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Sisel Opportunity is proudly presented to you by Marilyn Vine - an independent Sisel Distributor (10146519).  This home based business opportunity allows you to work from home, use alternative health products with their Sisel Safe Guarantee and at the same time gain financial freedom with Sisel’s  globally seamless compensation plan.

Currently open in over 40 countries as at November 2018. 

New Zealand  
Official Opening  
8-9 March 2019

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I would be delighted to welcome you into our Sisel World Team!  What an amazing group of people they are!   Weekly webinars, Dr Clinic Calls all easily accessible.  It is just amazing support enabling individuals to share their unique experiences, learn more about the science that is continually unfolding and naturally about the Sisel Safe guaranteed products!


The keys to a successful business

Mower Mission

Listen to what 3 generations of the Mower Family have to say:

Creating health, wealth and happiness for Sisel’s Distributors and Customers world-wide, with the most spectacular life-changing products and a fantastic opportunity for success.... never before imagined possible.”


This Mower Mission for the past 30+ years has been:

  • Educating
  • Informing, and
  • Empowering millions of people around the world with their Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity (SISEL)

Why Sisel?

Because Sisel provides:

  • Experienced Management
  • Sustainable Product Line
  • Equality in Compensation
  • Dynasty Trust
  • Financial Security/Stable Future

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Sisel Bridging the Gap

This is MY Business and it can be YOURS.   Listen to Tom Sr speak about this Sisel Opportunity.

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My own SISEL Home Based Business

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Health and Safety

Important information with regards to all our health and safety is shown under the heading “Big Business” below.   Once you have read this information it will give you an understanding of why I am so passionate about using SISEL International for products that I can trust.  


This is one home based business opportunity that you should not miss out on!   


If you are prepared to put the effort in then the remuneration is just waiting to fall into your lap.  

Enrollment is a simple process – just follow the prompts and using my Sisel Brand Partner ID 10146519 as both the Enrolling and Placement Distributor you have the choice of being a distributor or a preferred customer. 

It gives me much pleasure to share this Sisel opportunity with people to help enhance their lives.   Please contact me at  if you would like more information or follow the prompts at this link.


Tom Sr’s passion

I believe it is appropriate for you to listen to Tom Mower Sr, the Founder of SISEL International, stating his reasons and passions for providing this wonderful home based business opportunity.  A Sisel opportunity that I am proud to be part of and one that gives me the ability to work from home at my own pace and in my own environment.

SISEL stands for:

and for me this says it all!

This direct selling network marketing company provides me with no potentially harmful ingredients and virtually all the items that I require to allow me to:


  • Supplement my health
  • Use safe personal care products
  • Safe household products
  • Mineralized Cosmetics
  • Fabulous skin care products which contain amazing ingredients
  • Weight Loss
  • Joint Health
  • Drink healthy coffee and tea
  • Drink quality water – purified to the fullest extent or hydrogen water to provide health benefits!


Click here and check them all out!


And remember that when you order products through Sisel that all you are really doing is transferring your shopping from a supermarket or the like, to this great Sisel Opportunity and at the same time giving yourself an opportunity achieve financial freedom.

Sisel manufactures its own products and products for other companies

The Sisel Opportunity provides me with the knowledge that the company owns and operates its own manufacturing facility and is debt free.   This gives me peace of mind in that I know that the quality and integrity of the products I am using is solely in the hands of Tom Sr and Tom Jr and that no outside influences can be exerted on them to do things differently or cheaper in order to obtain a profit.   I doubt that there are many network marketing opportunities that can guarantee this.

If you are prepared to put the time and effort in then this is what you could experience.  


Solid sustainable income

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Unique Twist on the MLM Model

Click this link to read an article in the “Obtainer Worldwide” published on 2 July 2014.  This article says it all about the Sisel Opportunity!

Big Business

NaturalNews on 5 February 2015 discloses some appalling information with regards to dietary supplements and food.


Supplements from Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC

The New York Attorney General that testing of supplements from these sources did not contain what was purported but the products were found to contain cheap fillers like:

powdered rice, asparagus and houseplants.


Other big business practices

  • Subway puts a chemical used to construct yoga mats and other rubber products in its bread
  • Walmart blithely continues to cheat workers of overtime hours, when it already pays the lowest possible wages.
  • FDA’s involvement with Monsanto.   FDA’s track record is littered with approval for Big Pharma drugs that they were later banned


All the way through this website Marilyn Vine is urging people to do their own research and not just accept the information provided by government health providers.   She believes that this is important across all facets of our lives:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Vaccination
  • Supplements
  • Personal and household care products


Now NaturalNews is urging its readers to do the same.   For more information on this story please click this link.

Because I have access to such quality supplements I don’t find it even necessary to visit my allopathic general practitioner.   In fact, my last visit was 27 January 2009 for a urinary tract infection and now I am no longer vulnerable to these as I use negative ion strips to avoid them.  Contact me at if you would like to know more about this.

I guess you could say that I must be doing something right by not requiring medical attention for this length of time.    Yes I do visit a homeopath when my body tells me that something is not right and the homeopathic formulas provided generally resolve the issue generally within 24 hours.  However, I am finding that these visits are becoming increasingly less often.

I urge you to check out the following:

Join with me by clicking this link

To recap on the Sisel Opportunity Attributes

These are some of the Sisel Opportunity attributes:


  • Sisel International is a debt-free US based global network marketing company founded in 2006 by Neways International’s former owner, Tom Mower, Sr.
  • Sisel International is privately held in a dynasty trust to ensure the longevity and integrity of the company for 500 years to come!   In other words – IT CANNOT BE SOLD!
  • Sisel International formulates and manufactures its own products.  This ensures the efficacious of the products and cuts out the middle men and thus allows the highest commissions in the industry to be paid.
  • Sisel International is a global seamless company allowing every distributor to build globally from day one.  No paperwork, no transferring funds from country to country, Sisel’s global seamless compensation plan and pay structure does all this for each distributor no matter what your location.
  • Sisel’s Compensation Plan pays out an amazing 67% - when the industry standard is only 35%
  • Sisel International continues the Mower Mission by formulating products that are 100% free of potentially harmful ingredients.   These green product lines allow every distributor to qualify for all bonuses simply through transfer buying power.
  • This is a network marketing company that can be a home based business for those “stay at home Mums” who like to work from home and who want to spend time with their children especially while they are young.
  • Some of you will be aware, many network marketing companies start with a hiss and a roar but are undercapitalized and they soon die a natural death.  With the way this Sisel opportunity has been set up this is not a likely scenario.    

Tom Sr has invested over $100 million of his own money to build Sisel’s 400,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility when he launched Sisel International in 2006.   This plant has such a high profile that over 100 other companies (including Walmart, Target and GNC) have their products manufactured in these facilities to their own formula even though Tom may not agree with their formulations, 

In the United States, Sisel has the largest pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility and upholds the highest standards.   It has a Research & Development section staffed by full time Phd Scientists.  The facility is Organic Certified, Green Certified and cGMP Certified.   Products are toxin free, many are gluten free, kosher, organic and non-genetically modified.


When Tom Mower Snr would visit Australia as the Founder of Neways International I would attend the Universities that he ran and would be simply fascinated and awed by his in-depth knowledge with regards to harmful ingredients contained in personal care and household products and also his in-depth knowledge of herbs to be used in his nutritional products.     I look forward to having Tom visit Australia and to listen and learn what he has to say.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to join in this wonderful experience or even if you have some questions with regards to the Sisel Opportunity that you would like to have answered.    I am always ready to hear what people have to say, learn from their experiences and to pass on what I have learned since 1996

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