse reaction to the measles vaccination.   Christine’s article throws light on this. 

Please take the time to read this very important immunizations information.

Giving parents an understanding of what is contained in vaccines

Immunization Information Page believes that this next article is of extreme importance in allowing parents to understand what is being given to their children in vaccines and what the consequences may be.  

For the sake of your children, yourself and even your elderly parents please take the time to read this article.  Then click on the YouTube below and listen to the one of the world’s well-known philanthropists, Bill Gates, tell you that hopefully vaccinations will help to reduce the world population by 10 to 15 percent!   So do you really think that immunizations are being put in place to ensure healthy lives?   I don’t think so!    After you have watched the YouTube then click on the link and read how Microsoft has joined with pharmaceutical giant Merck. This YouTube has been removed from the internet.

Merck and Microsoft
All we need is Monsanto to join the equation!

Merck and Microsoft.  Of course it is not necessary for Monsanto to join the equation as Bill Gates of Microsoft fame has a large investment in Monsanto as well!   If you are not aware of Monsanto and would like to know more then click this link.  You know if you can’t do it through vaccinations then you can certainly have a good go through genetically modified foods. 

The saga of Gardasil Vaccine still emerging

On 25 January 2012 VacTruth brings another report from Gary Null, PhD and Nancy Ahsley, VMD.  This is quite an extensive report and parents, in particular, should take the time to read.  Even adults need to read this report to understand what is going on.  Here is a small excerpt from the report

Most significantly, Gardasil has been associated with an unacceptable number of serious, life-altering adverse events following vaccination.  According to World Health Organization data, the rate of serious adverse reactions reported to the VAERS system is 2.5 times higher than the current age-standardized death rate from cervical cancer. VAERS data show that Gardasil has been associated with 24,184 adverse effects since its debut in June of 2006, including seizures, anaphylaxis, paralysis, transverse myelitis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome (uncontrollable movement of the eyes back and forth and jerking movements of the extremities), brachial neuritis, loss of vision, postural tachycardia syndrome, facial palsy, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss, miscarriage, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, abnormal Pap smears and even cervical cancer.[24][25][26] “Yes, you read that correctly – VAERS reports 41 cases of cervical cancer following vaccination with Gardasil!

Also, while Merck has not made pregnancy a contraindication for Gardasil vaccination, recent data released by VAERS reveal that Gardasil is by far the most dangerous vaccine to receive while pregnant, having caused more than 1300 adverse reactions in its five year existence compared to the next most dangerous vaccine frequently given to pregnant women, the flu vaccine, which has caused 200 adverse events over the past 20 years.  Gardasil vaccination while pregnant has also been associated both with frequent miscarriage and a high rate of birth defects.[27] But most tragically, as of November 2011, 4 more deaths have been added to the Gardasil toll, bringing the tally to 108 deaths due to the Gardasil vaccine! [28]

Click on the link to read full article and learn how India banned this vaccination some time ago!  

What residues do vaccines contain?

On 21 January 2012 immunization information was received from VacTruth with regards to residues that may be contained in vaccines.  These residues coming from:

  • insect cells
  • yeast
  • mouse brains
  • tissue from pigs and the list goes on!

First one would have to ask what are these “ingredients”???? doing in a vaccine in the first place!

Please read the immunization information link Even the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has concerns and it is believed that the polio vaccine which contains monkey virus SV40 can be causing.

Share this immunization information with your family and friends to help prevent any more tragedies.

It would be appreciated if you could pass the Immunization Information Page onto your friends and family in an endeavor to let more people have information that will help them to make informed decisions.  Thank you.

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