Drink Healthy coffee and tea, lose weight and work from home with SISEL Kaffé

This healthy coffee information is presented to you by Independent Sisel Kaffé Distributor Marilyn Vine (AUS9330852)

Just imagine:

  • Panamanian Coffee Beans
  • Ranked #1 best flavor in the world 12 years in a row!
  • Processed in a manner to retain their essential goodness!

Discover why the world’s tastiest Panamanian Boquete Gesha Coffee bean has been chosen for Sisel Kaffé. Just watch this short video conversation between founder of Sisel International, Tom Mower Snr and an internationally renowned coffee expert, Dr Chaviano. 

Healthy coffee is a billion dollar industry

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ProPostition 65 warning

All coffee companies in California containing Cancer Causing Acrylamides must display this warning....


What is Acryamide?

It is a chemical compouond with the chemical formula CHNO. Its IUPAC name is prop-2-enamide. It is a white odorless crystalline solid, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, and chloroform.   Click the Wikipedia link to learn more.

It is all in the high temperature, dry crispy roasting process that Sisel Does NOT use.


SISEL does not freeze dry its KAFFĒ coffee beans, but micro-grinds to ensure the actives and the rich great taste of its world class Boquete Geisha Panama Coffee bean remain intact. Once again SISEL does it right in a world where short cuts leave products sterile or less effective in both taste and performance


Hear Tom Mower Sr speak on how SISEL formulates their Kaffè – SISEL’s healthy coffee.   Since making this YouTube in March 2014 you will find that SISEL has not only released healthy coffee but healthy teas as well.   Click the link below the YouTube to learn more about these new releases.

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Coffee?  Tea?  There is no need to choose. With Sisel Kaffé, great-tasting, health-promoting coffees and teas are on the menu.

Premium Kaffé-Cup   All the deliciousness of Sisel Kaffé Premium Ground Coffee, reinforce with health-promoting ingredients, in a convenient hassle-free capsule. Accept Mornings On Your Terms—Without Compromises.


Sencha Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants, which studies have shown help your body fight infections and gives you energy. Now infused with the nutritional support of Chaga, Bacopa and Gotu Kola—Sencha Green Tea is the Envy of Green Tea Everywhere.

Sisel® Té - Fire N Ice Tea:   A Natural, Low Glycemic, Fat-Burning, Energizing Iced Tea that is Diet Friendly—Fire N Ice Tea is much more than a convenient soda/energy drink replacement. Developed by lead researchers in thermogenics—this delicious iced tea is specially designed to help you maintain a healthy body weight while provoking an increased metabolic rate, enabling your body to go from Fat-Storing to Fat-Burning

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Beneficial for Liver Health

NaturalNews on 8 January 2015 brings information on a new study from the National Cancer Institute found that people who drink three cups of coffee per day are 25% less likely than non-coffee drinkers to have abnormal levels of liver enzymes.    Click this link to read the full article.

I feel I am blessed to be able to drink two cups of Sisel’s Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Kaffè with all its extra health ingredients.  

Now we have Prevent Disease on 27 August 2015 bringing an article “Large Scale Study Shows Coffee Prevents Cancer”!     The article goes on to say:


“Coffee is known to have anti-cancer properties as researchers have found that coffee drinkers are typically 50% less likely to get specific cancers than nondrinkers. Several studies have found ties to lower rates of breast and rectal cancers. A large-scale cohort study of nearly 1,000 cancer patients has shown coffee prevents the recurrence of colon cancer.“


Click this link to read more of the article and then this link to find out more about the healthy coffee that I drink!

Tom Mower Snr has been leading development and manufacturing of healthy products worldwide for over 30 years.   His latest debt free manufacturing facility in Utah is now bringing to you Sisel Kaffé, a rising leader in healthy coffee worldwide. Sisel Kaffé has just been released in 2014.

Imagine coffee that is enjoyable and good for your heart, liver, circulation and more.   How does Tom do this?  Watch this video to find out which additional powerful ingredients are included to make Kaffé a leader in healthy coffee.  These ingredients include Chaga, which is 100 times more powerful than Ganoderma which you may have heard of.

Sisel Kaffé is the perfect companion to a chilly winter night. Get yours today!

Sisel Healthy Coffee Products are Available Right Now

  • Black Instant
  • Latte Instant
  • Mocha Instant
  • Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Ground, and
  • Many more being added all the time so make sure you bookmark this page

Bookmark this page for new varieties as they become available.

