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Marilyn Vine is finding that Chaga information is fast becoming a “buzz” word in the health community.   From what I am reading and learning about this medicinal mushroom, it seems to have some amazing abilities.   Just clicking into this government website provides the glimmer of an understanding of how powerful this mushroom is.  I learn that as an antioxidant it has the highest ORAC scale.

Much of the information is coming from European sources rather than from American and this is not surprising as we find that this woody mushroom is found growing on black birch trees in Siberia.

Science tells us that the DNA is 30% closer to human DNA than plants!

It belongs to the family Basidiomycetes mushroom. This is a rather large family of about 200 species, and they all have demonstrated that they have medicinal values, but Chaga leads them all with the highest value. In fact, Chaga has all the immune stimulating power of Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms, and Beta Glucan, which enables our body to defend itself against cancer by setting up cellular defences.

Known by different International names

Chaga Information:  Chaga is often called “The King of the Herbs” and the Siberians call it “Gift from God”.  The Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest” and the Chinese “King of Plants”.   This medicinal mushroom is obviously held in high esteem in many countries.

By clicking this link you can check out Sisel’s healthy Kaffẻ products.  Sisel have gone to extraordinary lengths to locate the best bean available, to harvest in the right manner and then to process.   They have done an inordinate amount of research to ascertain the best health giving ingredients to add to their different blends.  When they have compared these to the other brands in the market place they have found that some other companies have some of these ingredients but none of them contained ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS!  

So what are they doing?

They have researched and ascertained that the best coffee bean is the Premium Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean and that when it is grown in soil that is enriched with nutrients from lava that it makes it sweet.  Rainforest moisture helps to sustain good hydration for the soil keeping it in a good condition and when grown in high altitude with sun the bean responds by increasing the number of flavonoids thus giving the bean one of the world’s best flavoured bean!

Sisel doesn’t stop there!   They ensure that their beans are hand harvested as the fruit as you will probably realise does not all reach maturity at the same time.  Naturally by going to these lengths it increases the cost of harvesting but Sisel believes that the end result is worth by the time, effort and money and their end result coffee range is a credit to them.

The Kaffè range contains the following health ingredients:

  • Chaga
  • Bacopa which is native to India which supports mental functionality including comprehension, memory, paired associated learning, mental control and recollection.
  • Gotu Kola is native to India, Asia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the South Pacific and the leaves and stems are used as medicine.
  • Green Coffee Extact provides chlorogenic acid from Green Coffee Beans which inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream and inhibits the uptake of fat.   WOW that is powerful!
  • Evo-diamine is thermogenic and increases fat burning and also assists with fat reduction and suppression of appetite.

Click on this link to learn more about the coffee and teas that are available.

The science behind Chaga Information Results

Tom Mower Snr, Founder of Sisel International LLC, released an article on Facebook on 8 January 2014 outlining some of the scientific studies that they had reviewed during their research.  

Click this link to see some of the amazing Chaga information so readily available on the internet.  There are some really powerful studies covering such things as:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Causing apoptosis of cancer cell
  • HIV
  • Anti-aging and so many more!

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Marilyn Vine hopes you feel as excited as she does with this Chaga information and that you will feel that the Chaga information is of such importance in helping people’s health let alone helping people with their obesity problem that you will share it with your friends and family.      


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Chaga This anti-aging superfood can help prevent cancer, improve the immune system

NaturalNews dated 16 December 2016 brings some exciting news on the power of using Chaga in our diets.  Clck this link to learn more.

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