Scientific Research

NaturalHealth 365 brings to attention scientific research on drinking organic coffees that can have an impact on depression and consequently suicide rates and also possible benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease.  Click this link to read more about this “Harvard School of Public Health study which was published in July, 2013 in The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry.”

Marilyn Vine invites you to get a taste of healthy coffee today.

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Acrylamides in Coffee      
Sisel Kaffè has the lowest acrylamide of any coffee on earth!

Do you know what an acrylamide is?    It is a substance that is contained in coffee that has been identified as causing cancer.

The Panamanian Coffee Beans used to make Sisel Kaffè and Sisel Weight Loss Support Kaffè are precision roasted in State-of-the-Art Infrared ovens at hundreds of degrees below what other coffee beans are roasted at.  The end result is Sisel’s Kaffè having the safest and lowest levels of acrylamide of any coffee you can buy!

Discover the secret about        
processing green coffee beans     
no one is telling you about

SISEL Kaffè is not flame roasted but infrared cooked to near perfection, thus preserving the bio-available properties great coffee contains and NOT creating the harmful ones that over roasted coffees can create.

4 Healthy Ingredients in every SISEL Kaffè

How many companies producing coffee do you know that are truly committed to creating a healthy coffee by incorporating healthy ingredients?  

How many companies producing coffee do you know that manufactures a coffee that provides core weight loss support?

How many companies producing coffee do you know that contain thermogenic fat burning support? 

On top of that you get a chance to work from home and earn money by bringing enjoyment and more health to other people’s lives.   Just like Marilyn does.


Has the ability to concentrate compounds, essentially fortifying itself unless any other plant.  Chaga ontains very high levels of Superoxide dismutase, B vitamins, flavonoids, phenols and phytonutrients.  To read more about Chaga click this link.

Did you know that Chaga is one hundred times more powerful than Ganoderma?


The king of mushrooms that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.  Studies suggest it may support longevity, better health, and the immune system.


An herb, native to India, rendered tasteless and odourless, but dynamic for mind and body.  It has been used for thousands of years to help support mental functionality, and aid comprehension and memory.

Gotu Kola

A member of the parsley family and is known to provide intensive support to the immune system, combat fatigue, and to help improve memory and other cognitive functions.

Now you too can enjoy healthy coffee every day!


So let me ask you

 Do you enjoy your coffee?

Do you struggle with your weight loss?

Do you care about your health?

 What if you could have a cup of coffee which keeps you healthy

And .... WOW!

Supports your weight loss goals at the same time!

 That’s 3 in 1

What would you do now?

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Sisel Weight Loss Support Kaffè has all the healthy coffee ingredients of Sisel Kaffè

Plus these 10 Fat-Burning Ingredients that make it

The Most Effective and Powerful Weight Loss Coffee in the World!

  1. Green Coffee Bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid) triggers the body’s fat burning metabolism and stimulates fat release.
  2. Garcinia Cambogia extracts curbs appetite, while suppressing fat and increasing energy.
  3. Raspberry Ketone extract suppresses appetite, aids the body in the breakdown of fats, speeds up metabolism, supports utilization of glucose in burning fat as it creates energy.
  4. Evodiamine - Increases fat burning to such intensity that it can slightly rise body temperature!   It also blocks fat uptake.
  5. Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extracts - For Fast Thermal Fat Burning – Delivers 5 to 6 lbs. of steady weight loss support per month!
  6. Guarana - Increases energy metabolism and synergistically interacts with Sinetrol to accelerate the fat-burning power of the Mediterranean diet.
  7. Pterostilbene Crystal Caffeine - Provides up to 8 hours of sustained energy - without the crash of the short 2-hour caffeine burst you get from other regular types of coffees.
  8. Chromium Picolinate - Enables your muscles to turn fat into energy and thus helping to burn more fat in the body.
  9. Yerba Mate Extract - Provides Support for Cardiovascular Energy and Increases Fat Burning Energy.
  10. EGCG's from Green Tea - Increase fat burning metabolism and uptake of fat while inhibiting digestion of carbohydrates and helping to reduce your appetite so you eat less.

For BEST Taste - Add 1 Level Tablespoon of Sisel Weight Loss Kaffè per 12 ounces of water.

For more information on the wonderful range of SISEL healthy coffee products please contact Marilyn Vine, Independent SISEL Distributor, AUS9330852 or email siselopportunity@iinet.net.au or use the email form at the bottom of this page.


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